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Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against TTIP Trade Deal


Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against TTIP Trade Deal

Common Dreams staff

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied on Saturday afternoon in the German capital against the massive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) accord being negotiated by the European Union and the United States. Critics say the trade deal will benefit large corporations at the expense of average Europeans.


Bravo to all the people who bring their bodies to the streets! Europeans have a press/media less compromised by big-money than the US, are more accurately informed and less corrupted by corporate brainwashing. We need more bodies in US streets to protest the super-secret TPP sold as about 'free trade" when it is about far more than that - corporate and banker debt/interest dominance. Talking heads and politicians trying to sell the Trojan Horse deal focus on trade, but don't bring up the corporate lobbyists who wrote the deal and the give-aways to profits over people and the environment. The stench of the secrecy and who was invited to 'deal", and who was excluded is overpowering - the TTIP, TPP, TISA and all the others have not made peoples lives better, but have made corporate profits better. Lower environmental costs and wages for workers equals more obscene millions for CEO's.



We the People of the World are finally standing up to the 0.001%, the Oligarchy, who feel that they own the world.
* The protests are growing from thousands, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, all over the world! May it soon grow into the millions!
* The future of this, our world, is far too important to be left to the whims, greed and power hunger of a few hundred people, who want to order things in their favor, not the Earth's, not the People, just the insatiable greed and lust for power of these mentally diseased creatures.
* Up the People!
* Off the Oligarchy and its minions and puppets!


These days, to have A protest crowd of this magnitude here in America to protest what the Oligarchs want for themselves, we would first have to protest to be able to protest- Occupy was dealt with so brutally with the pure intent of ending civil protest and "Kettleing" our Democracy...
Thanks for this Mr. "wishy/hopey", "we can", spineless Traitor Obama-


Its true. Germans are smarter.


They also have a proportional vote parliament and a freer press than we do.

And more community. When I was in Berlin I learned that they have a special word, "keats," for your immediate neighbors or apartment house dwellers.


We can only hope that in the next economic crash, coming soon, the Left will take over Europe.


Volkswagen engineers excepted.




I'd be surprised if very many Americans, if any, even know what the TTIP is and which countries are involved. Most here in the US are still trying to make sense of TPP, CAFTA and NAFTA.


BRAVO! The TPP is evil. SHAFTA-...Southern Hemisphere Asian Free Trade Agreement.
All but 3 of the countries in TPP are ALREADY covered by free trade agreements.
This is not about trade.. it is about giving control of the courts and legal system to the corporations.
This trade deal will devastate American workers and create an even larger deficiet than the U.S. now has.


Sad but true, our obsession with corporate TV watching football, baseball, hockey etc..garbage, scarcity of leisure time, too busy trying to eke out a living are among factors contributing to the massive endemic American ignorance.


They are protesting elsewhere too! My son is in Portugal and just posted this on Instagram a couple of hours ago. https://instagram.com/p/8vNKMNKQT4/


Reads good yet ignores reality. European governments are just as corporatist and anti democracy as the US. Examine the destruction of Greece, bombing of Libya and the war against innocent civilians in Ukraine and it is impossible to claim the press in Europe is less of a brainwashing tool than it is in the US.


Meanwhile, in the US, only hundreds of thousands of people (and this may be too optimistic a number) are even aware that the TPP is coming at the remains of the middle-class, the poor, and the environment like a runaway freight train.

The gutting of the MSM sure has been good for the One Percent, hasn't it?


Well, I agree in that assessment of governments generally, Euro as well, Garrett, no argument there. In my comment I point to European media/press as slightly less corrupted perhaps that that in the US especially and more informative. I am really lauding the educated/informed who brought their bodies to the streets in Berlin and other places and times in Europe. Global corporate fascism has its tentacles into every place that can be bought, or deceived into debt by the banker parasites, or they are threatened or attacked by military force. The uber-wealthy do live lives of obscene opulence in Europe as they do elsewhere.


Yes, there are a significant percentage of europeans who speak more than one language and consider travel to be an important part of their education. The US was more similar during ban the bomb, civil rights and Vietnam.

On the other hand, my impression is that opulent europeans enthusiastically saddle ordinary people with their subsidies and bogus debts, like they did to Greece. I remember the James Bond movies and big yachts cruising between mansions on tax paradises, or skiing at the one called Switzerland.


And you can thank Bill Clinton for that- Since he gave our 4th Estate away to the Zionists, the average American knows very little of what Empire is up to- And NOW we have Journalists being treated like Russian spies in their efforts to inform us on just what the Beast of Empire is up to and doing with their tax dollar-


Add the TOTAL capture of our 4th Estate by the agenda spearhead of Zionist Jews-
Bill Clinton should be pelted with rotten tomatoes where ever he goes- And Hillary makes no apologies....

"Government control of media ownership? Why?
When federal broadcasting laws were first enacted in the 1920s and 1930s, they encouraged diverse, local ownership of media. They did so by severely limiting the number of radio or television stations that could be owned by a single company, by preventing a company from owning both radio and TV stations in a single broadcast region or “market,” and by prohibiting ownership of a newspaper and TV or radio station in a given market.
These rules governing media assured that there was a great deal of diversity, both within local media markets and across the country. Media consumers – people just like us – were exposed to many different points of view and to much information of local community interest.
We believe that such diversity and locally-relevant information is necessary to sustain healthy democratic institutions at all levels of government. After all, how can we reasonably decide on policy matters or political candidates without knowing all the pros and cons?
the Telecommunications Act proved to be a major incentive to what’s commonly called media consolidation. Consolidation occurs when one media company buys another (and another, and another), eventually resulting in a few gigantic corporations controlling the bulk of information flowing to the cities, towns, hamlets, and homes of the nation.
The Telecommunications Act permitted the formation of media behemoths Disney, News Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom, CBS, and the soon to be finalized merger of Comcast and NBC/Universal. Each of these corporations enjoys billions of dollars in yearly revenue and controls information coming to us via all (or most) of the following: television, radio, film, publishing, and online sources.
The corporate point of view becomes increasingly dominant in news, information, and entertainment. Points of view that seriously challenge corporations fade from view".

*And then there is the CIA Editorial Dept. at most Main Stream News outlets- and the criminalization of any and all honest Investigative War Correspondents that speak and write what they witness as the truth....