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Hundreds Launch 'Civil March for Aleppo' to Demand Help for Refugees


Hundreds Launch 'Civil March for Aleppo' to Demand Help for Refugees

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hundreds of peace activists on Monday launched an on-foot march from Berlin, Germany to Aleppo, Syria in hopes of building political pressure to end the fighting and help refugees there.


This smells to me like another George Sorros funded project.


Here is news about besieged Aleppo.




A courageous and dedicated thing to do. My hat is off to the brave young people that will be making this trip. Good luck.


Ha, ha I guess I was right. Sounds like a CIA/Sorro's joint project. After all we do need that NO Fly Zone over Syria don't ya know.

The #CivilMarchForAleppo, as it’s being called, was born from the frustration of one woman witnessing the carnage inflicted on the city’s civilians by the Bashar al-Assad regime and its Russian, Iranian, and other allies, with apparent total impunity and indifference from the international community.


George Soros has nothin to do with this.


And how do you for a fact that's the case? Look at there mission statement above.No mention of western back Islamic Terrorist that have invaded Syria from over a hundred foreign countries. How come no pressure on the US and coalition of the killing to stop there slaughter in Syria?


What does that have to do with the march? They just want to see an end to that apalling war....so do I.It is sheer madness.Over the last hundred years the humankind has gone insane with its destructive technology. Now its headed toward its own extinction. Right now theres absolutely nothing standing in the way of that.

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Because they should be condemning the main source of the violence. The US and the coalition of the killing. Otherwise the group in Bias and as an agenda.


It doesn't really matter if we condemn it. The U.S. will just ignore it and do what it likes. Fifty years of exposure and watchdog journalism hasn't made a shade of difference in U.S. policy. And you aint seen nothin yet. Obama just signed a bill that will shut the truth tellers up for good. It is now law. Midnight is approaching- the serpent's egg is about to hatch.

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Well perhaps the serpent has already laid the egg. Because this exactly the kind of stuff I would expect to see. (Disinformation) (Fake News)


If you want to save lives and stop the killing, march to the Unitedfuckingstates and shut down the terror government


What's to stop it from hatching? This new law stopping our mouths is textbook Demagogue. The first thing to go is freedom of speech. Then the people cant speak out against everything that follows. We just saw it happen in Turkey last summer under Erdogan.

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The Russian military stopped it from happening in Syria. Thank god for the Russian military!


As posted in the facebook comments there is great news from Aleppo and finally a chance for peace!!!

The residents of Aleppo gather to celebrate Christmas in East Aleppo for the first time in five years.

Basher Assad an Alawitee, his beautiful Suni Muslim wife, and other Muslims join in the Christmas celebration in East Aleppo after driving the Wahhabi fundamentalist from the city.