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"Humble Public Servants"? While "Unpaid" by White House, Trump Advisers Jared and Ivanka Hauled in at Least $82 Million Last Year


"Humble Public Servants"? While "Unpaid" by White House, Trump Advisers Jared and Ivanka Hauled in at Least $82 Million Last Year

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Amid ongoing concerns about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's perceived conflicts of interest as the married couple continues to serve as unpaid senior advisers to her father, President Donald Trump, new financial disclosure filings reveal they raked in at least $82 million in outside income last year.


So CD discovers that the fixed capitalist political economy benefits the rich more than everybody else. That’s hard-hitting news. Of course all those multi-millionaire Dems like Pelosi are giving their money back and the fact that progressives Bernie and Liz have become millionaires during their terms is not a problem because Liz vowed again today to take on the billionaire class.

Maybe she can start with the Soros family, huge funders of the Dems. These hedge-funders specialize in money-market speculation and crash regional and national economies on occasion. But their foundations “give” billions to liberal non-profits to keep them co-opted so it’s all good. Capitalism is the fault of the Idiot of Orange and his spawn and will go away when they do. Life will be grand again.


Bernie warned all of us that Billionaires would attempt to buy the election.

He was so right.


I frequently have occasion to drive through deep Trump country. Not a clue. Not a fucking clue do the rubes have on how they have been snookered. Make America Gag Again!


When I lived in Germany three decades after Hitler’s demise, a significant minority of Germans had no qualms with Hitler other than that he lost WWII. Although they would have never admitted support for Hitler during the post war reconstruction period, by the 1970s they were enjoying all of their modern infrastructure that arose from WWII rubble and Hitler’s legend made him more popular than ever, just as Saint Ron is more revered in Murka today than he was when he was launching the 99% into its downward spiral.

Nobody reading this will live long enough for Cult 45 to question anything Trump. Trump’s “rubes” are with him forever.


Feckless cunts.


Wise –

Where is “deep Trump country” …

They of course are “snookered” but not the wealthy behind Trump who are getting
their “Wish Lists” filled –

What has to happen to have the “snookered” wake up?


Steven –

Think the story remains the same for third parties because corporations control
our elections – debates – media coverage.

While C-span will cover some of third party activities and candidates, imo, it is
never sufficient to compete with national parties.

Right wing/fascism wouldn’t exist if it couldn’t control everything –

Only way right wing can rise is by violence, stolen elections, lies/propaganda.

Lack of a free press is the first necessity and that happened here by 1943.


Germany and Japan came out of WWII as the “losers” but quite quickly became leading economies –

Interesting –

It seems clear now that for Germany and the US wealthy who had recruited and supported Hitler/Nazis
with the help of international Elites the war was pretty much over in 1943 when they began planning for
the rise of the Fourth Reich. See: Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, Operation Gladio.
Paperclip involved at least 200,000 ex-Nazis used to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot spots” around the world.

By 1943, higher up’s in Hitler’s military were visiting our Pentagon and making deals.
New investigations seem to confirm what many have long suspected … that Hitler was NOT a suicide.
That Hitler survived and that plans for the Fourth Reich were well financed.
In other words, Hitler and his henchmen were “let go” … with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

The Vatican played a large role again in moving ex-Nazis out of Germany and into other areas via their parishes around the world and especially into South America. They also seem to have been involved once again in moving GOLD which funded Hitler back out of Germany – and in laundering money.

See: Hunting Hitler – History/Discovery Channel
See: Hitler – Suicide or Survivor – History/Discover Channel

US is now becoming a “third world nation” which has long been the dream of the right wing/fascism.


It seems that those in charge of “Ethics” today in US government are enormously
naïve about how things are done in the criminal world –

and with Trump, that’s what we’re dealing with – criminality and lawlessness.


People think it’s racism. It is. And it is other things. People forget the other things Trump supporters want. They want new flat screen tvs, bigger houses, more fast food, better clothes for their kids, family family family shopping sprees… and they also want to become celebrities and get rich, because TV tells them if they wish hard enough they will.

And they also want to go to heaven, or at least have a sexy partner.

If all of this means that a few minorities have to die, so what? Family values is all that matters.

And the family values shopping and fantasy the most around those parts. Ivanka, to them, is hot and a role model.


Your kind of whataboutism and trolling aren’t useful or intelligent.
It doesn’t matter what other corrupt people do or don’t do. It doesn’t matter
whether greed begins or ends with the Trump Gang.
This article is about Ivanka and Jared obscenely profiting from Grifter’s presidency.
Try to get a clue, a brain, a conscience.


“$82 million” that we know about.

How much are they laundering in Panama and the Caymen Islands ?


Enormously naive or complicit ?


skiend –

Guess it could be either way, huh?

If they were complicit, would they be complaining about it …?

Not sure –


Compare and contrast with the likes of Rush, Sean and Bill-o—wealthy right-wingers all—pounding out that “liberal media” beat 24/7/365. It’s the stage magician’s art of misdirection.


Guild –

Have to agree with you –

and presuming that pretty much ALL of the “experts” mentioned in the article are outsiders.

But, seems that some government watchdogs are still at least annoying them …

Members of the administration and people close to the couple have often mentioned the “sacrifices” they have made to take their positions at the White House. In a recent interview, Jared’s father Charles Kushner—who served time in prison for tax evasion, witness tampering, and making illegal campaign donations—lamented all that his son and daughter-in-law have purportedly “sacrificed to go into government,” and claimed ethics watchdogs are “jerks” who "can’t get a real job."

However, alluding to the fact that Kushner has revised his federal ethics disclosure filing due to mistakes and omissions at least 40 times, the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) pointed to public skepticism about whether his reported income will change.

THIS to me is like putting someone under oath and then allowing them to come back 40X to change their testimony!

And – seems impossible to believe that Trump didn’t immediately corrupt or replace everyone in government who understood the meaning of “ethics.”