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Hundreds Arrested Nationwide as Poor People's Campaign Demands 'End to the War Economy'


Hundreds Arrested Nationwide as Poor People's Campaign Demands 'End to the War Economy'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s warning that "a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom," the Poor People's Campaign launched its third week of action in cities nationwide on Tuesday with the aim of confronting the American war economy, which pours resources that could be used to provide healthcare and food to the poor at home into the killing of innocents aboad.


When you have a government that is selectively deaf, this kind of thing can happen daily and the results will be the same: crickets


Civilian society and priorities are denied to fund the obscene war economy! All the things that make any nation or society truly “great” are marginalized and scrapped, defunded and eliminated to serve the war-machine; a fraud of “enemies” and trillions for a “defense” that has become aggression.

The banker/Wall Street scams live from usury and complex frauds sold to an uninformed public as “the way things are” - theft by “legal” means, underwritten and enforced by a complicit government bought and paid-for. Vulture capitalism is the name of the game and devil take the hindmost. An obscenity perpetuated on a public of modern serfs - wage, debt/interest and rent/tax slaves - those least able to afford the costs pay for the lives of obscene luxury and ease of the 1%.

What makes any nation truly strong and “great”/ Usury? a debt/interest economy? No, Universal not-for-profit health care, education to university level, environmental protections for water, air, soil, natural resources, mass transit, sustainable green energy, a healthy non-cancerous, non-chemical food supply, healthy ecosystems and preserved genetic diversity…much else beside. Not for-profit wars, feeding on the deaths of millions. “We have met the enemy and he is us”

Only a fool or idiot shits where they eat…unless pirates and parasites can make money shitting where others eat and get away with it! Unless the population is denied truth, science, and a government dedicated to the Common Good, not common greed…


I feel your pain. You write the truth.


Eisenhower made it clear where he stood in regard to military spending. I’m sure he would not approve of the completely unnecessary military spending of today.

I place this emphasis on Eisenhower because he was the Supreme Allied Commander of WWII. There is no more qualified voice.

Scale back the mission! Reduce the size of the US military by 60%!


I’m glad they’re doing it. My lastest favorite site - Wallstreet on Parade is scaring the heck out of me. Protesting right now is a great idea.


I like the test of the decency of a nation by simply looking at how they treat the poor.


Well done, Emphyrio!

A fraud of “enemies”!


What you eloquently say, Emphyrio, is accurate. And, as you no doubt know, Karl Marx’s solution was violent revolution to overthrow the capitalist masters of those days. Times have changed, however (no pun intended), leaving the preterite - the 99% - with very little to work with, except to use their bodies constantly in the line of fire - a recipe for prolonged, agonizing disaster.

So … where do you go, from here, Emphyrio? Seriously…


I don;t think the problem is the military budget, I think it is the ideology of the Koch brothers and those that agree with them such as the Tea Party. They have no concept of the common good. And using taxes from the rich to help others is seen as form of government tyranny. The military budget is very complicated and has to deal with a whole bunch of perceived threats and agreement with allies. At this point nobody seems to know how to end the fighting in Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. Really what is needed is for Congress to accept its responsibilities under the Constitution and represent their constituents rather than avoiding controversial votes on military action in hopes of getting re-elected.


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” - JFK


Instead of calling it the Department of War, I’d call it the Department of Foreign War. They haven’t fought a domestic war against Americans since 1921, Blair Mountain.

OK, Kent State and a few riots.


Can someone explain to me what these protesters are being arrested for?


Imagine if activist energy was channeled and solidified into direct democracy. That would amount to wresting much of the power from the hands of politicians and their paymaster oligarchs. What is democracy but people power?


How many arrests would there be should a group of people decide to protest the amount of monies that are spent on Social spending while calling for cuts to those programs so as to work towards a balanced budget ?

Why is it ok to block traffic routes and businesses in order to have a parade to “honor the troops” while a group blocking the same routes and businesses as they call for an end to homelessness are arrested?

The truth is these arrests are only made because of WHAT the people are protesting.

This is Fascism.


Up through World War II, we had a War Department. It was kept within bounds and was mainly to defend the US against attack.
*After WW-II, it was renamed the Defense Department and has made aggressive war against many countries and peoples ever since.
*It has grown into the most costly and deadly armed force on the planet, and all it seems willing to ask for is more money, more autonomy, more war toys, and more small enemies to destroy.
*United States of America? Faugh, there is no such nation anymore. Now it is a traditional banana republic called the Fourth Reich, whose only concern for its citizens subjects is to see that they get just enough to be able to work until they are worn out. Then they can throw them away and grab some more as replacements. Nazi Germany made rockets, tanks and Zyklon B the same way.
*The Junkers made lots of profit, as they do today in the Fourth Reich, all on the bodies of We the People.


Surely, the time is long past for platitudes. Direct, effective and punitive action is required. Only the actual type to use must be determined.

Placard protesting doesn’t cut it anymore - unless millions are involved.


Whoa! Another cognitive dissonance episode here.

The truth is the military budget is totally out of control. No one knows what’s in it. It diverts immense resources from the common good. It wastes money on a colossal scale. It diverts our political energy into war, rather than peace. It wastes countless lives through death and permanent injury – both physical and psychological. Its “perceived threats” as you so quaintly put it, aren’t really perceived – they’re simply imagined or conjured to fit the desire to spend money.

I know how to end the fighting in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen – leave and stop bombing and killing people.

Our country needs a major revisit on our spending priorities. The welfare of US citizens, which is a constitutional charge given Congress, needs to be moved to the top of the list. Defense needs to be knocked down several notches. No one is going to invade the USA. We can defend against real threats to us with far less spending. What we are doing instead is totally offensive, in all senses of that word.

The so-called war on terror is nothing more than a fear-based propaganda scheme to spend war dollars for profit, far out of proportion to the threat we face. It is in fact, a concession of defeat to the notion of terrorism. When you spend money on it the way we have and divert resources to it the way we have, the “terrorists” such as they exist at all, have won!

You seem to have spent too much time in DC or with those that have or with those who profit from war.


How about going here?


Not only that, but that would eliminate the “refugee problem.” We would finally stop making refugees. That would be true for every nation and people that we are butchering and devastating.
*If we could do that as a start, perhaps eventually the United States of America would resurface and the Fourth Reich could join the Third in oblivion.