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Humans are Poisoning the Ocean—and It's Poisoning Us Back


Humans are Poisoning the Ocean—and It's Poisoning Us Back

Nika Knight, staff writer

It's no secret that we have trashed, poisoned, and warmed oceans at an unprecedented rate via human-caused climate change and pollution.

It seems that oceans may be paying us back in kind, according to a new study that found levels of bacteria responsible for life-threatening illnesses spiking in the North Atlantic region.


Humans are poisoning the ocean for eons. Poisoning us back, see Florida toxic green algae blooms. Florida convict Governor Scott, deflect blame.


"It is not nice to fool Mother Nature"


Is anyone really surprised by this?

It is basic evolutionary theory that life adapts to changed circumstances.

Our attempts to bend nature to human ends are both failing and logically misguided. We evolved under one set of conditions and so changing that set of conditions effectively puts us into an alien environment.

The lessons from overuse of antibiotics as well as the whole GMO bludgeoning of natural farming techniques provide widespread experimental proof of this concept. Meanwhile, this sort of story underscores that detrimental results are even happening by pure accident of our misguided approaches.

It is time to recognise a Generalised Science that gets the brains out of the labs and, instead of peering at our condition through the lenses of endless specialisms that are effectively more or less disconnected, takes the well-overdue holistic perspective that conventional scientism fails to see.


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The rich are certainly going to have a good deal of trouble selling those big homes in the Hamptons after this news.


If you can afford to live in the Hamptons you can afford a swimming pool. The ocean is just backdrop.


Thanks CD for giving this the headline it deserves.

Is there any body of water, for that matter, any drop of water that has not been tainted by human greed?

Unless it is deep, deep down in the earth----I think not.

It is torturous to witness this human induced great dying----the oceans, soil, air, all life forms . . . . and not know what to do to help ease the suffering of all impacted by human avarice.

Where I live, hybrid eurasian water milfoil is on the march through freshwaters that were once diverse havens for many, many creatures.

It is spreading with breathtaking speed and choking out all life in it's path. Most people want to treat it using 2 4 D.

2 4 D is an ingredient in agent orange. No problem! As long as pontoon boats can keep throttling through the water or whatever it is you want to call it after it is poisoned from the use of 2 4 D--- the lake associations in concert with the DNR will do whatever it takes to kill the invasive species(that humans introduced)!

But back to the oceans:


While the data about human destruction continues to fill volume after volume after volume of legitimate research, progressives and environmentalists continue to be negatively referred to as radicals, when the overwhelming evidence indicates the exact opposite.
The radicals amongst us are the ones who continue to deny, to poison, to undermine, to lie.
Words are important.
True centrists work politically to change the dysfunctional system that is designed to kill us, sicken us, side-line us, and destroy the planet that provides for all
Reclaim the center today..


To paraphrase - "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to swim in!

Imagine a time where the astounding immensity of the world's oceans are off limits to swimming? When dead seas will also make you dead. The madness is starting to overwhelm us. It doesn't stop and we cannot stop it getting worse either.

That we are progressing towards a permanently disabled ecosystem is beyond obvious. Yet we see little is being done to prevent that from happening. What will be the penalty for electing a climate change denier like Trump?

It may get so bad so fast that even excluding Trump from the WH may not save us but letting such a fool in might certainly sink us climate wise.


Dying oceans, dying forests . . .
an eye-opening flight over California’s dying forests:



One more reason to stop Trump. The last thing we need is a president who tears up the Paris climate agreement and supports increased coal burning.


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to swim in! As a board surfer mainly in the 70's in San Diego County, I started noticing, do not go in water, water contaminated postings. In 2008 Santa Cruz, Ca the local newspaper, prints the bacterial count of the various city beaches. Hello, something is rotten in the state of Denmark! Also, algae blooms are happening fairly frequently in city beaches like in Santa Cruz. Just like in Florida, the Santa Cruz city officials deflect the blame, of algae blooms as not caused by weed killing herbicides, etc.


Sadly, all these studies and numbers will not change human behaviour. The vast majority just continues to live in denial, not willing to change their own behaviour. Just for example, when it comes to plastic (bottles, bags etc.) which are ending up in the oceans in large quantities, what percentage of people go shopping with their own canvas bags or do not buy bottled water in plastic containers? This, in my opionion, could be changed very easily; just ban plastic bags and plastic bottles or charge an extra rather high fee for anything plastic. As soon as it goes through the wallet, it will make many more people reconsider their (for the environment bad) habits. It would at least be a start trying to change things. But then again, I think it is already too late. The clock is ticking.


Nothing a nuclear WW IV won't fix, unfortunately. Chernobyl's lands and Bikini's oceans are full of diverse wildlife, if somewhat radioactive.


True centrists ?? Reclaim the center today?? As in '…the Greens are too far to the left....the GOP is too far to the right...but the New Dems are just right for Goldilocks'. Honestly, Edmundo. And what exactly is being 'too far' to the left? Too much freedom, too much democracy, too many regulations for the corporate and financial institutions, too much food safe, too many protections for the public, too much wealth transferring from the non-wealthy to the very wealthy? Yet when the public is actually surveyed on these issues, the public's opinions make for a very, very tight distribution curve. That's the true center.


Seeing highly competent people like Asner in the pursuit of science is so encouraging. Somebody sane and awake is out there helping is the message we all need to hear once in a while. Meanwhile Trump is bragging about how he will appoint ultra right Supreme Court justices (he says five possibly) and how global warming is a scam.

You know Trump refuses to look at information that would force him to change his views about global warming. It tells you how this rabid right winger would govern and how he would respond to people who say things that he doesn't want to hear about.

Looking at this video and the article it accompanied, I kept on wondering what it would be like if Trump was the guy that we were depending on to save our forests?


I've posted this before but in case you missed it--- I think it would be like this, only worse:


The only way to recapture the center AND survive is to make the Green positions the center. Everyone else can reposition themselves around that--the lunatic right wing fringe where progressive Democrats are now, and the left pushing for rational actions like a universal income with all global wealth treated as the tribes', and non-human suffrage.


I thought Edmundo was gettin at the fact that "the center" can and has been moved. For a few decades the centre has marched right, as we all know with the left, progressive obama, and hillary. Imagine the center contained an unspoken acknowledgment of the ecovandalism of consumerism and superfluous development and the violence of a patriarchal, usury-centered world, and then political hams hung their left and right social wedge issues from that center. That'd be nice, so would mass anger at these daily, weekly findings. Will these geoscientists eventually give up, because no one seems to care.