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Hundreds of Thousands Expected to Join 'Historic Nationwide Mobilization' on Eve of Trump Impeachment Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/25/hundreds-thousands-expected-join-historic-nationwide-mobilization-eve-trump

Nationwide mobilization in the form of long-term crippling mass strikes against Trump properties, the Trump White House, GOP Trump cultists, and other reich-wing entities would go a long way towards ridding us of the Trump mob.


This criminal (and his fascist henchmen) belong in the slammer:


And how do we get the hundreds of thousands of bodies together to do that, David? That has been the problem for decades: MOBILIZING! Hell, we have the numbers but, apparently, not the guts or wherewithal to follow through.

I remember the anti-Vietnam protests and the masses of people (mostly young) involved and ACTING to stop it. I believe that those people DID stop the war eventually because of their numbers and persistence. I just wish it had stopped before I got my “ticket to paradise”. (-:


Were you one of the unfortunate people forced to fight in Vietnam? If so, I’m sad for you and hope you’re ok.
I agree with you that mass mobilization helped stop that war and get rid of Nixon too.
In a country where tens of thousands of people routinely travel to attend sporting events and other meaningless entertainment, I’d guess we could get enough numbers.
But Americans today are much less courageous, selfless, idealistic, ethical and physically strong than back in the 60s and 70s.
They’re hooked on their binge television, cell phones, anti-depressants and other sheep control mechanisms.
They’re afraid of getting their heads bashed in by our crazy-violent police forces.
That rich guy Steyer could probably fund the transport and logistics for mass strikes against the Trump mob.

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Nothing will change until "Elaine Chao leaves the stable. Trump has Moscow Mitch by the short hair, and Steve Miller is right “Nobody can touch them”.

A successfully defanged population decides to shout at several walls at once.

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Well, they missed me but came close. I did, however, return with a terminal case of PTSD, clinical depression, alcoholism, and drug addiction. The last two are gone thanks to four re-habs but the first two are gonna hang on until they plant me, I’m told. I quit the SSRIs a couple of years back as my brain was fading and my memory was nearing the end; much better now.

Yes…if there were only a billionaire with a conscience and a strong leftist leaning, he/she could not only finance but LEAD a movement that might just turn this country around. But where is this person…?

I also agree that the mind-numbing electronics and toys of “progress” are distractions that have become addictions keeping people "dumbed-down’ and, basically, under control due to apathy.

BUT…I suppose that hope can’ be completely forsaken because that is what “they” want.


Boring beyond belief…

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If you haven’t noticed, Trump has gone back (from putative compliance) with the Russia/ICG brokered Kurds deal.

“The U.S. military has already killed hundreds of Syrians, and possibly even some Russians, precisely in order to hold on to these Syrian fossil fuel reserves.” emphasis mine 10/24 https://consortiumnews.com/2019/10/24/us-troops-staying-in-syria-to-keep-the-oil-have-already-killed-hundreds/

e New York Times confirmed the strategy on Oct. 20. Citing a ‘senior administration official,’ the newspaper reported:

'President Trump is leaning in favor of a new Pentagon plan to keep a small contingent of American troops in eastern Syria, perhaps numbering about 200, to combat the Islamic State and block the advance of Syrian government and Russian forces into the region’s coveted oil fields.

… A side benefit would be helping the Kurds keep control of oil fields in the east, the official said.’ ibid

Seers see. Before there was Sojourner Truth, Mother Jones (the person), Dorthy Day, Rachel Carsen, and Helen Caldicott. I will now plug Victor Grossman.

Trump’s standard corruption, which we’ve thought would be reason enough to protest, has now marched itself over to in-synch-ness with the quagmire crowd it used to badmouth. It’s now a double whammy, and (though I may only be right for me and not everyone else), seems any meaningful protest must be at least against this double whammy as is.

Bruce Fein, in addition to Grossman, is also right (constitutional scholar). There are tons more obvious things to impeach the dude for than the Ukraine thing [2nd link below this point]. It’s the trees, not the forest.

But our situation is too complicated to make “normal” type facebook comments. Usually there’s a necessary bill with bad riders. Trump is like a huge crap bill with one necessary rider…for a while he’s been that way, up until now.

“My last idea is most controversial. I wonder if Trump, despite all his greed, narcissism and alliance with militant fascist elements, and what seems like further mental deterioration, does not have, deep down, some inner feeling that in world affairs peace might be better than war. True, he has again and again made bloody threats to reduce whole countries to ruin or ashes – North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran and now Turkey – and has supported actions which were anything but pacifistic, at the cost of Yemen and East Jerusalem to name only two.” Grossman (in Counterpunch) goes on to develop his thesis well IMO, 3rd link below this point

Too complicated. Thus average people CANNOT make any sensible short statement. We can’t really get things off our chest on facebook (not that I’m gonna blow some gasket, people). All I can say
is…writers, if progressive media’s gonna put your two pages out there in normal font, take care to think things through. In these times think it through. Cause looks like a hard rain’s gonna fall, and when/if it falls on everyone, then’s when you’ll wish you had.

Yesterday as I was driving to work around 5:20 AM, treated to this gem…

INSKEEP: …Among others. Does John Bolton, this guy who was described as the extremist, the warmonger once upon a time, emerge actually as a voice of reason, a voice of caution for the president, then?

Fein https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/constitutional-crisis/

Grossman https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/10/23/thoughts-on-the-impeachment-of-donald-trump/


If indeed good eventually always triumphs over evil, then surely a year from now skies will clear to blue for America’s people as they choose a new leader having a fine vision and plan for them. God willing.

When we should be heading to DC in mass

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It is you,me, and all of us progressives. Gandhi: " become the change you want to see in the world".


Well of course there’s this too.

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I agree, David. Steyer would win hearts and minds by funding media and organizational supports to maintain a continual presence of people to vigil and answer questions, with a flow of meditators empowering ethical leadership and protection 24/7.

Conservatives will tell you Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan tRump “did nothing wrong”. Of course, their peabrain heads reside up their big, fat asses!

Assange did you and me a favor by showing us the real face of Empire. If you think the Espionage Act should be enforced to protect Empire from embarassment, please look into Pwesident Twump’s tweets for a prime suspect.

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