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Hurricane Victims Don’t Have the ‘Complexion for Protection’


Hurricane Victims Don’t Have the ‘Complexion for Protection’

Lois Marie Gibbs

A full-blown humanitarian crisis is on the horizon.


Trump’s tweets re. the Texas and Florida hurricane victims - vs. his tweets re. the Puerto Rico hurricane victims - say all that you need to know about this racist prick:

“We stand with Texas/Florida today! We will stand with Texas/Florida tomorrow! And we stand with Texas/Florida for as long as it takes!”
“We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the first responders, who have been amazing in P.R. forever!”



Oh, really! But we can keep spending billions in Afghanistan every day, indefinitely? This makes no sense whatsoever!

Think it didn’t matter who you voted for? Think again! Ask a resident of Puerto Rico if it mattered!
LOTE is still L, in this case L writ large!


No one mentions the creepy FEMA barges that are in both Texas and Puerto Rico. They look like prison ships and are used for housing. I think they are using cruise ships to evacuate people from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to Florida. Also air flights to Mississippi for sick and injured. Plus, you can purify water, it is not the best way but as a temporary measure it would make a difference too. Preventing water related illness will be most important.


I am non-violent…I didn’t even spank my kids.
This is changing and I don’t like it.
I want to take someone over my knee and spank the hell outta their sick ass. Maybe what we have here are signs of poor potty training? At bare minimum poor parenting.


Purifying water is not that simple, especially if there are particulants. And not at all if the contamination is chemical, or cholera. And, if some places can’t get food or other basics with any certainty, where do the water filters or purification tablets come from?


Well, that is my issue that they are different stories and none of them very complete. There are islands that rely entirely on cisterns, they even have newer portable ones. They cost practically nothing once built. With all the assistance that is available I can’t believe they haven’t started water purification. I read of reports they are doing air drops in some places. And 3000 people were evacuated as FEMA contracted with a cruise line. There are places that only need something like what hiker’s use to make the water safe to drink.