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Humans Are Overfishing the Oceans Into 'Unprecedented' Mass Extinction


Humans Are Overfishing the Oceans Into 'Unprecedented' Mass Extinction

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

People are driving marine ecosystems to "unprecedented" mass extinction, according to a new study published Wednesday in the journal Science.

Large-bodied animals will be the first to go, the study says—blue whales, great white sharks, and bluefin tuna, for example. Their size is part of their vulnerability, making them more susceptible to fishing and hunting by humans, "the dominant threat to modern marine fauna," the researchers found.


The first clue is found on Restaurant Menus all around the world:
Types of seafood that once were mainstays of the business are now either the Most Expensive items on the menu or are no longer available at all.

What ever happened to things like "Swordfish Steaks", for instance?
At $15 per Pound, many restaurants have had to Drop it.

Tuna Steaks? Well, you might be able to find it at $15 per pound, but prices approaching $200 per pound for the "Good Stuff" are not unusual, either.

Which might be why suppliers are frequently caught taking Cheaper fish and labeling them as Tuna or Salmon. A little bit of Red Food Dye and, hey, it Looks just like the real thing...


Yes, yes, and yes, see trawl net fishing!


More people means less marine life.


This has very little to do with the number of people, nor does it have anything to do with some overlimited notion of human nature. Sanctuaries, no matter how large-seeming, won't save marine species--or us--from the effects of the industrial life of that small portion of humanity.

This ocean of troubles has to do with rich people acting mostly through the tools of corporations to overexploit fisheries with industrial fleets, causing climate catastrophe that's pushing species to the edge, spewing plastic and other pollution--lead, mercury, cadmium and other horrible stuff from burning coal; massive as well as massively unnoticed oil and gas leaks from offshore and onshore drilling and runoff from toxic agriculture (mostly meat) and industry... Rich people use fish for pet food, fertilizer (mostly for animal feed) and for eating too much fat and protein to make up for the emptiness they feel in their lives. Their by-catch alone could feed millions, and ocean acidification from their use of fossil fuels is wiping out the ecosystems that the fish a billion poor people depend on for life depend on.


At least as bad as, and actually more pervasive than, overfishing is deadly pollution of the oceans, from plastics to chemicals to sewage. Those things, combined with the US military's slaughter and sonar harassment of sea creatures, has caused sea life to be reduced by over ninety percent just since the 1940s, when the US introduced disposable plastics to the world following World War II.


More consumerist, militaristic people means less marine life.


Can you fight human nature?

Consumerism and militarism, nature's population controls.


Too many cats!