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'Hurts to Breathe... to Sleep... to Move... to Eat': In First Public Remarks Since Being Shot, Jacob Blake Describes Constant Pain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/07/hurts-breathe-sleep-move-eat-first-public-remarks-being-shot-jacob-blake-describes

Why seven shots? Partly I suppose because dead men tell no tales, or have residual medical problems to deal with for the cops.
Lose a body cam recording as well if you can get away with it.


Jacob Blake is calling for social cooperation and the importance of economic opportunity.

Sounds like something a President would be saying.

Maybe if someone shot the Orange Menace 7 times in the back, he’d have a similar point of view.

Justice for Jacob Blake? There never can be any real justice for what Jacob will be going through for the rest of his life and also his children can never be the same after witnessing the horrible, trauma of the police shooting their Father at point blank range.


Best wishes, Jacob. You won’t be the last.

I’m seeing that they killed the “antifa” member who killed a Trumpist up in Portland; contrast that with the treatment of the Trumpist kid who killed a couple people in Kenosha and you know all you really need to about the state of our social relations…

The Fascists have been in complete control of the USA for a long time; Trump was/is their way of simply pulling the veil back so that even the politically ignorant masses could see who’s really in charge.

I have no optimism regarding prospects for collective action - this species is too blinkered, too divided, too scared for any of that, at this point. Ecofascism and the ethnic cleansing it implies is triumphant - for me & mine (& all whose skin color is of a similar shade), survival is all we can strive for. Improving society requires people to proactively improve themselves - too many “white” Americans were/are complacent in their privilege for that to ever occur.

i say again: if you’re unwilling to lay your life on the line for someone who looks nothing like you, then you’re not a progressive or an “ally” or any of that; you’re not Who we need in this Moment. Sorry.


Unfortunately…TOO DAMN TRUE! I only wish there was some way to make Jacob Blake the last.

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now he knows how a rape survivor feels

Seven shots fired within a few feet of children no less, three of which missed, might have ricocheted, and led to an even worse outcome. My faith in the po-po, never all that high, is sinking every day.

There is a way, but…i guess the “whole world left blind” is - somehow - actually worse than the planet slowly being made uninhabitable…at least, in the opinion of “progressives”

Better all mammalian life perish than i sully my spotless record of “peaceful” conduct!

“the best lack courage; the worst are full of passionate intensity”

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They are both rapists so maybe you are on to something,something besides a rape victim of course

Blake is a felon. Why do liberals love them?

THe only ethnocleansing going on (besides the one perpetrated by Chinese communists) is that of whites.

Trump is a felon. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Either you are or you are not. As of today, he’s not. Hey, about that Russiagate allegation? Got any others in the pipe?

Not only do dead men tell no tales, they might be a lot less expensive – I may be wrong (I haven’t personally looked up the stats), but I’ve been told that settlements with actual living victims of police violence tend to cost departments a lot more (accounting for pain and suffering and loss of earning potential) than settlements with the families of those police kill. So they may have an economic incentive for making sure they kill rather than maim.

Yup, exactly where I was headed with that.
But when they do kill, in broad daylight, is there any justice there either?

doubt it-Monstrous comb-over would blame the “radical left” or the “shadowy”
Antifa…oooh scary…problem is- they don’t exist- particularly the “radical” left—
wish they did.

number one- where do you get info he is a felon?
perhaps because of his color?
besides which-
my husband, defending himself-is in prison because of
underfunded public defenders…
i guess he is a “felon” to you—
that makes him unworthy to be loved or something? not human any more?
oh and guess who else is in prison, suffering alongside him…?

me… what am i quilty of?
marrying a wonderful man a hell of a better human being than plenty on the outside…
think about it.
if not for family, I would be in a homeless shelter now…
husband gets convicted, wife & kids get evicted…

oh, he “shouldn’t have done the “alleged” crime?”
the only crime was trying to save his life from the perpetrator…
oh, and- although white—
still guilty of being poor…

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what does that mean…”now (he) knows”?
now he knows what?
he is supposed to learn a lesson here?
i am a survivor of attempted rape…who luckily was able to
rescue myself…
i think you are conflating two issues that have nothing in common
other than Blake is an INNOCENT victim
like the both of us.

We’ll have to wait till January 21st. They’re too numerous to get into here.

The SDNY prosecutors will best address your concerns.