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Hundreds of Nurses Stage Die-In in Front of Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco Office

Or a jackass.
**There seems to be plenty of them around.


This is a good street action. Should have been done outside Nancy’s palace, or during office hours, to disrupt her life severely.
Should be permanent. Same should be done to all Trump properties. Blockade them, general strike, Hong Kong-style, shut 'em down, run 'em out of town.


In the end, if the democrats fail in 2020, it will not be because of the pie in the sky liberals. It will be because of Nancy and her coalition of shills. And they don’t care. They know their philosophy doesn’t work, and they don’t care, because almost all of them are very old. They are simply feathering their nests, full well knowing that their party, this nation, and the planet, are doomed. But they don’t care, as they also know that they will be long gone before the final tribulations. They are just making sure that when they do die they will enjoy their final moments in silk sheets, on a gilded bed of gold. Of course we expected behavior like this from the likes of the Koch’s, Walton’s, Mercer’s, Duponts, and yes, Trumps. The problem I have as a liberal is that our leadership, the Schumer’s, Hoyers, Feinstein’s, Saban’s, and yes, Pelosi’s, are even worse, as they pretended to be progressives, and sold us down the river.
In the end, America will fail. We will fail because unlike the bullshit narrative about US being led by our best and brightest, we must face the reality that we have instead been lead by our richest, most aggressive, most ruthless. The USA is lead by sociopaths. Always has been. It’s why we are doomed.


Thank you, nurses!


Actually, congress house elected representatives are a very stupid group - both parties.

Local newspapers do not publish their local congress persons votes on issues, nor explain to the readers. We have c-span, veterans halls, internet sites to assist us.

Democrats have the severe problem of losing half the rural voters already and are not motivating our young people to be active democrats, involved voters.

So, rather than doomed. We need a rebirth, leadership, excellent peoples running for offices.

I saw her rise from a mayoral loser to war profiteering Republican Democratic Senator on the backs of two dead liberals.

She’s disgusting.


Sorry, but I disagree.  They may be dying off, but nowhere near soon enough.

Sorry again, but this time because I do agree.  The world as we know it will end, “not with a bang but a whimper” – whether or not there’s a nuclear holocaust – because all the forests and oceans are dying, and with them the supply of free oxygen in the air and dissolved in the water that nearly all animal life is utterly dependent on, though I do think it will not be as mercifully soon as 2025:


You don’t amass $120 mil while in office by working for the People.


Thank You Nurses!
More people need to have your commitment and guts


Yet many a moron re-elected her over and over. May it end with the next election when she is up against a “Bernie-like Progressive” named Shahid Buttar.


This bears repeating, and repeating, and repeating…


An article from Fortune.com in 2/2019.

”A new analysis from U.S. federal government actuaries say that Americans spent $3.65 trillion on health care in 2018, according to a report from Axios. The amount is larger than the GDPs of such countries as Brazil, the U.K., Mexico, Spain, and Canada.

The level of spending is by far the highest in the developed world, according to data from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

That was an increase of 4.4% over 2017 and, according to the analysis, things will get even worse. The report in the journal Health Affairs estimates an average annual growth rate of 5.5% from 2018 to 2027. The current inflation rate is 1.6%. Wage growth, while up from recent years, remains below 4%, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. At this rate, by 2027, health care will be 19.4% of the country’s entire GDP.

The $3.65 trillion in spending represents $11,212 per person, with 59% of the spending going to hospitals, doctors, and clinical services. Prescription drug spending was up 3.3% year over year. Most of the increase was due to higher prices, not increased use of services.

Under private health insurance, spending per person rose 4.5% between 2017 and 2018, even though the same number of people were enrolled.

With such a level of economic increase, people will increasingly face difficulty in obtaining medical care.

While spending is highest, the United States ranks 27th in the world for its levels of health care.”

These are the numbers that the corporate politicians and MSM forget to discuss while hammering away at costs of Medicare for All, which will be a deal in comparison.


Nancy is still having a problem giving up the enormous Bribes/Donations she and her group of Greedy Democrats receive from the Health Care Industry.

It is disgraceful and unethical that our Representatives care more about the large sum$ of Bribes they receive than the welfare and Health of their Constituents.

What the Nurses are doing in front of Pelosi’s office in San Francisco is what must be done by conscientious voters from every State: March Washington.

We cannot allow the Greedy Avaricious Bribe Takers Drown Out the Humanitarian Voice of Bernie and his Medicare For All proposal.



Maybe it’s the other way around. Pelosi, you have no place in the party of Democratic voters.

Neoliberals are nothing but Republicans who acknowledge ‘equality’ but want the ‘things’ that come with wealth hoarding. Hoarding is a mental disease - even wealth hoarding. Don’t succumb to greed.

I was speaking with an older, african american friend yesterday and she was telling me that Trump had met his match in Pelosi. The meme is that Pelosi is a powerful woman who Trump can’t stand and that Pelosi is strong and will take him on. Pelosi is a cave-in but the DNCC has done a great job of painting over her ties to business and big money to the point she is only seen as a “strong woman.” It is a charade but a somewhat successful one.

Compared to the average greedy bastard “serving” in “our” Congress she IS strong, but compared to AOC, Liz, Tulsi and many others, P’Loser is just a senile old Biddy doing the bidding of her korporate owners.  The sooner she is forced to retire, the better.


Maybe Pelosi is just another paid for representative by the large pharmaceutical and medical corporations?

In a 100% Corrupt, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State, voting(unless it’s from the rooftops), marching, protesting, commenting, contacting a 100% bought and paid for congressperson, quoting Jefferson, restating the problem over and over, writing to your editor, etc., etc, are all the same as doing absolutely nothing. Unless the 3-5% of the people that are the determined few, that have value, integrity, principles, a moral-imperative, stong wills and determination, organize into guerilla armies, and utilizing counterinsurgency tactics, totally eradicate said state, by initially killing and defeating their police and military personnel(their defensive/offensive/enforcement–component), nothing positive for mankind is going to take place.