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Hung Jury in Humanitarian Aid Trial Shows Arizonans Still 'Standing Their Ground' for Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/hung-jury-humanitarian-aid-trial-shows-arizonans-still-standing-their-ground-justice

The vote to acquit should have been 12-0. 8 of the Jurors wanted to send this guy to prison. I am happy that he was acquitted thanks to the 4 that saw otherwise but the number of Arizonans standing up for Justice would seem to be in the minority.


Remember those bracelets bearing the symbols “WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?)” It’s good to know there are some people who haven’t forgotten—and, even better, are unafraid to face the consequences of acting out their faith.


From the article:

“…deadlocked at eight to four in favor of acquittal.”


My apologies. I read that entirely wrong. Well THAT a lot more positive.


That is good news. Now, we see how far the prosecutors want to take this. Will they go up to bat a second time? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Is it possible to hate human beings in the prosecutorial profession and still be considered an empathetic person?
I suppose there may be some in the profession who literally don’t realize the damage they do to many human beings by working in their profession. However, that naivety invariably ends at some point due to maturity and aging.

I get it. We all struggle to make ends meet and need to pay the bills. However, I made a conscious choice at one point in my life to attend college in the paralegal program with the express intent of working for a public defender’s office. The difference in pay meant absolutely nothing compared to my desire to represent clients for whom the vast majority are threatened with jail time because of the use of a substance or because they suffer from an addiction. So, the choice CAN be made and is made by those who choose to join a prosecutorial team as a career. I have no respect for them.


Great news that he was not convicted. May the prosecutors decline to retry him.
But, as a factual matter, “acquitted Tuesday by a hung jury” is impossible. A hung jury equals no decision.

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Scott Warren is right about the lethal environment at the southern border killing people.
Let’s add to that the lethal environment at this side of the border: The brutality of ICE, DHS, and other government agencies who cage men, women, and children, often with lethal results. We need more heroes like Scott Warren…


Dang I love it when our mistakes are proven on the side of betterment!

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And thank you for living that clarity of vision… its contagious and founded on the best and strongest premises known in the universe!


Seems like the prosecutors should follow the jury panel’s lead and drop the case. But that is not how in happens in “democratic” america. Very similar to our congress ignoring polls that show overwhelming support for progressive initiatives. They just ignore the people and follow the will of their masters. This is not a democracy.


Great news but I’m quite sure Barr was on the phone to the prosecutors as soon as the court adjourned.


Why doesn’t “Double Jeopardy” apply here? Why is the government allowed to try him again?

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You’re point is still true, even 4 willing to convict, is still scary.

What ever happened to jury nullification?

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pc, your idealism and integrity are the exception, not the rule.

In Arapahoe County Colorado, 18th Judicial District, the Public Defenders are derisively referred to as “Public Pretenders”, because they only pretend to represent their clients. The goal of these ACPDs is to get their clients to plead guilty to the plea offer given by the DAs. ACPDs strive to become ADAs and DAs themselves, that is their career path.

There is little justice in criminal court in the 18th Judicial District of Colorado, in Arapahoe County!

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Oh, there’s justice, but it’s been priced out of the reach of most of us.

Sort of like that “one dollar=one vote” deal the right-wing SCOTUS gave us.

As best as I can tell, we lost that important tool when the drug war was ramped up. The few cases I’ve read about back then, where it was tried, the prosecutors would threaten the citizens on the jury with charges, if they didn’t drop the issue.

This is your Border Patrol hard at work------I have seen video of these aholes dumping out water jugs left on trails . NO ONE SHOULD BE DENIED WATER----ITS PART OF THE COMMONS ! Where are the so called “Christians” in all this ???


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Pretty disgusting that 8 out of 12 still voted against human compassion showing Trump and his rhetoric are deeply rooting in society of racism and bigotry