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Hurricane Donald Hits the Republican Party

Hurricane Donald Hits the Republican Party

John Feffer

The storm inside the Republican Party has reached Category Four.

At the end of August, as Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Hurricane Irma was poised to devastate Florida, the hard right was experiencing its own high winds and pelting rain. On the TV show Fox and Friends, conservative commentator Laura Ingraham took aim at the Trump administration for being ill prepared to handle the incoming storms:

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Michael Flynn & family - nukes in the Middle East - ???

Mind you, such notables as James Hansen and George Monbiot and I believe James Lovelock have also endorsed commercial nuclear - so we can’t hang Michael Flynn for such thinking - obviously its complicated - the reasons people do what they do - believe what they believe.

But here is something more solid, and we are always, I find, as a collective, open minded ‘progressives’ - taking our eye off the ball.

And there really is a ball - it’s called Earth - and it is changing state - and we are aboard:

Then I read this - just now:

I realize how important politics is - but let’s not forget what we are trying to accomplish - which is to ‘live long and prosper’.

Ciao - nice article John Ferrer

Perhaps Juan Cole and Chris Hedges could also pick up on the extinction event unfolding - as our 2.6 million year Pleistocene becomes - HISTORY !

PS: Maybe, John Feffer, instead of Hurricane Donald - it could be, on another article, Hurricane Civilization strikes Planet Earth ?

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Maybe you could make at least some attempt to address the subject and issues of the piece’s author and stop sabotaging the framework of this comment section. I suggest that you read the comment section community guidelines about staying on topic! You made absolutely no attempt to address the author’s concerns whatsoever. It makes people wonder if you are engaging in a subtle form of disruption rather than participating in a spirit of goodwill. Your comment is totally inappropriate to the article and that is a form of arrogance and disdain on your part as well as a distraction.

I’ve never been much for rules and regulations unless they are consistent with what I see, feel and experience.

On YOUR Supreme Court Building - there is a sign, in stone: “Equal Justice Under Law”.

I might look at your Constitution, of which I have a copy, and see pretty words.

Or your Declaration - more pretty words.

My point is that in focusing on politics mainstream, i.e., Republicans vs Democrats, say - or in using up valuable cyber-space with admonitions of what should be done in a Utopian World - well - it more than frustrates me.

So I addressed John Feffer directly - you apparently missed this - and I suggested he re-focus on what is actually happening to our planet, i.e., facts, as opposed to dreaming.

What a crock! Your passive aggressive arrogance? It is beyond rude to interject totally irrelevant commentary simply on whim. Whose side are you on? No one is subjecting you to censorship but simple courtesy might be in order, wouldn’t you say? It might also be neighborly as well. Do you do that to Canadian sites as well or just American ones?

To say you are not much for rules is a self serving excuse for boorishness and immaturity. Why don’t you simply produce your own blog site or Facebook page etc. Blogger.com offers free space for your own site instead of crashing a party hosted by others and acting the inconsiderate fool.

Well, one thing is for sure. The men playing this asinine international game of economic competition keep showing us that they are short sighted and fixated on outcomes only they and their cronies want. I frankly don’t give an R’s A if China wins the competition–who does? When you get down to the rhythm of the universe, the overall well being of this living plant and its creatures, love, life, friendship…who wins what stupid little economic capitalist game means less than nothing.


apparently they had a dinner of Chinese food at the meeting between the top Dems and Trump re DACA

Good article, Mr. Feffer!

Actually I only blog on Common Dreams.

No need to reply to this - I see who you are.