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Hungry Children in Rich America


Hungry Children in Rich America

Marian Wright Edelman

Sarah is three years old. She and her six-year-old brother, Bryce, are inseparable except when it’s time for him to visit the summer food program that provides meals at a school near his Ohio home for children who otherwise would go hungry. Sarah’s too young to make the trip. One morning after Bryce had his fill of food for the day he made a detour before heading home. He walked to the trash cans and began rummaging through food others threw away.


What a disgrace. Conservative Christians are to blame and yes, they should be blamed, to help bring attention to the evils they have always tainted this country with.


In a country that wastes thirty-one percent of its food:


In EVERY SPEECH she gives, HIllary Clinton mentions her "long erlationship" to CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND which this author is the executive Director of.Why is that the CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND--an organization I admire greatly--NEVER clarifies Hillary Clinton's ACTUAL relationship to them? Hillary was a lawyer with the CDF for ONE YEAR (1973-4) and I believe she was on the board for the 1970s (maybe to very early in the 1980s when she SWTICHED to be on the BOARD OF WAL-MART). Bill & Hilary Clinton's unraveling of the New deal social safety net that was so-called "welfare reform" was OPPOSED by the CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND. PETER EDLEMAN was Asst. Sec. of HEW at the time (and is the husband of DCF president MARION WRIGHT EDLEMAN author of this article) and he RESIGNEDIN PROTEST over the Clinton's "welfare reform". CDF CORRE4CTLY PREDICTED that MILLIONS of the most vulnerable families would be thrown into DEEPER POVERTY. The Clintons LIKNED their "tough on crime" and "war on drugs" to "welfare reform" by BANNING people with a NON-VIOLENT DRUG OFFENSE from getting any benefits---including livingin public housing with family members. What was HILARY CLINTON's response to those that OPPOSED "welfare reform"---she said, "The liberals will scream but we've got to pas it to get Bill re-elected." Hilary Clinton STILL SUPPORTS this horrible policy!!!! And it says a LOT about the "feminist" values & "concern for families" she is touting now on the campaign trail. In short, Hillary's "values" on these issues are RACIST BS---& last time I checked, REAL feminism does NOT mean throwing the most vulnerable women and their children under the bus for your own and your husband's political careers. The ONLY family Hillary caers about is her own--and its dong very well with a $135 MILLION she's been paid by Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Insurance and Multi-National Corporations since she & Bill left the Whitwe House 16 years ago.


Thank you for caring about this issue, Ms. Wright Edelman.

I remember years ago watching a documentary about Mexico City's poor children rummaging through gigantic dumps. They were looking for things to sell in order to purchase food.

In so many ways, our nation is being gradually transformed into a 3rd world nation.

Not only do poor and hungry children do worse on school tests which often influences their adult life job prospects, if conditions at home are really traumatic, many grow up to become violent criminals.

The various prison lobbying groups would rather build costly prisons that cost $35,000 a year or more per inmate than invest on the "front end" by supporting the early lives, health, and education of children.

Counting the city after city impacted by: coal slurry moving downhill, a toxic train derailment, a fracking well exploding methane or otherwise poisoning the local water table, a city manager distributing water from a lethal source, and so much else... it's like a countdown to Hell.

Meanwhile, contemptible people like the Koch Brothers use their billions to purchase politicians and policy to ensure that wages remain at bottom lows, regulation of industries remains largely anesthetized, and more and more children go without.

Then, too, there's the War State that cannibalizes half the budget under the guise of National Security when security for so many within the nation is negligible. What kind of security CAN there be when children go hungry and/or homeless? And this plague is spreading.

Meanwhile, what, 200 people own more than half the nation? And this group pays its political prostitutes to speak glowingly about the NECESSITY of cutting "entitlement programs" and food stamps... so that industrial moguls can walk way with even MORE in the way of tax breaks, state and federal subsidies, and taps on the wrist for costly crimes.

Inverted America.


They are the demographic USED by Conservative uber-capitalists.

If they weren't fed a diet of Hate Radio, Fox News, and "blame the poor/Personal Responsibility" style odes to Calvinism... they might just understand WHAT and WHO they were voting into office.

I hold the Deceivers accountable... more than the dupes who end up deceived.


This husband-wife team was tasked with rebranding Republican policies as Democratic ones.

Many here assert that they did this primarily to gain funding from corporate interests that previously only funded Republicans.

That's true; but it's only a part of the overall calculus.

For a nation once seen as the shining beacon of freedom (to the world), the only way to FIX it under total corporate control was to effect a number of coup-style inversions.

Taking out the Presidents and Thinkers who genuinely opposed the increasing influence of the deep state/MIC was Part I.

Controlling the media was Part II.

Putting a Supreme Court into place that granted absolute primacy to corporate interests, was Part III.

Fusing both political parties into one that was answerable to its corporate donors was Part IV.

Using a False Flag event to usher in permanent war and along with it, a radical decimation of Civil Liberties was Part V.

Implementing the Project for a New American Century takeover of the Middle East appears to be part VI. (Thing: TIPP and TPP)

And from there, treaties that enshrine corporate decision-making--on a global scale--above any and all sovereign national laws is Part VII.

The oligarchic global control system evolves from there. Nick Buxton wrote a stunning piece last Sunday that garnered few comments but he knows of what he speaks. In my view, it's Part VIII.

And by the way, this System involves control of food, money, pharmaceutical drugs, access to health care, media/entertainment, and all forms of uniformed guards... protectors of the 1% pretending to be there for U.S.


Is anything more hypocritical than "Conservative Christians'" zealous crusade to eliminate a woman's choice, allegedly to save the unborn, only to see those same "Christians" zealously support politicians who starve those same unborn once they are born ?


I just started reading CLINTON CASH by Peter Schweizer. Its a good read, except I can read it only in the morning. If read it any later in the day it ruins my sleep. Bill's Slick Willy nickname back in the 90s was very charitable...the Clintons are all beyond slick.


I am waiting for the more important book (I think, given the range of political influences that cross generations)--the book on Dark Money. It should arrive this week. I saw the author interviewed on Democracy Now and it's the story of the Koch Family fortune. Like the Bush family legacy, this family's $ goes back to collaboration with Nazi Germany, too.


DARK MONEY, by Jane Mayer, right ?

Add Henry Ford and the Ford clan to the list of Nazi collaborators.


I've tipped off to that book by a friend whose judgement I trust. The problem with all the well researched tightly reasoned books and articles that have been and continue to be written and published on these themes don't seem to be having the kind of impact I keep hoping for, "Preaching to the choir" is the cliche that most often cones to mind.

So far no one has come up with a way to get these facts and ideas out of the print and digital realms and into the hearts and minds of the part of the populace that isn't angry, outraged, or scared yet, who aren't at the point of saying: It can't go on like this, something has to be done, I don't want to see the writers, fact checkers, public speakers, sound byters give up or slack off. I just wish someone or a group of someones could take this knowledge and find ways to transform it present it in ways that could get home while we still have one.

I have said and been scoffed at because I could hoping for something that can't happen that I wish charismatic leader (a Green Jesus) " would appear and start a sudden world sweeping new religion that could lead millions to take up a new kind of spirituality that could start the switchover to an eco friendly anti inequality non military healthy new way for eight billion of us to think, behave, and live.