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Hundreds of Civilians Credibly Reported Killed in First Year of Coalition Airstrikes, Airwars Study Finds


Hundreds of Civilians Credibly Reported Killed in First Year of Coalition Airstrikes, Airwars Study Finds

Chris Woods

A six-month investigation into alleged civilian and ‘friendly fire’ deaths from Coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria has identified more than 120 incidents of concern to June 30th according to an Airwars report published today – three times more problem events than the Coalition itself was aware of.


Pat Tillman was brought down under “friendly fire” because he had the gravitas and mission to bring home the message of the insanity of the global war on terror. In this pursuit I think he was a true hero. I think the same for all who try to wake up those who would otherwise wave the flag as if to start the race to more war.


That’s why for me the only military heroes are those who defect, or come out after service educating the public about all the horrors America is inflicting around the world with these wars.


We have mad psychopathic killers leading us off a cliff.



War War and more War, whats it good for?


Thanks for the link. According to the link at least 1,455, 590 Iraqi civilians have been murdered and 4,801 U.S. military personnel have been sacrificed in the Iraq war.

For what? A lie about WMD’s? And the fact that none of the U.S. war criminals like Dim Son, Cheney, Condi,Powell and so many others that were cheerleaders for the war in Iraq have not been indicted as war criminals for the most evil lies and are culpable tells you one thing: Amerika is nothing but a military dictatorship and its foreign, war policy is FASCIST! Worse than the Third Reich! Because at least the Nazi military elite were tried for war crimes at the Hague.


As i have always iterated Islamic state was created by the CIA in conjunction with Saudi Arabia and Israel for the sole purpose of ousting Assad’s regime in Syria and paving the way for oil and gas pipelines from golf states to Europe via Syria.


Ever increasing profits for the MICC, the 0.001%!


Well yes. Ity a fact that members of Turkish Intelligence were recently arrested in the Sinai by Egyption authories working with these same so called “terror groups”.


Don’t forget the Yemeni front.


Hey man, if Bernie Sanders wins in 2016, when he bombs the Middle East, there will be zero civilian casualties!


If I could up vote more than one time, your comment would be the recipient of numerous up votes. Spot on.


informationclearinghouse.info is one of the best alternative news websites, with possibly, hands down, the most intelligent commenters.
I wish CD would “adopt” their style of “replies”. The way it’s done here is just wanky, that replies are posted further down on the thread, it’s very convoluted and tough to follow.


I totally agree with you. ICH is the best for in depth reporting without the bullshit. I had just emailed a suggestion to CD the other day. About a article from ICH that covered the Turkish
bombing of the Kurds again. And they didn’t bother to post it.


There a reason for this new US escalation.

The Saudi Government is having second thoughts about the support they are providing to ISIS and DAESH as are the Gulf States. They recently met with Putin and The Government of Syria where it suggested they would change their position on this matter.

This in part helped Syria go on the offensive once again against ISIS and gain the upper hand,which of course puts a crimp in US Government plands for the region. Obama now thinks he has to up the ante and move towards direct intervention so as to topple Assaad.


You have exposed your youth. We baby boomers know that the Nazi war crime trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany.



Report of SAS members figthing alongside ISIS in Syria.


Mea culpa! Thanks for the correction.


Thanks for the link. And as you know, the US threat of military force is more than just a violation of the recent agreement with Iran. It is also a violation of the UN charter. Under the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, a violation of the UN charter is a violation of the supreme law of the land. That’s treason. Well, technically we are not at war - even though they say we are - so it’s sedition but the death penalty applies to sedition as well as treason. If the U. S. Constitution meant anything, most of our politicians would have gone to the gallows by now. Kill one person and get executed. Kill a million and a library is built to honor your exploits. Cast a vote to invade another country in violation of the UN charter and you get to run for President. I am saying these obvious things in the hope that people who live outside of the US who read these comments will understand that many of us know that our country is an outlaw country. We just have not figured out how to overcome those who exert power over us. A majority of Americans are anti-war and do not support the bellicosity of our government.


Incase you missed this important news.