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Hyper-Patriarchal Saudi Arabia Equates Mild Feminism With Terrorism, as Sen. Murphy Calls on Biden To Review Ties With Kingdom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/27/hyper-patriarchal-saudi-arabia-equates-mild-feminism-terrorism-sen-murphy-calls


All real men join along!


It’s well past time that we cut SA loose and stopped selling/giving them military equipment.

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With “friends” like saudi arabia, and israel, the usa needs no other enemies!

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The Saudi government is around as bad as it gets.
Were it for the insanely evil dismantlement of the nation’s beloved electric streetcars who served everyone in thousands of cities across the nation, these fun, bouncy streetcars by the GM owned holding company the notoriously racist National City Lines, the US would be free of the oligarchy’s oil addiction now. Dozens of oil wars would never have occurred.

Remember that next time you pay your taxes or vote.


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This woman is being tortured, the so called backers of the “me too” movement should be on the next plane to Saudi Arabia and also 24hour protests at the Saudi Arabian embassy until she is released. Where are the neoliberal dim voices, SA is our ally (pathetic) and represents the unbelievable hypocrisy in their dance around human rights.

Buy an electric vehicle and power it with electrons from a provider with a renewable portfolio like Green Mountain Energy or Arcadia. Less of your money going to this regime and extractive industries like coal, oil, nukes and natural gas. Less money going to these industries less money going to their lobbyists and politicians (remember the Koch Brothers and Bob Murray?) If an EV does not fit your budget or needs get a fuel efficient vehicle.

I’m thinking that if we don’t condemn dismembering journalists we will totally ignore this. Their dance is our dance. U.S. and S.A. are dance partners.

Of course it is but the “U.S.” is not me.

Governments these days are getting carte blanche to do literally anything political, and corporations in exchange are getting carte blanche to posses the economic world in its totality.

We the people, everywhere in the world get nothing.


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Want to make the break easier then switch to an electric vehicle if it meets your needs and budget (if not get a fuel sipper and not an guzzler). Power it with renewable electricity from a provider with a wind or solar portfolio. Green Mountain Energy or Arcadia come to mind. No coal, no natural gas, no nukes, no oil. Keeps money out of the hands of the fossil fuels lobby and their pet politicians. Check out the Plugin America website.

Qadaffi led a country where women had free health care, free education, as much as they wanted, no religious state mandated robes or behaviors, and equal pay. They got 5000 dollar grants for having a kid and 20,000 per family for same. Women served in the army just like Israel-that’s where Qadaffi got the idea. What happened to him? Why are the people who fund the terrorists our allies?