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Hundreds of Arkansas Teachers Request Howard Zinn’s A People’s History

Hundreds of Arkansas Teachers Request Howard Zinn’s A People’s History

Zinn Education Project

Maybe you’ve heard: Legislation just proposed in Arkansas would ban books by or about Howard Zinn from all public schools in the state. The bill, submitted by Representative Kim Hendren (R), can be read in full here.


Can the South get any stranger??? Maybe these teachers should move up North.

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wow! what says fascism more than legislative book burning?

In solidarity with Arkansas educators and students, the Zinn Education Project will send a book by Howard Zinn and A People’s History for the Classroom to any Arkansas teacher who requests them.
also, zinn published another version called a young people’s history of the united states. makes a great gift for our younger citizens! it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but if our youngest learn the truth from day one, they won’t have to unlearn the false indoctrination.

These hundreds of teachers, in Arkansas, prove that the South is not just one, Monolithic Regressive Mindset.


Maybe northerners and west-coasters like you need to stop your arrogant chauvinism. Is Scott Walker a southerner? Is Steve King a southerner? Is Paul LePage a southerner, is Betsy Devos a southerner? Are the Bundy cowboys southerners? Is Trump a southerner?


Good work Rep. Hendren! More people in Arkansas have now heard of and are curious about Howard Zinn’s book now than any time when Zinn was alive.


Good point! I like your post- you are right about the above named individuals- it’s just that the mindset is so prevalent there. It is good to see that there are some exceptions however. Recently, I met someone who had moved from the South up North. Just a few weeks go she said," You guys talk to everybody here, but we have an attitude towards Yankees." She ( a young person) said that prejudice was quite common in the South. When I asked why she said that she didn’t know. Apparently this is something that is handed down.

If our youngest learn the truth along with their parents.

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Howard Zinn’s People’s History for the Classroom making it into all of these schools and libraries?! That’s AWESOME. And how long has this important book been unnoticeably absent from those places? This is PROGRESS!–made possible by the clowns all over the country who are emboldened by the Orange Clown in the White House to make it clear in no uncertain terms just how bad things have really gotten in this country. It’s one beauty of a silver lining to the cloud of madness by those who think they are “in control” of such things.


WWWB*? http://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html

*What would Walmart ban?

Here’s what is really sad. Americans insisted on buying cheap goods put together in other countries, so the Wally Worlds spread out in the country like a disease. There are some areas that have actually kept Wal Mart out- Vermont for instance. Instead of supporting local businesses , people were asleep at the switch so to speak , and over time, businesses closed, mom and pop shops that were there forever were gone, and Wal Marts and strip malls sprouted up in their place. Ugly is the landscape and mentality that goes with it. Reminds me of fast food and how the burger kings and Arbys also dotted the land. This affected generations of people. So…when we hear of this little sparkle - it sends a bit of hope.

yes! parents bear the greatest responsibility and joy in education. in fact from birth to about three humans learn at a phenomenal rate! parents, extended family and friends lay the groundwork. it’s important to lay a good foundation on which an education is built.

An excellent book to accompany A People’s History, is a book by Nancy Isenberg, White Trash. The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. This book will give the reader an excellent prospective on the origins of the Deplorables–especially in the Carolinas and Virginia. Evidently, their genetic bequeathment has finally spread throughout the entire country.

When Sam Walton first started Walmart, the store exclusively stocked american made goods. It was a major selling point for the store. Walmart didn’t start stocking foreign made goods till after he died and his heirs took over.

I am ashamed to say that I am reading The People’s History of the United States for the first time.

Zinn, without compromise or apology, presents the real history as experienced by those outside the elite ruling class. It is quite clear why the elites want this book banned. The reason has its roots going back to the origins of the U.S.

In my opinion, The People’s History of the United States is absolutely critical reading to combat the authoritarian leadership the U.S. is experiencing right now. For those who are able to support the free distribution of the book to educators and librarians in Arkansas, here is the link to donate:

The old senile goat just did us all a favor by shining a spotlight on Zinn’s important work.


I hear his heirs are made of different stock and do not care about people.