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Humanitarian Groups Refuse to Partake in 'Mass Expulsion' of Refugees


Humanitarian Groups Refuse to Partake in 'Mass Expulsion' of Refugees

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a stinging rebuke to Europe's political leaders, four prominent humanitarian groups are ceasing operations in refugee camps on several Greek islands this week because of what they characterize as human rights violations in the wake of the controversial EU-Turkey refugee deal.


It’s good to see organizations standing up for principles and making their objections clear.


What do you think of Trump’s idea to build a secure city in Syria with all the amenities for the people displaced by war and climate change? It would cost a fraction of what we pay for fighter jets and missiles.


“Western civilization” goes south


I am very sympathetic to the plight of those who are fleeing war, but I just cannot accept that it is their right to be taken in by other countries.



Donald trump does not “believe” in climate change.

And By “secure city” you mean a prison colony, right?

Are you for real?


It is easy for us to knock Europe, which got flooded with an onslaught of ~2 million refugees in a period of 6 months. Germany alone took in 1.2 million. The rest of Europe was not quite as cooperative.
Canada over here took in a mere 26 or 27 thousand and we, who caused all that mess in the M.E. took in zilch,- nada.

Since the US is about 4 times as large as Germany, our equivalent would be bringing in almost 5 million in 6 months. How do you think that would go over? And we have the gall to criticize Europe???!!
Gimme a break!


don’t know much about the boat people but during the cold war when defectors from the East crossed over without having someone on the other side they had to spend time in camps like Trieste in Italy or Traiskirchen in Austria.


Glad you noticed, but no one seems to be commenting on the detention centers in the US that imprison families, teens, as well as single adults. For profit facilities that skimp on food, medical care and human rights, that are not overseen by the public because they are private businesses, contracted by our government, that make profits for their shareholders paid for by our tax dollars. These Latin migrants are fleeing criminals involved in the drug war which we also finance as well as poverty, some caused by NAFTA, the treaty that allows tax subsidized corn to be sold in Mexico so cheaply that the indigenous farmers cannot compete, not to mention US corporations selling them and making them dependent on chemical fertilizers and insecticides - DDT is still sold. And on, and on…Called Darwinian capitalism, isn’t it? And what goes around is coming around, verdad?


That’s what I would highlight.


This wave of refugees is as a direct result of the US’s foreign policy; presently in regard to Syria and previously in regards to other sovereign states which the US in their hegemony feel they have the right to force “regime change”, something that is contrary to the basic tenets of the US’s membership of the UN in which it serves as a permanent member of the Security Council.

The systematic destabilization of Syria goes back to the illegal war and occupation of Iraq by the US and others. It is most important to realise that at the time no one was talking about “a refugee crisis” in Syria, which by itself, as a country of only about 20 million population had to absorb more than 4 million refugees from Iraq, refugees fleeing illegal aggression, including massive areal bombardment, and irradiated munitions. Nobody who today is discussing the concern of Europe with a population of over 500 million, facing only 2 to 3 million refugees, was defining the Syrian situation in 2003/4 as a “refugee crisis”. And now despite their acquiescence if not participation in present and previous policies of “regime change” Europe and US still do not take any responsibility for the destruction and mess they have made of so many millions of lives. And yes there are North Africans, Afghans and Pakistanis among these refugees, and the story there is not much different in terms of responsibility for suffering.


Don’t listen to an imperialistic fascist like Trump. He has already stated that in places like Syria and Iraq. The U.S. should of taken over the Oil wells there. Besides the Assad government (not regime) would have to approve of this plan. Which I think would never happen. Because Trumps goal just like O’Bombers is to get rid of Assad and steal Syrian oil.


All this business about borders from US and European leaders is hard to stomach, when for years they have been striking deals to move jobs and money across borders without a bye or leave, to locations with no environmental and labor protections. How stupid does one have to be to avoid seeing how elitist these deals actually are? It is beyond hubris and arrogance to eradicate borders for every purpose except for the free movement of people. The only shelters these leaders are interested in are tax related.


I think it ranks right there with some 6th grader’s idea of how to solve a refugee crisis. Based on complete ignorance, and some version of ossified 60’s thinking that the US is somehow entitled to dictate to other people how they manage their own affairs. Trump is beyond pathetic…maybe he should be institutionalized.


There’s nothing like a little real pressure from outside forces to strip away Europe’s veneer of civilization and reveal their true colors: still racist, still elitist, still narcissistic, zero empathy when it threatens their materialistic way of life.


Maybe so, but if you lived through the 60’s like I have, you would know that the liberal hippies were far more advanced in their thinking than conservative politicians in the ossified 16’s.


With 11 million refugees so far I think it will have to be a very, very, very big city.


Hey, don’t be so hard on the US, they’ve took in 2,920.


It’s a matter of scale. There were only 800,000 boat people and there’s 11 million Syrian refugees alone. (Not countring Iraqi etc) Many boat people were forcibly repatriated back to Vietnam. If anything, it’s another example of a bloody mess caused by the USA which the rest of the world had to deal with. The US took in a sizable chunk of them but at least half of them were taken in by other countries who had nothing to do with the Vietnam conflict.


Or a few Trump Towers…