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Hundreds of Facebook Employees to CEO Zuckerberg: 'Free Speech and Paid Speech Are Not the Same Thing'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/28/hundreds-facebook-employees-ceo-zuckerberg-free-speech-and-paid-speech-are-not-same


Since they can’t be sifted through for lies, then they should not exist.


Detest even to have to think about people like Zuckerberg –
evidently they are already fined $500 million by government and yet
still no one going to jail.

If Corporations are PEOPLE, then someone must be going to jail, right?

But what could be going through the mind of this relatively young male that
guides his greed above all else?

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So, just precisely, what does Facebook stand for?

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Corporate profits and wealth hoarding?

Remember that Google and Facebook consider US to be their product when they manipulate data for profit, not accuracy.

Anti science crowd gets power then legitimate concerns can be censored. Censorship can go both ways. It’s very dangerous. Flag the lie as a lie and provide proof of the lie or how it is misleading BS. It may cost money, but better than not being able to trust anything you read. Let us supposed adults decide what we want to believe. Most likely we will anyway.

Facebook and other social media are rapidly becoming propaganda machines nothing social about this reality, nothing in support of democracy or democratic ideals. Uneducated, uninformed, ignorant people are easily propagandized and manipulated; all pawns in the money groveling/hoarding game the superrich are playing which WILL lead to the collapse of our planetary ecosystem.

Facebook was born shortly after Total Information Awareness was shut down.

Wasn’t Facebook set up as a communications program for college students to connect.?
So, why
not have it available to anyone under the age of 25? No one else, and certainly no ads.

I never signed up to this international gossip venue.

Exposing one’s life to review – ignoring the need for privacy about one’s
personal life.

Did Zuckerberg actually think this up or did the CIA think it up?