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'Hunger Clock' Billboards Blast McConnell and GOP Senators for Blocking $16 Billion in Food Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/hunger-clock-billboards-blast-mcconnell-and-gop-senators-blocking-16-billion-food


Rancho Mirage Ca they have a program funded by the state–this is food delivered to low income people in the city above 60yrs and vulnerable to the virus-----about 200 people are getting this service—three meals a day delivered from some very upscale restaurants----but here is the thing-----in Rancho Mirage low income is under $70,000----I don’t think anyone could live there under $30,000—

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The Marie Antoinette Admiration Society

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Republican politicians: The finest civil servants to walk this great land.

15% increase is not enough when stores are raising their prices by a lot more. Example: local store charges $9+ for a gallon of OJ while 32 miles away same OJ is selling for $6+.


About $160 for each american if 100 million need food assistance. August first, we may witness senate refuse to extend assistance to families.

And still win in November. Imagine that.

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Food stamp money buying power is going down while food prices are going up. Stop foreign aid, make it American aid first. Stop free handouts; esp. to those coming across the Mexican border, then they won’t come over.