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Hundreds of Thousands March in Germany Against Sinister Trade Deals


Hundreds of Thousands March in Germany Against Sinister Trade Deals

Jon Queally, staff writer

Hundreds of thousands took to city streets across Germany on Saturday as they marched against a pair of corporate-backed trade deals they say will undermine democracy, attack workers and local economies, and accelerate the threats posed by corporate hegemony and global warming.


Unlike the illegitimate and made up war that we all had to fight in Iraq, which millions of people around the world took to the streets to oppose, the people aren’t afraid to reject lousy trade deals like TPP, CETA and TTIP.
The oligarchy is losing its grip.
Without their weapon of choice, fear, they got nothing and will soon collapse.


I second that Imhotep. Thanks.


Having made more progress on environmental issues than the US in recent decades, Germany has more to lose if the “trade deals” are signed.

With 10% of Germany’s Bundestag seats being held by the Green Party, hopefully Germany will have leverage to stop the deals.


“corporate-backed trade deals they say will undermine democracy”
Why the “they say”? Surely it reads better and is far more accurate to have not inserted that/
“corporate-backed trade deals will undermine democracy”- There, fixed it.


I sure hope you are right that "The oligarchy is losing its grip…and will soon collapse’. The ‘heads of nations’ seem to be holding tight to their destructive ways.


Of course they are. They will not go quietly into that good night. But go they will.
And much sooner than they plan to.


Why aren’t we more like Germany?


Right on. Now it’s time to harness this energy and organize boycotts of the corporations and their products. If you cut off the money corporations cannot survive. So don’t buy, for example, Georgia-Pacific products or Brawny paper towels as both are owned by Koch Industries; buy your framing lumber from local sawmills, and choose other paper towels. It really is that simple. It’s getting people to go along that’s hard. But with the Internet it’s eminently doable, and far less messy than violent confrontations with a criminal justice system owned by the oligarchs.


This is great! Have to keep up the pressure globally. No TTP! No TTIP! No TISA! No CETA!


yes this is encouraging


Why does not the U.N.createa special forum that reviews ALL international trade agreements in detail and then convenes meetings with any and all concerned governments to either condemn or amend such treaties. It could put a lot of heavy publicity on the dark corners…


So what you’re saying is that we need to get rid of Capitalism.
Right on!


What i fail to understand is under what kind of pressure our presidents must be that they feel so determined and obligated to pass NAFTA, TTP, TTIP and the rest of the neocon full spectrum dominance orders. Why is Obama “vowing” to force this poison down our throats? And why are heads of seemingly “sovereign” states like Germany are so blindly and slavishly following Washington’s dictates? Both Merkel and Obama are smart enough to know these deals are detrimental to our freedoms and our collective environment but still keep on fighting to pass these anti social and unto environmental corporate rulings?


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Israel using the USA as it’s tool of choice has basically rendered the UN meaningless because the Israelis have no intention of moving back to pre 1967 borders out of occupied Palestine.


“Our” president they are NOT, they give us constant lip service but their real agenda are hidden from public view just like the terms of NAFTA, TTP and TTIP. We must chart a new course or be taken to the pirates treasure islands to be robbed again.


Howz bout those protest signs, and the fellow dressed up as Lady Liberty. This also is Fest Time across Germany, so they most likely are chugging some good ole German beer while they protest. Party, protest, German style. I lived in Germany for 2 years, Germans drink beer while they are working, no big deal. Americans get a ticket, or thrown in jail for drinking beer in a park, in Germany whatever no big deal. By the way, Oktoberfest, Munchen ( Munich ) till Oct.3


We are. It’s just that we are more like Germany in 1933.


We did help the Germans destroy Greek democracy, 2015-16.