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Humanity Is About to Kill 1 Million Species in a Globe-Spanning Murder-Suicide

Humanity Is About to Kill 1 Million Species in a Globe-Spanning Murder-Suicide

Eric Levitz

Human beings are more prosperous and numerous than we’ve ever been, while the Earth’s other species are dying off faster than at any time in human history.

These two conditions are related. But if the second one persists long enough, we will be following our fellow organisms into the dustbin of geological history.

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People think money can save them- it will not. Only living with the Earth simply and not in excess will. Put the toys away, and stop for pete’s sake having kids!

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Currently about 1.2 million species are known to science. Perhaps the 1 million to soon go extinct includes an estimated number of unknown (unidentified or unclassified) species. Imagine if it doesn’t.
(Levitz apparently hasn’t and has not asked the question). ‘Catastrophic’ would be an insufficient adjective.

I would revise the title to read: “Capitalism is about to kill the planet.”

Technofix long term remedies include:
Household EVs, Rooftop solar, EV buses
at more frequent intervals. Jet set apartments,
empty most of the time, quietly occupied as flying
rightly becomes a thing of the past for most people.
A ‘slowing down’ of the global economy, gradually, whereby
local economies grow with solar energy stored in household EVs.

Diamler Trucks announces 2 new electric truck models,
325kwh & 550kwh 100-mile & 200-mile EV range. Value:
1 big truck, or, 5 Tesla sport sedans (85kwh each),
or, 50-100 plug-in hybrid EVs, (5-10kwh each),

Okay, if hybrids are a necessary tech advancement,
Why have GM and Ford cancelled hybrid models?
Mister Bill Gates’ societal concerns ignores or omits
an EV in every garage with no PV ‘rooftop’ solar.
Cars, trucks and airplanes are the death of us.

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Story book theme: Life in 2040 is different in a good way,
expressed in my essay “The Walking Communities of 2040.”

Human overpopulation causes all the other problems. More humans mean more apartments, condos, strip malls, pollution, landfills, increased difficulty converting entirely over to renewable energy, more cars on the road, more energy used and hence worsening climate change, more overfishing, more factory farms, and on and on. Instead of government giving people incentives to have more kids (such as Republicans giving double the deductions of those with kids in their last tax reform bill), they should be giving incentives to people who don’t have so many kids! 7 billion humans and counting. When is enough enough? If 1 million species become extinct, China’s one child policy won’t look so bad.

Every single article on climate change on CD talks about what is about to happen, or what is going to happen by the turn of the century.
Why don’t we talk about what we have already killed, the ongoing problems of deforestation, suburbs instead of apartments, huge parking instead of public transportation, going multistory instead of spreading out? People don’t understand howuch is wrong.

Cut the trucks and cars. Use the bus or metro, bike or walk. Move into the city.

“Use the bus, the metro, or bike and walk”

I’m with Portland’s newUrbanist professionals on land-use development and transit system design. The 2040 Regional Plan (universal application) encompasses close in bedroom neighborhoods and small cities. Development is spread throughout the metropolitan Regional area diameter of 33 miles.
Moving to the city leaves dozens of bedroom communities with no recourse for many but to drive.
Mixed-use districts grow more economically diverse. Mass transit is today is still a subsidiary to GM/Firestone/duPont! The standard 40’ bus is obsolete and the chassis does NOT convert to EV
very well at all. The common paratransit van and school bus are also obsolete and GM knows it.

I use a car, actually a bus or taxi, only about a couple times a week.I do things locally, shop for food, restaurants, friends. Best wishes for Portland.

Well then, the best time to visit Seattle is Memorial Day weekend festival in the park grounds and stages throughout the Center grounds.

It’s a 150 mile trip for me there and back. But oh I hate all the commercialized things Seattle has become. I’d go for historic demolition.