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Hundreds of Canadian Artists Slam Anti-Terror Law for Its 'Direct Attack on Creative Arts, Free Expression'


Hundreds of Canadian Artists Slam Anti-Terror Law for Its 'Direct Attack on Creative Arts, Free Expression'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hundreds of Canadian artists warned in an open letter this week that the country's recently passed anti-terrorism law has a "chill" effect and "directly attacks the creative arts and free expression."

The signatories include author Margaret Atwood, musician Raffi, and filmmaker Paul Haggis.


Over the years I have excoriated the Prime Minister of Canada, who once said, "You won't recognize this country when I get through with it", as the "George W. Bush of Canada". His regressive government has just demonstrated that even more so with this heinous law. I thought that Canadian voters couldn't get any more short-sighted than when they voted for the idiot right-winger Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto, Canada's largest city. Re-electing Stephen Harper was much, much worse. Now, as we tragically found out by reinstalling The Chimp in 2004, Canada is going to pay dearly for that choice.

I hope that Neil Young will add his voice.


For many years, I looked upon Canada as a possible refuge as the US Fourth Reich tightens its grip on its own residents.
* After reading this article, and the one the other day about the members of a "Green Group" who were stopped at the border when attempting to attend an event in Canada. Apparently, they were detained and questioned for several hours, their laptops and cell phones were searched, then they were refused admittance and turned back, where the US border guards took them in for interrogation and their computers and phones were again examined.
* I often think of the Bogart movie Casablanca, where people sold themselves, or killed, to obtain an exit visa to get out of Nazi controlled space.
* Little by little, the Fourth Reich is approaching this point. However, where on this planet would one be able to exit to, for freedom? Every nation or community on Earth is subject to invasions, bombing, drones, for no more reason than that they disagree with the policies of the Reich, and/or have resources that the Reich wants.


Margaret Atwood is a genuine genius who sees time-space itself. Simply put, "She Rocks!" Her writing evokes haunting, primordial feelings with an almost immortality. She would perfectly fit a "Time Lord" profile. The female Dr. Who! She and George Orwell could have been the 2 protagonists in "1984". We sure need her writing reaching out for the beleaguered few of us still here with our sanity in shreads but still hangin' in there.


I love Margaret Atwood as well. I've listened to her lecture and be interviewed and she is a national treasure. Don't forget the wonderful Naomi Klein whose perceptive books and dedicated advocacy reveal the true nature of our corporate world and the shills like Harper who kneel down to it.


To ensure the removal of C-51, we must remove the Harper government. We will get our chance in a couple of weeks, let's use it!


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Margaret Atwood as Time Lord : That is well put and very perceptive of you . I'd never have thought of that analogy , but after having read it , it now seems beautifully obvious .


Thanks. And why not? Margaret Atwood Rocks! Simply put, she enjoys, with us, our "Common Dreams". Our Dreams that drive our Lives toward Bliss - so said Joseph Campbell - I agree. Nuclear chaos, today, could end this beautiful Commons.


Fascist indeed. Mr. Terror Crime Sinister who goes warring/bombing countries that have not attacked Canada, then claims that terrorists are at our doors so he could pass a copy of the PATRIOT ACT on us. That's the same Harper who hid in a closet in his PMO the day that shooter decided to make his show on Parliament Hill. As if that wasn't enough, he still wants to buy the much too expensive and flawed F-35s, the worst fighter jet in Canadian history, even worse than the ill-repute CF-104s, named Widow Makers and Lawn Darts. Search that plane and widowmaker and see how many pilots Canada lost, and the Germans, and the Belgians... Single engines are a real danger. All it takes is a bird to stop them and destroy a jet that would cost close to or more than 85 millions a piece, built by the same company that built the F-104s, Lockheed. Adding Martin to the name didn't improve the product/design...


Stop Harper from warring against countries that have not threatened or attacked Canada, and some excited imams might not have the idea of brainwashing young Canadians into becoming martyrs for allah or whoever, including virgins... C-51 is copied on Dubya Bush's Patriot Act. If you like it that much, maybe you should move to the US and experiment the greatness of that near fascist country...


I thought this article was about Canada?


Lets see. The Handmaids tale by Margaret Atwood was written in 1985. In that tale of the future she writes of a Theocracy that takes over in the United States of America after a "staged" terrorist attack by Islamists.

The Governmnet that takes over proclaims that to keep the people safe civil liberties have to be suspended and womens rights are one of the many rights targetted. The Women are to be subject to the men and by extension the State.

Did she have a crystal ball?


Or, to quote the Borg, "You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile."
* Somehow, the crew of the Enterprise managed to not only rescue Picard, but destroy at least that segment of the Borg.
* Perhaps We the People of the World can do likewise with our corporate version of the Borg.
* Let us work toward that end!


Have you ever read Heinlein's Revolt in 2100? It, too, has a powerful message.


I read quite a few by Heinlen but do not recall that one in particular.

Another author I was rather fond of for his ability to detail a future we can see coming many years before was John Brunner in books like "The Sheep Look Up'.