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Humans of the White House?


Humans of the White House?

Belén Fernández

During a recent excursion to Iran, Brandon Stanton — creator of the wildly popular Humans of New York (HONY) blog — posted some shots of humans in the Islamic Republic. One of them features a father and his 10-year-old son in the city of Tabriz, with the accompanying anecdote from the dad:


ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS, MR. PRESIDENT.


The beltway pundits are trying to clean up Obama's legacy for the (whitewashed) history books.

Instead of mentioning opening up the Arctic to drilling, he'll be painted as an "Environmental President."

Instead of any honest recounting of all the drone strikes maiming Afghanistan, he'll be heralded as "the diplomat who sealed the big deal with Iran."

And so forth.

How much of what's pushed by mainstream media is true? If it serves up food for thought than that food for thought is as tainted as Monsanto's now quite ubiquitous tainted gen-tech faux food products.

If Marie Antoinette were alive today, she'd probably clamor: "Let them eat ca-ca!"


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And back up your words with action, Mr. President!


Unfortunately, if Øbama and his nest of hawks had their way, He would be blogging something to the effect that, "It is too bad that young man and his father were killed in a preemptive strike, but it is all the fault of the Iranian Government for not doing what we tell them to."
* Because that is pretty much it in a nutshell with all of the death and terror in the Middle East and elsewhere. If anyone disagrees with the Reich, they are terrorists and therefore, toast.


I don't like Obama but you can't fault him on Iran. The Nuclear Deal with Iran is probably his signature achievement - after his gift to the Insurance Industry to penalize anyone who doesn't purchase their products.


Yup, just a regular guy ... who meets on Tuesday afternoons to decide who he shall murder, extrajudicously, without any oversight and who fights tooth and nail to keep it that way, though he does leak just enough to let us know what a tough warrior he is. Yup, that's our pal, "bo".

Legacy? Obama's legacy will be his further embedding the cancer of endless war as the default foreign policy tool in Washington. This will continue to inflict misery and suffering, worldwide, long after Obamacare and the Iran deal are forgotten.


I'd agree with the assessment that HONY's work isn't necessarily social action driven but I find it curious that the author makes no mention of the funds HONY and his community raised for Syeda Ghulam Fatima fighting bonded labour in Pakistan, as well as assisting a single mother suffering from hepatitis to find the medical care she needed. Especially when the author cites with approvalm that the kind of emotions that Brandon's work evokes, prevent "the marriage of thought and feeling that produces the most concentrated social action”.