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'Humanitarian Catastrophe': Civilians Flee as Turkey Launches Trump-Sanctioned Military Assault on Kurds in Syria

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/humanitarian-catastrophe-civilians-flee-turkey-launches-trump-sanctioned-military

Sultan Tayyip is trying to replicate the Armenian genocide.


To be denied at a later date.


More profits on the way for the MIC! Not a problem that the Bush family’s Carlyle Group stock will soar, right Ellen DeG?


The Kurdish-led “Syrian Democratic Forces” are U.S.-armed militias that are part of the U.S.'s regime-change efforts in Syria. The Kurds are only 8% of the population in Syria, but are, with U.S. help, controlling about 20% of the land in Syria. And the Syrian government has repeatedly invited the Kurds to stop fighting against the Syrian government and to join the Syrian government forces to prevent occupation by Turkish forces. https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/syria/syrian-official-to-kurds-rejoin-government-side-and-fight-occupation-together-1.7959175


Lets see… the Kurds simply feel it their right to BE Kurdish. They have been on the right side of history considerably more saliently than the current leaders of Turkey and most “westernized” ‘nation states’. Not to in any way diminish the genocidal impact of the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan military assault on the region, but the modern nation states, herded into the corral of predatory capitalism ARE by definition now genocidal operators and operations. This dynamic can be inferred in the UN Convention 169 of the ILO As long as the Kurds are media spun as ‘bad guys’ not genuflecting before the shit thrown at them, their autonomous identity can be kept behind zipped lips of corporate owned media that wants above all else to keep them from ANY identity other than that which the media flap jaws to keep the Kurds from their God Given Rights and forced to comply with definitions set by nation states that shift faster than the desert sands.


Well, that was fast. The Turks have barely started marching and we already have a “humanitarian catastrophe”? Where have I heard that sort of language before?

And since when has the CD staff joined the regime-change brigades?

Because that’s what this is really about. The political class and the MIC don’t want to give up their Kurd-held pocket to use as a base of operations against Assad’s Syria.

Really, CD? Is that what you want?


Well, where have you “heard that sort of language before”? Your analysis is biased, un-informed, inaccurate opinion, trying to express something; what? .
What this is about is the West screwing the Kurdish people via their puppets. Historic Kurdistan once spread over parts of Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, but they were the only ethnic-majority people that did not get any recognition or nation-state. Kurds have been fighting for their ethnic identity and homeland ever since and I support that effort!
In this particular case the Kurds were once-again screwed and betrayed by trump’s political stupidity and betrayal of an ally - right or wrong - and they deserve better!


This US/trump approved invasion of Syria, the assault on civilians and the ethnic Kurdish population is a war-crime the world should/must denounce and stop .

The photo of the town/city being shelled/bombed by the Turks sure seems like a civilian area, and that is a war-crime! I guess we (trump) will ignore the “collateral” slaughter and destruction as we do in Gaza, and committed in Libya!

The Turks under extremist nationalist Erdogan want a so-called “safe-zone” - safe I suppose for all except the resident population of that 20 by 300 mile (supposedly) stretch of Syria invaded by the Turks, and of course all Kurds Erdogan hates in his racist paranoia! .
Yet again trump displays his ignorance of and contempt for history and current politics, as well as the lives of all others!.


Trump has met his Monica Lewinsky in Volodymyr Zelensky. Funny how they rhyme.

Now that Trump’s used him, he is doing everything he can to forget him.

He’s even gone as far as, colluding with the Turkish Trump in giving him a war to distract everyone.

More reason to impeach the perp.

Once the Russians start their offensive from the south towards the Kurds, they’ll be sitting ducks.

All the while, the bloated f*ck in the White House lies his way towards 13,000.


This is a complicated situation. Every side here has legitimate complaints. Turkey has lost scores of innocent civilians to Kurdish acts of violence within Turkey. Assad is dealing with a civil war that is being fuelled by all of the great military powers. The Kurds have been armed by the U.S., but not because the U.S. supported a Kurdish homeland, but because it was militarily advantageous. The Russians are doing their best to prevent a complete takeover by corporate America of the Middle East and Iraq is happy that someone else is killing their longtime foe, the Kurds.
What the U.S. should have done, was brokered a peace agreement between all the parties involved including the creation of a new Kurdistan, but the U.S. has zero credibility as a peace broker do to their corporate agenda. The UN doesn’t have the resources to deal with such a large crisis. The Turks, Syrians and Iraqis all have ruthless dictators running their countries. Everyone should stop showering the region in weapons, but unfortunately it is just too profitable to give up at this point.
The first priority should be a complete ceasefire of all hostilities by all parties. The second priority should be the disarming of the entire region, but I just don’t see this happening unless the U.S. can install a democratic government free of corporate influence at home. In the meantime the U.S. government will continue its game of “regime change” all in the name of maximizing profits. Until we can have some serious “regime change” right here at home, nothing will improve in the immediate future.


Sad but true.

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Rubbish… The Syrian government could never stop the Turkish/ NATO forces. The Syrian Army was blown to smithereens in Afrin and the same would happen if they entered Rojava. Only Russia could guarantee the SDF Rojavan kurds safety.

This is not about “regime change”. This is about Trump greenlighting the expansion of Turkey as an Allie/ American mi-east proxy of United States. The rest of the American response (including Trump’s latest tweet) is all crocodile tears.

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The quickest solution is to depose Erdogan within hours.
Last time we tried, the fighter jet arrived 20 minutes late.

Turkey does not need a buffer zone into Syria.
Erdogan provided safe passage to Bagdad sunni retrurning from Europe into Syria. These were the ISIS foreign soldiers. There are any where from 2,000 to 15,000 now in this area camps along with about 70,000 family members.

Do not provide any NATO data to Turkey military because their current government is too cozy with Putin.

Will Trump give eastern Ukraine to Russia??

But, but… Trumpo the Klown said that Turkey wouldn’t do that because he would destroy their economy and maybe we would attack them as well. Oh wait, Trumpo the Traitor is a consummate liar and appalling fuckup. As even a fellow Rethug said of him - everything he touches dies. Including countries. This pile of dung, who now refuses to cooperate with the impeachment hearings is a piece of shit for the ages. I regret every day that I wake up and hear the latest appalling news about this evil, mentally diseased scumbag. I am shamed to be a citizen of a country who “elected” this twisted, profoundly corrupt egomaniac as its president.


Here is a look at aspects of the Turkish invasion of Syria.

This from the linked reports, describes Turkeys allies inside Syria, and their hatred for Kurds. NOT a positive forecast into the future of trumps low-life betrayal, or stability in the so-called “safe-zone” - not safe for Kurds and civilians living inside Erdogan’s desired territory inside Suria!!.

"Turkey’s rebel allies in northern Syria said they would have no mercy on Syrian Kurdish fighters in the country’s northeast, whom they said had left them no choice but a battle.

“Strike them with an iron fist, make them taste the hell of your fires,” a statement from the so-called National Army, the main Turkey-backed rebel force told its fighters. It also called for sparing civilians and those who defected to the rebels."

Presently US does not want “to depose Erdogan”. (The attempted coup was a long time ago and failed miserably.) Trump is throwing a state dinner for the guy in about a month. I imagine the Turkish army will have occupied at least one-half of Rojava by then and there should be a lot of good cheer and toasts all around at this Roman-Ottoman gala-feast.

Given our history, no one should have trusted the US. This is why we need a new UN with teeth. No nation should be permitted to have a standing army of any sort.


I don’t think the SDF “trusted the US”… more just “like whistlin past the graveyard”… as for the UN… it’s main responsibility is for refugees, not countries… as I understand its operations.