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'Hunger Like They've Never Seen It Before': US Food Banks Struggle as 1 in 6 Families With Children Don't Have Enough to Eat

There are 2 capitalist political parties working in sync to gut this country.


This is classic mob behavior, running up the debts so they can leave the shell of the United States value totally hollowed out, jobs all being done by foreign owners of the rights to do the wok for even the smallest wage imaginable. Pure profit. with all the value, and the jobs and the rights in perpetuity (its not dioschargeable by anything, not even revolutions, they burden countries under the deepest pile of obligation imaginable. ) So we have but one chance to PULL OUT NOW, or we’ll be hit with a second economic gang rape. Ten times worse than the one in 2008.

Look at the huge obligations that were run up in Eastern European countries names by the IntraEUBITS. It will be like that. Except WE wont be let off the hook by a European Court of Justice like they got off in Achmea to save the crooks the embarassment, it was totally about a technical issue, and not whether a democracy had a right to even have its votes count, when they had stupidly signed a trade deal and not long after voted by a landslide for single payer after only two years of private for profit HC, which turned out to have been a mistake. . The insurer immediately sued the Slovaks for “indirect expropriation” of their PROPERTY look that up.

They eventually lost butonly because they had sued Slovakia too early, before they ad actually expropriated their property. Or so said the German court. However I do think the insurer at that point considered themselves as having won.

It may be totally unrelated but at some point in there they paid Bill Clinton a huge sum to give a short speech to the crowd of insurance agents gathered on an island in Holland.


Trump singlehandedly tore up the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, reached between Iran and the world powers. Now Trump puts this country on a path to war, with today’s assassination of a leading Iranian scientist.

Plenty of bombs, but no bread, as food banks around the country exhaust supplies.


One of many methods.

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Yup. Our summers here in western PA and the upper Ohio valley seem to last about 6 months now. We get two two months of winter, two of spring, then summer goes from late April to early October.


Trying to get as much mileage out of Trump as they can, of course. But, the problem is all these problems predate Trump, some by decades.


Its the EGO-CAPITALISM that got us into this mess.


Throwing out food or plowing under perfectly good produce should be a serious crime. Instead all that food should be given to the hungry.

More than a third of all food in the US ends up getting wasted, usually just thrown away.


Is the ground frozen?
I am not sure what the tubes are for. Please teach me about this.
It is my understanding that tomatoes will not root until the solstice because of the sunlight wavelengths and color frequency temperature. (It would seem that plants can read the daylight intervals. The days are getting shorter and certain plants know it means time for sleep, like deciduous trees for example). So tomatoes are sleeping also, but they are tender and die under frosts and snow because of vampiric water loss to cell structures.)
However, If the tomato plant is already rooted from this summer, the soil is healthy and temperatures are warm enough the plants will survive winter. If the greenhouse floor is bare ground I recommend a thick layer of straw, or even leaves from the local trees.
Most important is the choice of varietals adapted to your environment. For Rhode Island I would assume Russian heirloom, if you cannot get Local heirlooms, which will have the best genetics, of course. Remember that all plants will develop specific micro climate variations in its annual evolutionary genetics to ensure it’s survival the following year.
I recommend a focus on the cool season veggies this time of year of course, but, I live in a place where fresh tomatoes grow all year long within a few hours drive and take that for granted, my apologies. (smiley face)


oh ya.
you sent me to that site many months ago.
Thank you.

For at least a decade hardier varieties of palm trees have been able to survive the winters here, and this is hardly a place in the US associated with a subtropical climate. Some of them are pretty big. Not quite big enough to dominate the landscape, not even close, but they are surviving, in southward facing areas.

it’s worse than this; those retail charities are not only paid for by customers, they re also tax deductible–for the corporations. they are, in fact, often profitable side businesses (which is why so many do it).

my ex worked for a large construction company which held an annual golf charity that it spent nearly zero dollars of its own on. and she was part of the accounting team that drew up the deduction claim for it. that “charitable” act made them nearly a million bucks annually. most of which went to annual bonuses for the execs.


I can hardly comprehend what is going on Bill.

It seems like your country has already collapsed ?

Like a real life version of The Hunger Games.

Your government will not help the people - for whatever reasons - this is dystopia for real - a failed state - right now ~

Or am I missing something ?


They are creating the illusion that all that is keeping the people all 330 odd million of them , from becoming as rich as Bezos is the presence of the Government.

A major part of the problem here is that so many people actually believe that.

This hardly an original observation but is one that is very particular to the United States of America. I can not think of another Country on this Earth where so many of its citizens buy into that message. It would be interesting to try and determine why that is.


A real government would require a living wage and a universal basic income so that no one would need handouts. It would pay for it by heavily taxing the billionaires who have made out like bandits during this pandemic.


Many areas in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we live, (You’re in the City Proper? correct?) is dominated by the ocean influence making the area temperate.
Many palms are actually desert and/or semi arid which relates to our rainfall patterns as a semi arid (Mediterranean) region with very mild temperature variations.
Deserts, by contrast are brutal environments that can bake over 100+F / 40+C daytime and can freeze 32F / 0C or less in the night, even in summer.
So some palms “thrive” in the SF.Bay Area and some “survive”.
The area we live in is an extremely special place inside an extremely special place, hence the population density we must deal with.
I mean, It’s California.
Let’s try to keep it to ourselves as much as possible though.
(smiley face)

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This is why the “para/&/military/&/police” need to be on “the people’s” side.
They are us and we are them.
One day we will hold those documents null and void and the powers that be will not have their lackeys to do their bidding.


I like your thoughts, but why not just get rid of money all together?



I’ve seen this same news item for Days all over the MSM, and each time I ask,
“It’s just grand that it’s being said, BUT what is the plan to Fix it”!?! “Why is this happening
in the Richest Country in the World”?

We love to point a finger at issues, but not discuss the root, or the fix. It seems like the goal
is that we the people are supposed to “donate” and fix it ourselves!

Even this post gives only the last 2 sentences to a nod for the progressives who are asking
for a bail-out. That’s NOT a fix! As with systemic racism, education and wealth disparity, and
many of our basic social issues. We point to them, acknowledge them, but don’t work on the root
and try to FIX them!

Lots of talk, not much movement!


What’s missing from this picture? Communists and unions. My mother grew up during the Great Depression but she says she never went hungry and wanted for nothing. Her dad, my grandfather, was a member of the Communist Party and the Farmer Workers Cooperative. Both groups worked tirelessly to ensure food was distributed from local farms to people around the county and in the cities. My grandfather was most proud of his mangled toe he received from being stepped on by a police horse when they tried to stop his group from delivering food to striking steelworkers in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, 70% of agricultural land is now owned and operated by corporations so small farmers organizations are almost powerless.