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Hundreds of Thousands Take to Streets to Protest Trump's 'Zero-Humanity' Policies


Hundreds of Thousands Take to Streets to Protest Trump's 'Zero-Humanity' Policies

Common Dreams staff

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets Saturday to protest against Donald Trump and his immigration policies in big cities and small towns across the 50 states.

Trump, who spent the day playing golf at his resort in New Jersey, took time toattack tweet what he called “radical left”, who he said were behind calls to disband Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice), the agency central to his hardline immigration approach.


While we need to speak out on this travesty a dishonest omission of the complicity of the Democrats under Obama does not serve the cause of Justice. So, it wasn’t only the peace movement that went silent but this travesty at the border. All the silent Democrats need replacement.


As Roseanne Barr voted?


Nothing like an immediate shoot down of people rising up for the right reasons.

Of course the MSM didn’t call out the Obama Administration, but it’s not like there wasn’t push back against Obama’s policies regarding immigration.

There has to be a building of coalitions of the imperfect with the imperfect if we are going to have any chance of countering what is a scary fascist uprising in this country.

I’m speaking from a point of introspection myself, whatever that’s worth in mentioning.

Good for all of the people who showed up today, regardless of the breadth of their perspective.


Without an end to the drug war no policy will stop people from coming here. I am glad that people care, but the root of the problem has to be taken care of. If not the corruption in and destruction of these country will continue. Hmmmm build a giant wall to suck tax money out forever, or sign some papers…


Yes, and I did show up today at a local protest by the way because I understand the importance of this but I don’t think the Democrats should try to co-opt these events as it will only serve to give more ammunition to the fascists.



I too voted for the same vagina, the woman that deserved to be our 45th President.

I saw both Jill and Ajamu in person, and it was crystal clear why Donnie and Blondie didn’t want them on the debate stage.

Power to the People!


I have.


I wrote Bernie in…the blow-back from the election in 2016 is wonderfulness to the extreme in my view. Every issue should see this response. I’d join you all in the streets, if I were physically able, thanks to all those taking my place.


Enjoy your weed. And the woman’s name is Stein, not Stien. Then again, maybe you voted for someone named Stien. Pot can do that.


We had one of the rallies in our town, a couple of blocks from my house. A few dozen folks showed up and spent a couple of hours hugging and congratulating each other for being so brave. There were at least 8 squad cars with police officers to protect them, so this little demonstration cost my tax dollars. Thanks a lot!


How very sad that you vote based on one body part. You must live a very one dimensional life.


not just about immigration but about the neofascist government we are all suffering under. GET OUT AND VOTE BUT TELL THE DAMN DEMOCRATS WE ARE NOT JUST VOTING FOR THE LIKES OF PELOSI AND SCHUMER. Done with yesterday’s cold potatoes folks. We need strong socialist leaders! and we need them now. Go Alexandria, Ben Jealous and Jovanka Beckles in California running for state assembly. Thank you Bernie for laying the groundwork for these progressives beginning to come out of the woodwork. And Bernie is still at it.


Well, I encourage you to continue voting for whatever part of Jill Stein’s body that strikes your fancy. While no vote is wasted, yours comes as close as possible.


Just think, if things had been different, Democrats would have read the polls before the primary 2016 elections and voted for Bernie instead of Hillary, and Bernie in the polls at that time was much stronger than Hillary. And now we end up with the Republican alternative, the Trumpenstein monster in the White House.

Donald is all about a government of, by and for the rich. Of, by and for the corporations. He is sexist and racist. A pitiful excuse for a president.


Clinton ran an awful campaign, not even up to the platform she was handed, but the country as a whole is responsible for the election of Trump. Clinton serves as a convenient excuse for some.


In all fairness that’s all he can handle. He has a one dimensional mind. As a right winger you’ve come to the right place to shoot a few fish in a barrel. Wonkette and some other sites would hand your head to you.


Good point, and I would remind everyone, Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election by almost 3 million genuine legal votes and Jill Stein was so certain there was election fraud in at least one state, she paid for a re-count. Do not forget your enemy is the neo-conservative who lies to create the reality he wants. I am not speaking necessarily of Trump.


It is good to see people actively protesting these policies. But when did collecting and forwarding tweets about an event become news of an event? Frankly, this is simply not an article.


Thinking is hard. And it give you wrinkles.

In depth reporting is so two years ago.

Just pay attention to the panic of the moment and you will be just fine.

Have more kids. Go shopping.