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Hundreds of Women in Immigrant Prison on Hunger Strike for Immediate Release


Hundreds of Women in Immigrant Prison on Hunger Strike for Immediate Release

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Just one week in, an indefinite hunger strike at an all-women's immigrant detention center in Texas—operated by the for-profit prison company Corrections Corporation of America—has swelled to hundreds of refugees and migrants who are uniting behind a single demand: immediate freedom.


Don't hold your breath waiting to see this story covered by the MSM...


Government contracts with private detention centers require 34,000 people in detention every day at a rate of $159 per person. (The largest detention corporations are also in the private prison business.) Congress appropriates more more money for private detention centers than is requested, and as a result of our current immigration policy, US taxpayers spend $5 million every day on detention alone.

Certainly criminal offenders who are here without visas should be deported. But far too many people with no criminal infractions or minor moving violations are being held in cruel and punishing conditions simply because they lack a visa, which is a civil offense not a criminal one. A more humane alternative is required, like freeing and monitoring them until a solution can be reached.

These corporations are making money hand over fist on the oppression of undocumented workers. Think about it. We could feed and house them at a Ramada Inn and cut that budget in half.

We simply cannot sustain this current system of private detention centers and prisons. Perhaps the plan is to turn all of us into either criminals or their keepers.


Here's an idea! Lets relaease them on the OTHER SIDE OF THE BORDER WHERE THEY BELONG!