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Hurricane Irma to Spend Sunday Raking Florida's West Coast


Hurricane Irma to Spend Sunday Raking Florida's West Coast

- Common Dreams staff

Hurricane Irma finally plowed into the Florida Keys early Sunday morning beginning a day long raking along Florida’s west coast toward a [possible landfall in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

An untold number of people refused to evacuate Key West and the other keys believing they could successfully ride out the storm.

Forecasters warned that the entire Florida peninsula — including the Miami metropolitan area of 6 million people — was in peril from the monstrous storm, almost 400 miles wide.


It was reported that the building codes of the West Coast of Florida are not the same as on the East side of Florida ( Hello in there ). So, who benefits from not having uniform statewide building codes in a state very prone to these hurricanes ( and tornadoes ), ocean surges and the whole nine yards, really? I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.:grinning:
This is a deliberate attempt to make money ( and a killing ) off of all the taxpayers in the United States.
The federal $$$ involved in developing Florida, and Texas, is a staggering sum. Yet, people who know how to mitigate and descalate the worst case scenarios for. these catastrophes, are pushed and shoved out of the conversation when real estate development and urban and regional planning, is the topic. This is a giant scam and borders on or includes criminality. People who serve the rich, much of the coastal population, are put into sacrifice zones and die or are financially crushed, from this lack of thoughtful, inclusive planning. The very people whose perspective is surely needed. While others continue to reap large profits from the misfortune they’ve played a large part in creating.
And political platitudes from local officials and national politicians doesn’t excuse their culpability in these matters. This absolutely has to stop right now. We as a country cannot continue this idiocy.
Offering prayer as a final solution doesn’t cut the mustard here, either. I think your god is a very busy fellow and probably doesn’t have the time to attend all the meetings and hearings neeeded to sign off on all these potentially life-altering matters. Maybe he’ll promise to show up, however, if the money boys aren’t invited to show up so often. Just guessing, there.:wink::wink:
" Make a living, not a killing ". Utah Phillips


Assuming the poor low-wage Latino maids, garden-keepers and other domestic help got to evacuate safely, then it couldn’t have happened to be better place!


Yep. Capitalism is the friend of Disaster. And NO mention-none-of the climate chaos links to the strength of these hurricanes in MSM coverage. And then the facilitation via apathy by “The good people”.


Lax building codes and even more lax enforcement enables the industry to make more dough when they build it AND make more dough every time they rebuild it.

A vicious cycle exists wherein it there is such good return on investment from lobbying gubmit to go lax


To the CD headline writers up in Maine:

Hurricane Irma isn’t just “raking Florida’s west coast”. It is covering the entire peninsula of Florida with heavy rain, and strong winds that are interrupting electrical service, sewage and water and phone systems. In addition the entire peninsular coast line of Florida is subject to storm surge which will bring flooding even to areas that will not be directly hit by Irma. .


“Political platitudes…” Don’t forget those from that loathsome, corrupt Florida Governor Rick Scott who has been a key player in this careless, money-driven “development”. Sure, he’ll have plenty of praise for the disaster/relief workers but he will never assume any culpability for the plight of the affected citizens in the first place.


Naomi Klein wrote that the disaster capitalists would take full advantage of what happened after Hurricane Harvey and now they will lick their lips over Florida. I remember after Katrina devastated Louisiana and, particularly New Orleans. The “developers” came in afterward and one of them said about the rebuilding - “The New New Orleans is going to be a lot whiter.” That asshole probably voted for Trump.


But, but,but,we need to spend that money on our Forever Wars of Choice, don’cha know!


He who refused Medicaid Expansion for his low-paid citizens under the ACA!

He who headed HCA Hospital Corporation as it defrauded Medicare to the tune of Billion$.


Climate change denial should be a crime


Yahoo is still running Huffington Post articles. This one is about Mar a lago’s federally funded insurance policy, with a quip about the senators who have drafted a bill preventing climate deniers from profiting off government funded climate disaster relief. Plus a remark about the need to prevent housing in flood areas.


I keep hearing about how these conservatives don’t want their money to go to federally funded abortions and family planning…well I don’t want my federal tax dollars to go to wars and the stupidity of federal bailouts of idiots who keep rebuilding in climate change flood zones. There, I’ve had my say (rant)…


Dogpaddle, your remarks are perfectly logical and sane!