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Hypocrisy Behind the Russian-Election Frenzy

Hypocrisy Behind the Russian-Election Frenzy

Robert Parry

As Democrats, the Obama administration and some neocon Republicans slide deeper into conspiracy theories about how Russia somehow handed the presidency to Donald Trump, they are behaving as they accused Trump of planning to behave if he had lost, questioning the legitimacy of the electoral process and sowing doubts about American democracy.


There seems to be a hyper-mobile ‘back room’ for a virtual auto-eroticism, fueled by the political viagra attempting a perpetual orgasm of insane blatant paradox to populate the one-dimensional vacuum of US (trademark) politics. It knows only taking, exploiting, poisoning, denying … on and on, sucking every ounce of legitimacy inherent in human life seeking to maintain integrity with the creation.
Forget the ole smoke filled room. The symbol of the celebratory cigar has gone straight to pharmaceutical bottle so that it can deny it has no feet to stand on and stay erect.


''So, how does giving the American people truthful and relevant information undermine American democracy, which is the claim that is reverberating throughout the mainstream media and across Official Washington?" Robert Parry

Robert Parry apparently the only clear thinking journalist remaining. I agree with your analysis Mr. Parry and thank you for it… and thank you Common Dreams for publishing it.

I have been reading Craig Murray mentioned by Robert Parry and I encourage you to read his analysis at the link provided.


I wonder if we will ever see any reporting critical of Trump from Parry?

And appeals to hypocrisy is not an argument.

And the Podesta e-mails revealed no crimes - only internal party politics. They were only peddled as “criminal” to a stupid idiotic public.

I presume that had Parry been Brazilian he would have railed and railed against the supposed “crimes” of Dilma and he would be a good friend of Temer. The left has become indistinguishable from fascists.


My problem with the Podesta e-mail release (and the FBI shenanigans) was the way the media and, of course, the right wing attack machine took everything out of context and made reasonably innocuous statements seem evil. All of this smoke and mirrors gave us the Trump Presidency. A pathetic and sometimes evil media have likely damaged the US a great deal and damaged the entire world. It still seems like a surreal nightmare. I think I will forever be gobsmacked.


There are a number of reasons to be deeply suspicious of the election results – would say the same were there a different ‘winner’ – including, but not limited to, voter suppression in all its various forms, class and race based voting opportunities (distribution of good machines vs bad machines), MSM distortions of policy and persons and possible direct cheating on electronic machines. The Russian thing, while it is getting the lion’s (bear’s) share of attention, may be most useful in distracting attention from more substantive issues.


The “facts” are absent, only speculation is on the “official” and MSM table at this point at least. Russia an easy target for so many reasons.

We as a nation have had our elections “hacked”, overtly and covertly manipulated by both domestic and foreign agents for decades.
“Money equals free speech” the most open and tolerated means, sanctified by the charade called SCOTUS. “One person, one vote” is made a mockery when those who control vast wealth can buy exposure and flood malleable minds with BS, false and slanted rubbish - their power to influence via wealth the exact opposite of “one person, one vote” - moreso since our media and press have been bought-out and now controlled by the same vast wealth controlled by the 1% - the giants of the press long gone, replaced with lackeys and bootlickers!

Pro-Israeli agents (AIPAC, et al) and Israel itself - a foreign power - has openly subverted our domestic politics and Congress for half a century, especially under Netanyahu and the right-wing Zionist extremists, and now may be considered our 51st state - to our great national harm in so many ways! Openly and treasonously aided and abetted by many Congress-members, and the “Christian” right, who apparently hold first loyalty to that foreign power as well as the Guy in the Sky!

Waving unsubstantiated allegations around, in a very narrow and suspect manner, by our alphabet agencies, hyper-partisan politicians, and hidden interests, are all BS political Kabuki Theatre, and with our corrupted, bought-out, Fourth Estate failing its critical role to disseminating the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, we are easy puppets to manipulation by the corrupt, depraved, MICC, and big-money…


The article by Murray is excellent. We are inundated with fake news and its nothing new.


Thanks, also the commentary is most interesting because it’s mostly British…

Drew, you get my vote for most ridiculous post of the week!


Ad hominem attacks are not valid arguments either.

Can you identify factual evidence that proves the Russian specifically hacked Democrat Party emails and leaked them to the ‘Weaponized’ Wikileaks with the intent of ensuring the election of Donald Trump?


The human race needs to be put on the endangered species list worldwide.

Amid the phony Russian hacking hysteria & the Quixotic hopes of a recount, the irony of Clinton surrogates and the MSM pounding to death Trump’s refusal to promise to abide by the election results is truly exquisite.

In fact, the irony is so perfect that on this one point I do suspect that Clinton was being set up for a fall. But it wouldn’t have been the Russians. It would have been the Deep State, the Establishment, The Man. Meaning of course, the plutocracy/Pentagon alliance which really runs things.

The Russian hysteria is likely part of the longer-term strategy of the New Cold War. And as with many media buswahs of the past 8 years, I continue to be amazed at how morally corrupt and stupid liberals have become. They will believe anything Rachel Maddow says.

There seems to be zero chance of the Democratic Party reforming, and almost zero chance of liberals learning any real lessons from the debacle of 2016.


flap, right off you tell us your mind is closed: “phony Russian hacking.” No need to wait for any possible facts. Simply assume that virtually the entirety of US intelligence apparatus is conspiring to delude. Just like Trump, you find facts to be of little or no importance.


Also read this excellent piece from Parry’s site:


Show me your facts bro. Once someone shows us some facts, there will be something to debate. The history of the CIA is overfull of documented instances of deceiving the USA. Especially regarding Russia, when up to the last minute of the original cold war they overhyped the hypothetical threat of the USSR.


Jeremy Scahill: “Intelligence agencies hate, often with good reason, to publicly reveal how they obtain information, or even the information itself, since that can make it clear how they got it.”
Any nation with thousands of nuclear weapons is a potential threat. During the Cuban missile crisis only a Russian sub commander saved the world from horror.

“Aren’t the Democrats doing exactly what they accused Trump of planning to do if he had lost the Nov. 8 election, i.e., question the legitimacy of the results and thus undermine the faith of the American people in their democratic system?”

I am an avid reader of consortiumnews.com and fan of Robert Parry, but whoever has faith in the Democratic system of today, especially since the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, is either blind or doesn’t read. For starters see blackboxvoting.com


Read it; good.


Like the MSM media drumming up the Vietnam War, the 1st Iraq War, the 2nd and still going and spreading like an out of control wildfire Iraq War? Without war/spying there is no US economy.

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