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Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Turkey to 'Revolt Against Injustice'


Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Turkey to 'Revolt Against Injustice'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Turkey's opposition leader declared a new beginning for the country and demanded reforms to the country's current government at a huge pro-democracy rally in Istanbul on Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Turkey's first city following a peaceful 25-day March for Justice that began 250 miles away in the capital city of Ankara. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the Republican People's Party (CHP), organized the march with other politicians to protest President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's authoritarian government.


Glad to see the pro-democracy movement is so strong in Turkey. Trump seems to be following Erdogan in attacking the press and the courts. Turkey may simply be a few years ahead of the US on the way to dictatorship. Our role here would seem to be to make sure Trump doesn't get beyond square one. Once things have deteriorated to the extent they have in Turkey it is hard, as well as dangerous, to try to turn things around and get back to democracy.


Watch for Kilicdaroglu's arrest!
If the mighty Turkish military could not accomplish an overthrow of Erdogan, I do not see much of a prospect of Kilicdaroglu (that spelling takes some getting used to) succeeding.

Turkey is geographically deeply divided, roughly along a north-south line going through Ankara. There is the relatively modern and secular west 1/2, which would have joined the EU a couple of decades ago, had it not been for the very religious, conservative eastern part, where Erdogan's power base lies. That is also, where most of the immigrants to Europe come from, which in turn explains the pro Erdogan sentiment of the Turkish expats.

Turks from the more prosperous western half of the country have seen much less need to leave home for greener pastures.
Turkey and especially the western part, would be IMOEO much better of, if it was split along the east-west divider


In the 20s and 30s fascism was also an international movement


A Turkish friend told me that the "coup attempt" was fake, orchestrated by Erdogan to justify everything that has happened since. No way to verify, of course, but that sounds plausible to me.


Isn't Turkey one of those seven countries that the US set out to take down? Given the results of the take downs so far, esp. Libya and Syria, I can't see Turkey opening itself up.