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Hundreds of Thousands Flee Devastating Floods in South America



There is an ending here.
Sometimes there.
Many endings are happening everywhere.

The end of the world that we knew.
The signs weren't lying - we now see true.
As yet though in denial, not knowing what to do.

A hole dug too deep becomes a grave.
No shore can stop the rising wave.
When millions flee - too many to save.

An ending here at the end of the year.
A beginning - your future drawing near.
The ending of our past is what we fear.

All that we were given but now there is no more.


Never mentioned in these reports are the flooding of chemical and depositories, the pollution from millions of automobiles, sewage systems, landfills, and other human industrial elements in an unprecedented toxic soup running into distant waterways, seeping into the ground, being absorbed into the air and into plant life.

I'm reminded of strophe: "God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water, the fire next time".

We're late in the game, but there is the sheer power of potential for human beings to say ENOUGH and to simplify and force the powers that be to function on the principle of the Earth as Ark - first and foremost.

People entrained by a failed model also have an unprecedented opportunity to explore immediate frontiers to 'boldly go where no one has ever gone before' - no further than our own skin and lives, families and communities, regions and biomes.



Also not mentioned until a catastrophe happens is what will be the effect of these unprecedented floods on new dam projects. It is quite possible that some of these mega sized dams being built will not be able to handle such massive flooding. Do they design for excess flooding? If they expect climate change to cause such immense flooding then it is likely that they wouldn't build such gigantic projects in the first place.


I think James Lovelock is an optimist and 2016 is the year the shit makes contact with the fan.


California is diverting its floodwaters to flood crops, recharge acquirers and send the water to where it will do the most good and least harm. That takes foresight and planning. People have to start considering long term consequences not just short term profits.


And all this with just 0.7 degrees C increase in Earth's overall atmospheric temperature. Imagine what it will be like with the intended but unlikely 1.5 degrees C increase that COP 21 stipulated. I'd bet it will be a lot higher as the feedback loop (which we do not understand well) really kicks in.
Tornadoes in Texas in December. Here it comes.....


The design requirement applied to dams anywhere in the world is the "probably maximum precipitation event". It is the maximum theoretical storm based in absolutely largest preciptable moisture possible in the atmosphere over the watershed. Such storms are huge - typically 30 to 50 inches in the wet-climate parts of the US - most of it falling in less than 6 hours. Global warming is not going to make them appreciably larger - but the probability of one happening becomes a little less remote.




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Who will Pay the Rebuild cost when 1.) Governments do not have the money to pay and when 2.)Insurance companies will not pay?


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The Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation?


"IF chemtrails would be condensation trails, there would be hundreds, if not thousands in the sky - not merely a dozen."

Wow, that is a reversal of the formal argument. I thought it was that one see so many contrails under certain atmospheric conditions that is proof of some kind of aerial spraying? Which is it?

Can you explain:

  1. What the purpose of the "chemtrail" program (presumably a government program) is?

  2. Where are all the aircraft coming from to do it? Are you positing that it is regularly scheduled aircraft that are fitted with the "spraying" equipment - with the equipment and spraying chemicals somehow secretively installed or is there some secret fleet of aircraft?

  3. What agencies, contractors and subcontractors are doing it?

  4. Such an operation would require total secrecy of many thousands of employees of the US Government including the FAA, the contractors, subcontractors, (which might include thousands of air line employees), chemical manufacturers, airline ramp service employees, and others. How is this secrecy being maintained?

  5. You claim that the detractors of your "theory" are "paid shills of neo-con propaganda". So is there something ideologically left about this "geoengineering" (formerly "chemtrail") "theory"? Would Marx "believe" in "chemtrails"? Why is there no leftist public intellectual anywhere (Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Corbyn...) talking about "chemtrails" (or for that matter "911 was an inside job")?


A decade after Katrina, the soil in New Orleans is still too toxic from petroleum residue to plant vegetable gardens, or at least in the 9th Ward and other low-lying, poorer neighborhoods.


Yes, there are various forms of hypothesized, proposed, and in a few cases actually attempted geoengineering such as ocean fertilization, "biochar" or mafic silicate rock soil amendment, and injection of sulfides into the upper stratosphere by as-yet not practical methods - it has to be injected higher than aircraft (other than the former SR-71) can fly.

But aircraft condensation trails and just aircraft condensation trails. OK?

And regarding these supposed health disorders, that people claim they get after seeing contrails overhead, they are in almost all cases all somatoform disorders that typically accompany various types of anxiety disorders. Virtually all the things listed in NTOO's post are all classic Generalized Anxiety Disorder symptoms. In the case of parents claiming the contrals are sickening their children, it is typically a mental illness called "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy". I get somatoform disorders myself (IBS, stomach upset, odd perceived pains) worrying about how the US left is so polluted with idiotic conspiracy kooks who are utterly incapable of rational, logical and science-based criticism that any prospects for progress are hopeless.

Maybe I should have no been so hard on Pechorin (Ilia). His scathing ranting about the findings of his research with his fellow students at Tomsk university - rendering the US-left the laughingstock of the entire world - are actually very correct.