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Hurricane Trump, Season 2


Hurricane Trump, Season 2

Wim Laven

A year ago I wrote about the problems in Houston, I wrote with great frustration about political expedience, poor planning, and supreme errors in judgment coupled with selfishness, but things have gotten so much worse.


A further increase in information may increase the shutting down of a hyper localized church ruled brain

Sayonara Planet Earth.
May the next intelligent life form not exact mind control through the cancer of religion.


Some things it seems you can absolutely count on these days…like a sunrise…


So, when is Donnie John going to the Carolinas and start tossing paper towels to the victims? I’m sure the anticipation is simply overwhelming the citizens there.
After all, paper towels will FEED the hungry, SHELTER the homeless, and HEAL the sick and injured.


Hey- they showed people who chose to stay and pray their way through. Whoa!


They voted for him- I see no hope for this region. They’ve been dealing with this for years, yet they still stay.