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Hurricane Matthew Slams Haiti as Experts Warn Cuba, Florida Next


Hurricane Matthew Slams Haiti as Experts Warn Cuba, Florida Next

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

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Hurricane Matthew has made violent landfall in Haiti, killing at least one person and destroying homes with heavy rain, strong winds, and surge flooding throughout the island's south-western peninsula in the Caribbean's most powerful storm in almost a decade.


Next stop, Gitmo.


One effect of climate change, stronger steering winds, randomly tends to inhibit development of hurricanes. This is counterbalanced by many more possibilities of a hurricane getting going because of the extra heat in the ocean.

When these monster storms do get going, we're looking at a factor of ten greater destruction from them. In the long run just about everybody is going to get hit.


The Republicans (corporatists) like to say that if we make the environment cleaner and reduce the heat going into the atmosphere jobs will be lost.


Would they rather that we all be slowly poisoned and or burst into flames instead?

The Capitalists sure are good citizens.


Many more big hurricanes and they may need to change the spelling of Florida to Floor Duh since there won't be much above the floor left in the southern end of the state ?




And yes, this is related to hurricanes.

This latest story in the Siberian Times is truly alarming ------it reveals that we may have very little time left on this planet.

It is hard to keep track and fully integrate into one’s psyche the extent of the climate disruption taking place in this human created epoch: the Anthropocene. Excluding those that are psychopaths, sociopaths, or people extremely skilled in denial/compartmentalization------how is it possible that not everyone on this earth isn’t suffering from some form of PTSD related to the level of dying that is occurring?

I am still in shock after the storms in the upper Midwest this summer.
“Clean up” and “road repair” is still ongoing but in the wake of the storms, most of the trees that were not blown down appear to be ill or dying. It appears that at least 50 % ---or more (90%??)---- of trees are dying where I live in the midwest. And throughout the world from what I’ve read.

Weather is not predictable anymore. We have lost the one thing that humans could count on for solace (at least for a brief period of time in the history of the planet); the constancy of seasons, bird migrations, seasons replete with beauty and wonder. These things are now gone due to humans.

There is no more “peace among wild things” as Wendell Berry wrote so beautifully in his poem-----http://www.onbeing.org/program/ellen-davis-and-wendell-berry-the-poetry-of-creatures/extra/the-peace-of-wild-things-by


Haiti can't catch a break. First a devastating earthquake and now this. A decade of bad luck. Earthquakes happen. Hurricanes happen. Nature does a lot of violent things. And lately Haiti seems to be in harm's way. Hopefully, aid will be delivered in a much more effective manner than after the earthquake.


I'm sure it is near the top of HIllary's list of priorities, such as addressing climate change. :smirk: