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Hundreds Gather at Trump Golf Course and Spell It Out: 'Resist!'


Hundreds Gather at Trump Golf Course and Spell It Out: 'Resist!'

Common Dreams staff

With the national anti-Trump resistance movement continuing its fight against the White House and Republican agendas on all fronts, 200 members of a local Indivisible group in California on Saturday took their message to the Trump National Golf Course in the town of Rancho Palos Verdes and aimed it at the sky: Resist!

With bodies folded against one another on a green near the course's clubhouse, the aerial shots are not likely to be included in the country club's brochure anytime soon.


Sometimes WE are just f’n great! We just are (sometimes lol)!

Whoever thought up this idea is a great American!


Good one. I wonder how so many people managed to get onto the grounds of a private golf course.


We see grand statements like this from around the world daily. Their ringing truths are important but now is the time to stop and explain how close and totally simple a better and more fun life is.

Why are we rushing to a very near extinction rather than being mature and organizing for a life that is sustainable and dignified. These wonderful Californians have shown us we can organize against oligarchs and we know exactly who and how few they are.

So let’s start at point one — Wealthy humans differ from poor ones only in their single minded pursuit of wealth. All humans have imaginations of consumption that are equal to the opulence of kings and queens. Wealthy humans like the owner of this golf course are stricken with the mental illness of insatiable want. And they will do anything to get more.

A very simple bureau of young college graduates can easily and quickly determine the hidden costs in all products that society bears and rich people pocket. Free market is propaganda by the rich to hold the poor down and create an illusion of profit with government granted licenses to pollute and extract resources.

Fancy important people in black suits are running brainwashing propaganda to convince the human race that they deserve to be able to amass ever more wealth and destroy Earth doing it because they are better, smarter people who work harder than lazy people who deserve to be poor and sick.


" The aerial shots are not likely to be included in the country club’s brochure anytime soon."

True, but we have to love it!


#Resistance Is Fertile


The most active and effective form of resistance to oligarchic influence and power is the economic boycott. Their entire elitist movement is based on wealth. Strangulation by boycott is the only way to stop these gutless bastards. Lie around all their resorts till the crows pick at your bones and nothing will change. They will just wait things out, like they always do. Violence may be effective against individuals, but not against the millions of millionaires and billionaires with their politicians and various police agencies (don’t forget, one percent of 350 million people are 3,500,000 oligarchs, presumably with families–them’s the numbers you’re up against out of the gate). The heads of the hydras are their income sources, hence their only vulnerable spots. Absent economic deprivation, no other approach to countering their influence can be effective. Forget trusting progressive-speak politicians; just remember what eight years of Obama did to the rest of us. Impeach now? Absolutely. Disrupt now? Absolutely. But boycott is the only effective long term grass roots change movement strategy. Start small; don’t buy their consumer-targeted products. Then pull your money out of their banks. It will take time but it will grow, and its effects will be devastating to the empowered wealthy.


One way would be to get a bunch of undocumented immigrants to do it. People will naturally assume they work there.


Resist by all means. Resist war, resist capitalism, resist the lies of the media.

But I really do wonder when CD runs the same headline as Yahoo News.


No to impeachment, unless you are willing to move toward theocracy.

Pence is worse than Trump, mark my words.


Some may remember the “Beagle Boys” from vintage '50’s “Donald Duck” comix. I plead guilty, I loved to read them. I remember “boys” as always three swarthy white brothers, who always wore masks, smiled like there was no tomorrow and lugged around burglary tools - lol - According to Wikipedia they were “… a family clan of organized criminals who constantly try to rob Scrooge McDuck”- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beagle_Boys

And Uncle Scrooge loved his gold coin-filled swimming pool, diving and swimming in it from episode to episode. POINT. It’s funny as hell, in a sick sorta way, that right now, today and tomorrow, we citizens are being bombarded by a mountain of foul news stories - these past few days and weeks. Under this cover of the constant flood of news filling our lives - what if anything, does anyone suspect that the beagle boys of today’s generation are stealing, right now, out from our very noses? A Burning Earth that we humans and other plants and animals require fo go on living is at the center of this. An Earth center being ripped apart by corporate greed and “consumer” avarice.


I would love that to get the popularity of “Make love, not war”.


I wonder how Banksy did this? - This wall mural must be 10 stories high!


Well said!

And what created this mindset? Calvinism. Thank God for religion.


“With bodies folded against one another on a green near the course’s clubhouse”

So just wondering, maybe some lasting, close relationships were made here?


Religion hasn’t evolved much in the last few thousand years. I find it odd that scientists who study how God went about creating things are condemned by many modern worshipers who let themselves be whipped into frenzy by zealots pushing eternal war and hate.


Oh, and an almost endless history of doing just that.