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Humanity on Track to Soon Hit 1.5ºC Paris Accord Limit as Atmospheric CO2 Nears Level Not Seen in 15 Million Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/humanity-track-soon-hit-15oc-paris-accord-limit-atmospheric-co2-nears-level-not-seen


Humanity on Track for Extinction Soon. I feel for all the flora and fauna that will go along with us much more than humans.
“We could have saved [the Earth] but we were too damned cheap.” ― Kurt Vonnegut


Dumping too much CO2 into the atmosphere and ocean is just one of the many things we are doing wrong. And so focusing primarily on climate change is a fool’s errand.

In fact, we are ensnared in Ronald Wright’s progress traps everywhere in the world - a different trap for different segments of humankind, plus the all encompassing traps of climate change and the crashing biodiversity.

Obviously we also are nowhere near the point we thought we were at just a year ago - i.e., that contagious diseases were now under control. Not only were we wrong about that - we were spectacularly wrong.

One wonders - how many other things are we about to find are out of control - spectacularly so ?


When will they ever learn; when will they ever,ever learn! That their planet is on life support? Not until it is too late and the coming climate apocalypse makes Covid-19 look like a miniscule pandemic in comparison.


Here’s my problem. Every time the WMO, NOAA, or any other organization gives a yearly update and future prognostications about global warming they miss the mark. And they always miss low.
While I realize that scientists aren’t prone to hyperbole, the time for blowing smoke up our collective asses is over. What is happening now wasn’t supposed to happen until near 2050. Climate scientists keep judging this planetary warming event as compared to those in the distant past. The problem is of course that those models are worthless they are literally comparing apples to Volkswagens. This rise in CO2 and the subsequent warming is different than any other, as it has been caused by Us. And very few of these models adequately reflects the elephant in the room, methane.
Bottom line. This warming is happening quicker. And the conditions causing it are not being mitigated, and won’t be any time soon.
The human race is going to have to learn to live under the ground or on mountain tops, and even then may not survive. This is bad. And to have an organization like Greenpeace continue to sell us on the hypothesis that we can still mitigate global warming does us all a disservice.


Biden has vowed to rejoin the accord, but he has also signaled he will do little about meeting the commitments. He is owned by his corporate donors. Probably moot anyway, considering Trump in all likelyhood will destroy America rather than give up his power.


A Modest Proposal…we raise the children of the 1% on apples and fresh milk until they are plump and tender, then serve them forth…no, wait, different Modest Proposal.
I propose the following-all open land remain so. No more “development”(which means a few people get rich from the rape of Gaia and those who rent from them have no say). What we have is all we’ll have in terms of buildings.
Second, all dark stores and their huge parking lots be re-habbed back to open land, first planting native plants and trees. The former owners will be billed for the costs. Their mess, their cleanup.
Every good-sized American town, even relatively small ones, have a “suicide alley” filled with the usual Big Box chain stores, clogged with cars. This development killed off all local stores and restaurants that employed locals and kept the money within the area to support schools and other infrastructures. Give the same tax credits that were given to Big Business to set up shop to local people, and increase taxes on the non-locals. Put the suicide alley on a diet. One lane in each direction for cars, the others for bicycles. And make sure there are sidewalks on both sides for pedestrians to walk the few blocks there instead of hopping into their big-ass gas guzzlers.
One family, one house. And those houses should have reasonable square footages. None of these huge McMansions. Back in the day, 700 square feet was considered a decent living area for a family. But then there were always parks and playgrounds near by for children to play and for adults to walk. And several local parks with picnic tables. People were expected to clean up after themselves, too.
After the Great Panic of 1892, the huge mansions of the robber barons were rehabbed into apartments or torn down to make room for tenements. No tenements, but we could re-hab the McMansions into multifamily housing or housing for the homeless.
The global rich, who have huge houses and apartments globally that are used maybe a couple times a year, will be limited to one house and a normal sized yard. The open area will be open to the public to use for walking, biking, retreat centers. Again, the excess housing will be put to use for low income families.
Make one person motor vehicles as socially acceptable as shitting in a grocery store aisle. Large vehicles are advertised to a certain demographic; it’s estimated only 10% of drivers truly need such a beast for hard farm work. Since we have few family farms, that makes sense. Streetcars or trolleys, high speed trains running in the medians of our Interstates, and make the idea of walking a reasonable distance to shopping venues and parks(reasonable would be a mile; in other countries it’s up to several miles). Let roadways decay as money is put into making sidewalks safe and numerous.
Lots of other ideas, from raising as much of our own food as possible to having small neighborhood groups ready and able to help elders with yard care, snow removal, and transport to medical appointments and shopping. Look around your neighborhood and see where small or large changes would help. Push local councils on installing sidewalks and bike lanes. Give tax credits to those who turn their grass into gardens and native plants. And a big tax credit if they voluntarily give up their personal vehicle to use a bicycle, walk, and use public transportation instead.
Your turns!


Future post by Greta Thunberg? I tried to do my best to warn about our house being on fire when I was 16 years old, but now that I am 46 it is now too late to put the fire out and now our whole planet is doomed.


Accompanying this news is a letter from someone on Biden’s Unity Task Force on climate that crows about having moved the needle. Talk about too little, too late – damn.


I want the Democrat-oriented (Republicans invited) engineering task force to meet monthly if not weekly. Exactly as with the covid, if we get our planning organized as early as possible and if we are calling crooked decisions and outright political lies out, fewer people die.

It goes without saying that R&D is going to be on a budget. Name the priorities. Name the research paths, especially the quick and medium-term paths, that will most likely cost-effectively lead to gigatons less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Don’t exclude meritorious R&D just because exactly the right people are benefiting. (Our nation is so horribly corrupted that I have to explicitly say such a thing.)

Out with the Zoom meeting address! Don’t be so secretive - it makes the leadership look exactly like they’re stealing a billion or three.

At a minimum we’re looking for somebody like a Dr. Fauci who at least can’t tolerate a horrible lie that kills lots of people.

If the Democrats can’t do this, then which climate organization is willing to host that Zoom meeting focused on the R&D? Volunteers?

We can’t get half the country to wear a facemask in a pandemic. Most likely it’s going to be Trump or Biden the next 4 years, no help there. Only China has more cars than US, as of 2017, and they have enormous room for car ownership growth. For 7.6 billion people and rising, our average lifestyle needs to be more like we are all camping. We could still get lucky and get hit by the right sized meteor or supervolcano and that could throw enough dust to keep us from frying all life (except for cockroaches of course).
Or say maybe a virus reduces the monster sized human footprint back to nature compatible size. Save Earth, vote Trump!

We don’t have decades . .not even one . .maybe a 1/2, therein lies the problem, the general population don’t see it as critical.


I would not argue with your excellent point because it could be too late for Greta long before she reaches middle age and I may have been too optimistic. Looks to me like the general population will not wake up to the coming climate crisis until it is too late and unfortunately… that could be very soon

And then they (certainly the deniers) will scream that they were not warned about it.

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In other news the UN is issuing a report that the pandemic is linked to industrial agriculture and by climate change. the morons in the business world, certain of their superiority, could not in a trillion years have grasped the concept that their own greed and indifference to industrial environmental destruction would eventually cost them huge amounts of money. Corporations haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg on that one. It will almost be worth going extinct, just so I can watch those scumbags’ whole paradigm collapsing completely from underneath them as one calamity after another, not only turns the countless billions of their victims into violent revolutionaries after their blood, but also completely destroys their lives and their families, and renders their business’ as profitless and worthless.

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Exploring the Indigenous Environmental Network, they together with alliances have published a TOOLKIT
A Peoples Orientation to a Regenerative Economy
My interest in this is the growing alliances of we who are being marginalized by the PTB.
Seems it ain’t gonna happen otherwise.

Not to quibble, but according to Worldometer, we’re at 7.8 billion:


Otherwise, you’re right. We’re fucked.

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Hmmm, I always did want beach front property. :sunglasses:


While the stark and alarming U.S. COVID-19 graphs are the daily topic of most news shows/stories from AM to PM, how is it that the steadily climbing 45 degree angle or steeper climate graphs go without mention or notice? I guess it’s not until people start dropping dead by the hundreds of thousands or millions that the masses will finally wake up.

“Every single problem we’re dealing with now stems from the fact that we never actually suppressed the virus and then put the infrastructure in place to keep it suppressed. It’s like we’re trying to figure out a way to live in a burning building. It doesn’t work.” - Chris Hayes

Yah, we’ll soon be saying the same thing about climate change.

No worries, ‘In God We Trust,’ right?


But . . .  But . . .  We need the warmer climate to kill off the C-19 virus!!


Really hard to count, they keep moving around on the sunny side.

I still have hope for the end of “western civilization” before the last aboriginal perishes.
Its a mad mad mad Mad Max world.

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