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Humility, Caring and Wisdom Make a Better Future Possible

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/humility-caring-and-wisdom-make-better-future-possible


“Why wouldn’t we choose this path? What stands in our way?”

In a word…Capitalism. Built by the rich, for the rich.

“In Canada, the most affluent 0.5 per cent of families now holds 20.5 per cent of the wealth.”

Proving capitalism is working perfectly, for the rich.


What a beautiful article, calming and soothing and easy to understand that we can change things with the right priorities.


Given that we appear to be “on the road” to extinction, where has our “wisdom” been?!


Your voice is one of sanity .

Live simply so others may simply live .

New things that shine are on the outside ,its inward that we must travel.Find the path of the heart it’s the bridge and go with the soul.

Go With The Soul, its the highest form of love you can imagine.


We exterminated most of it.
The Indigenous cultures, we obliterated and eradicated their culture , getting them to try and forget and mix with ours was a mistake on a massive scale.


I need to find the magical word or phrase that breaks the spell.


As long as there is money.
Nothing will change.

Money is only one medium of exchange in an economic system. We get to decide what that economic system is .

At the moment it’s based on illusion. The illusions of disunity and Insufficiency. We think we are separate from each other Disunity and that there is not enough to go around Insufficiency.

This is wonderfully articulated in the chapter “Throwing the money changers out again “ from the book Tomorrow’s God. It’s a Spiritual book that looks at the next few decades of human life on this planet and what it could be ,if we choose .

Very interesting… very exiting …gives us hope for a way better future .


yes, we need a single philosophy!
that’s the problem! right?
A unified vision.?
Every one must believe the same thing?
as far as a central tenet goes.?

let us all develop it together.

I figure people should do what they want. all day. everyday.
I think everything is free.

you want / need something, go get it from a store / shop.


How does this unfold?

Money is not the root of human evil, money is merely the tool of economics. Greed and it’s economic theory (capitalism) is the product spawned of human selfishness (AKA: “evil”).

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Democracy, socialism and selflessness.

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Let us work out the details and move along with our vision of utopia.
In a selfless socially democratic fashion, right?
We need a unified vision.

Money is not the root of human evil, money is merely the tool of economics. Greed and it’s economic theory (capitalism) is the product spawned of human selfishness (AKA: “evil”).

(I did not use the word “evil”. That is another philosophical discussion all together.)

The ol’ Catch22. I believe.
You place a value on something it becomes money. Selfishness begets greed for objects of value (money).

(The foundation of the argument is… I need to protect my food from you to keep myself alive another day/week/season, under the assumption, you need to take mine, to do the same.)

What if everything has a value of none?
We have reached the epoch.
People have the technology to proceed with food abundance, for all.
(Billions and billions fed without destroying everything. I think/hope.)
We need a unified vision.


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I know that discussing one’s religious beliefs isn’t cool or trendy, but, my understandings and beliefs equate selfishness (and its companion emotions of frustration and anger) as the essence(s) of evil, and selflessness (and the companion emotions of acceptance and love) as the essence(s) of the divine. My language often follow my understandings and beliefs, I apologize if the terms I used interfere with the message I was attempting to convey.

Or at the least, a coordinated and compatible course of action which will allow us to progress toward a common, mutually beneficial and sustainable future.

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A new guiding principle ?

Here’s the first one .

We Are All One


It will take something much more DRASTIC than taking walks to save our species from extinction!