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'Humanitarian Catastrophe': Civilians Flee as Turkey Launches Trump-Sanctioned Military Assault on Kurds in Syria

Trump is the antiChrist.

You have it backwards. Scores of Kurds innocent of any crime except being Kurdish have been killed and harassed by Turkey for a long, long, time. Well before all the recent violence in Turkey and along the Turkish/Syrian border the Turks suppressed their own citizens who happened to be Kurds. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer English teacher in 1964-66 in Adiyaman, a province in southeastern Turkey and NOT on the Syrian border. The population of the province was at least 80%, maybe more, Kurdish (I’m just guessing.) Most of the students were probably Kurds but they never spoke Kurdish in school. All instruction was in Turkish. My husband and I were often invited by our students to visit the villages where they had relatives. There one only heard Kurdish. We knew, without anyone telling us, that if we tried to learn any Kurdish word would get out to the local officials and we’d be on the next plane out of Turkey.
To our knowledge no one we knew was involved in any pro-Kurdish political activity. There was no armed conflict going on at all.