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Hundreds Rally, Dozens Arrested in Effort to Save Chickens from 'Horrific Cruelty' at Industrial Egg Farm


Hundreds Rally, Dozens Arrested in Effort to Save Chickens from 'Horrific Cruelty' at Industrial Egg Farm

Jon Queally, staff writer

Thirty-nine people were arrested in California on Tuesday after approximately 500 animal rights activists organized by the Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) network staged a non-violent vigil and attempted a rescue operation at an industrial egg facility in the town of Petaluma.

"These birds are living creatures, not things, but Amazon and other major retailers treat them like commodities." —Priya Sawhney, DxE


Industrial food production is awful.

What are they proposing as an alternative for feeding hundreds of millions of people?

I didn’t see any plans offered in this article.


Sometimes - few and far between these days it seems - something happens that restores faith in human empathy…like these very conscious and moral people, fighting for another life form (and themselves)…against their being savaged, brutalized by greed and ignorance…fighting for what’s right and honorable and just, and for the lives of other people, animals, and Mother Earth - I am very grateful!

When chickens are raised by hand they show they want to be loved, snuggling into a shoulder…cruelty is abhorrent and criminal and, if tolerated, leads to greater and wider cruelty…


If you want an alternative educate yourself by reading “Who really feeds the world” by Vandana Shiva. There is an alternative to factory farms but people have been brainwashed into thinking that there is no alternative.


Humans are brutalized by removing them from the land and turning individual beauty into a mass productive force with low paying jobs; “You get low pay today and pie in the sky when you die.”

Humans are packed into ghettos with poison water and fed factory farmed cruelty.

Capitalism does this to everyone through backroom deals camouflaged by the illusion of millionaires doing representative democracy. Vote demopub!


Okay, I will read that, but what is the alternative? Can you sum it up?


No, that’s not entirely true. People choose to reproduce and further this circus of exploitation. Also people buy the products, both for need and luxury, made by companies voluntarily.


This book by Vandana Shiva is bogus. It’s just more pseudo science superstition. She says, "“when women control the food system, everyone gets their fair share to eat,”

Really? Margaret Thatcher? How about Kellyanne Conway? Roseanne? Nikki Haley? How about Melania?

Also the idea that there is an indigenous human knowledge that is better than science is ridiculous. Do I really need to provide examples of this? But this idea seems to be in vogue lately on the left.

If we just follow our instincts and let women use their natural instincts, then everyone will get their fair share.

Never mind that there are limits to growth, that right now habitat is in collapse and the climate has gone berserk.

Just have more kids and women will make it all better. Because women have magic powers!

She also says , “DNA is just part of the “dogma” of molecular biology, a “belief system” that has provided the basis for genetic engineering.”

That’s laughable if it weren’t so awful. DNA is a dogma? Hello. What’s next? Climate change is a hoax? Gravity is just a theory?

Also there is no plan for how to get 8 billion people away from factory farms and into a more sustainable system. I guess that will happen because women will nurture it into existence… because the bees… or something.

Unfortunately, right now, the ecology has it’s own ideas. How do I know that? I asked a woman. ha ha, just joking.

No, really, the science is online and scientists from around the world agree. We have already done the damage.


You are looking and thinking about real solutions, add a tad of this spice to your menu;

Population tends to gradually decline with full social commitment to education. Actual education devoid of patriotism and consumerism will produce a reduction of economic intensity and hopefully eliminate pollution’s chemical soup in every living cell on Earth.


And when would you say this is going to happen? Soon?

And how exactly does it happen while we are in habitat collapse due to overpopulation?

Education is a fine thing. Patriotism is surely a thing of the past. But consumerism? I think that’s going to go away, but take everyone down with it. People just refuse to learn math.


This horror movie is why I am vegan and have been for over 30 years.


I realize this is not about chickens but still an important issue regarding the non necessary human need for meat.


In a somewhat related article re: animal life, there is some success in “rewilding” some areas of the planet, but the destruction of habitat and extermination of wild animal species (especially large predators, killed to protect destructive private livestock operations), as well as fossil fuel and mining exploitation ad associated road-building in wild areas, GMO plantings and decimation of open-pollinated varieties, expansion of un-sustainable poison agriculture ala Monsatan, et al, and the pollution of terrestrial and marine habitats, expands elsewhere.

It is a good read though…and gives some hope…there are people that care, we just have to energize and increase the militant activism!


How to buy humanely treated chickens/eggs?

Here’s a decent overview to what labels mean and comparatively humane poultry businesses.

Though one can make individually moral buying decisions, looking to the ‘invisible hand’ to reform food raising is a half-step - as others have said, links to progressive boycotts/protests are needed.



The people should make sure the cops get fired for being the losers they are.


Why do i have this awful feeling that these giant chicken farms grab up the fallen and stepped on chickens, who no doubt have chicken poo pressed into open wounds------- and sell these wounded and infected chickens anyway. Then eggs… oh sometimes the infection is within the chickens body------and reproduces in the egg.
We are running out of things to eat-----that won’t infect and kill you! Food doesn’t taste as good as when I was a little kid. : (


You have the awful feeling because you’re not all about $$$$$$$ and you’re right about the poor animals… these situations are when I would support capital punishment.

I can’t watch the video.


I’ve eaten very little meat in my lifetime and none for years. Me and my brothers and sisters were poor as children. Bag lunches for school consisted of two slices of white bread with a thin smear of potted meat. Disgusting!. We would sling it into the woods on the way to the bus stop every morning.


No need to force-feed hundreds of millions of people. We need to REDUCE breeding hundreds of millions of people, NOT stimulate population growth. When I was born (I’m turning 72 in July) there were 2 billion people on the planet. Currently, there are 7.5 billion people! And the prediction is for 9 billion by 2025-2050. If people can’t or won’t control themselves, then the hell with them! I won’t be responsible for massive die-offs of the human population.


And I think in this empty world there was room for me
and a mountain lion.
And I think in the world beyond, how easily we might
spare a million or two of humans
And never miss them.
Yet what a gap in the world, the missing white frost face
of that slim yellow mountain lion!


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