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Hundreds Drown Trying to Reach Europe in 2016's Deadliest Migrant-Related Disaster Yet



Gaddafi warned that if Libya was attacked by Nato and he was murdered. There would be thousands of refugees making there way to Europe.


Okay, shut down the human smuggling so mass drownings can stop--but simultaneously welcome massively more African and Middle Eastern and Afghan refugees into the U.S., right? "Massively more" meaning a lot more than the current .1% of the refugees victimized directly or indirectly by U.S. policy.


Seeing video of massive demonstrations by Libyans in support of their government on the eve of the Nato bombing, calling in a great popular outpouring for no bombing--and realizing how completely I and other U.S. people were kept from seeing such news at the time--has made me consider anew how deadly lying media is. Who in my family sticks to supporting Clinton? Those who rely on NPR to form their ideas of the world.


Hillary has the blood of these migrants, human beings, God's children, on her evil hands.