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Hypocrisy: Democrats Criticize Trump but Not a Peep Against Emanuel

Hypocrisy: Democrats Criticize Trump but Not a Peep Against Emanuel

Steven Singer

So Donald Trump is a narcissistic, bigoted, fascist.

Not exactly a surprise.

He’s also the Republican front runner for President. I’ll admit to being mildly shocked by that.


In the past few days, Amy Goodman interviewed an individual (the name escapes me) on Democracy Now who pointed out that Chicago had paid out MANY millions for a series of police crimes largely against the Black Community. The sum (which spanned a number of years) was several hundred million, I believe.

Someone on the panel pointed out that there’s all this money for payouts that protect police violence yet arguably no money to keep public schools open.

This is the same protocol that is seen when our nation’s governing M.I.C. finds billions to use to plunder foreign lands but argues that there’s not enough $ to cover “entitlement” benefits.

It’s the mentality that covers up for the armed and dangerous uniformed officer while seeing ALL citizens as potential “collateral damage.”

Emmanuel is another puppet of not just the 1% but also the New World Order. Chicago, home to the school of economics that gave rise to the Shock Doctrine is also a major portal for organized crime. That city has so much corruption and blood on its hands… it’s not surprising that Emmanuel would be its new Boss.


Emanuel is one of the worst Democrats out there and there are quite a few. The Clinton’s are a couple more. But Emanuel has shown himself to be the pig he is since being appointed Chief of Staff for Obama’s admin. (Which said a lot about Obama and his centrist-right administration) I have watched the Democratic party accept and condone these semi-democrats since Obama took office.
Emanuel fits neatly into Chicago’s long history of corruption. He needs to go, no doubt. But if anyone wonders why the Repugs have made such inroads to control, it’s low life Dems like Emanuel. If Dems are the same as Repugs, why go out and vote? Wasserman-Schultz is another one, demanding only six debates to hide Clinton from the rest of us who may ask a real question about the corrupted campaign and leadership she brings to the table. Bernie Sanders is a solid candidate but they are blocking him at every turn. Scared he may upend their plans and expose them as the two faced Republican/Democrats they are. The problem with Emanuel is systemic in the party.


Rahm Emanuel should be stripped of his American citizenship and deported to his home country.


Nothing changes in government at any level unless those who want true reform can get enough support from an electorate to successfully primary incumbents, like Emanuel, and remove them from office. It now becomes obvious that Rahm successfully delayed the truth coming out about the McDonald shooting long enough for him to hold off the serious challenge to his re-election from a progressive movement in Chicago. Had the whole truth about what happened come out before the election last Spring, it is very possible that Chuey Garcia would have defeated Emanuel. This also applies in Cleveland and the Tamir Rice murder by a bad and incompetent pig who should have been indicted for murder months ago. The only way this is righted is by successfully primarying Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty with a candidate who reflects the wishes of the black community - hard to do when the county is majority white, and very racially polarized.


Emanuel is a HUGE POS and always has been!

The cover-up of the Laquan McDonald shooting is worse than one might, at first, imagine.

The Chicago Police Department, the Cook County State’s Attorney, and the Mayor are all in agreement that no audio exists of the dash cam videos recorded at the scene from at least five Chicago Police cruisers. They’ve stated a variety of reasons that all audio evidence is missing.

However, audio of Chicago Police dash cam video does exist; and, has been posted on YouTube (The title of the audible video is, Is this the audio? Chicago Police dashcam video of Laquan McDonald shooting) and here on Common Dreams in the Comments section of the article titled, Chicago Protesters Disrupt Black Friday to Demand Justice for Laquan McDonald.

The audio appears to be authentic. Listen for the first 10 shots - then 9 seconds of no shooting while McDonald lies still - then, as McDonald again begins to move, 7 more shots to finish him. The shots coincide exactly with impact spray emanating from the body.

The audio provides undeniable evidence of premeditated murder, which is likely the reason that Chicago authorities have been denying its existence.


Excellent article! I would’t agree that Trump has no “power to do anything” very harmful with his racist speech on free media, for by fostering a climate of greater reaction and hate, he promotes racist violence. However, this case should be a litmus test for the Democrats: do you stand with racist murder, or against it? If against, then will you act to hold one of your own fully accountable, or not? If you will, that must, at a bare minimum, mean calling for Emanuel’s resignation for covering up murder for over a year–for personal electoral and power gain. But then it also needs to examine how this could happen, how a very top Democrat could possibly be such a racist murderer-protector, how could the party’s culture cultivate such a thing?! And there may be complicity in the feds, too. But what independent body can investigate all of this? An international one? Time to follow el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz’s (Malcolm X’s) pioneering call for reframing the U.S. civil rights struggle for Black liberation as a (Pan-African) human rights struggle that can include examining the very nature of the U.S. racist state domestically as well as internationally? I know many others have pushed forward this perspective with far greater articulation than my few words here, I only mention Malcolm X to thank him for his great prescience 60 years ago: Malcolm X presente!


Rahm Emanuel has always been for himself and another nations interests where he holds “dual citizenship”; thatand his politics make him an agent of a foreign power. He volunteered in Israel during the first Gulf War, rather than the US and his family has been a Zionist force since his father was member of the terrorist Irgun. Emanuel’s loyalty has always been to israel, including his political activities in the US, influencing both Clinton and Obama - it’s no wonder the US has betrayed our own policies to support Israel regardless of war crimes in Gaza or crimes against humanity in their occupation and illegal colonization of Palestine.

Chicago politics is Emanuel’s base along with long-time close friend Barack Obama who, after Emanuel served in the Clinton Admn, chose Emanuel his Chief of Staff; Emanuel is now the first Zionist mayor of Chicago; a mayoral race representative of dirty Chicago politics ala the Daley dynasty. There have been allegations of Emanuels involvment with Israeli Intelligence services/Mossad along with allegations of condoning torture at CPD Holman Square facility - a little bit of Palestine in Chicago
http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/feb/27/chicago-abusive-confinment-homan-square .

The 13 month attemptby Emanuel to hide the murder video until its forced release, other delays and silence from Emanuel (and Obama till now) on the Chicago police execution of Laquan McDonald, also until forced, makes Emanuel, Chicago AG Alvarez, and, perhaps Prez Obama re the focus/scope of the very carefully worded FBI “investigation of the officer” (still not released) charged (finally) with Laquan’s murder, complicit to the cover-up and conspiracy to absolve Chicago & police of the murder! His time in the WH under Clinton & Obama and Chicago serving the wealthy tells Emanuels story and loyalty; political whore and sell-out, masquerading as Democrat with highly questionable US loyalty! He should be run-out on a rail.



It’s highly suspect that NO dash-cam or other devices recorded audio of the execution of Laquan. I have only seen one with apparent audio of the murder that may not be official - none has officially been released. Very disturbing video with audio! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHBhSuznVb4

“The in-car camera system automatically engages video-audio recordings when the vehicles emergency roof lights are activated.
Video from the night of October 20, 2014 clearly shows police cars with emergency lights activated."
“There were apparently technical difficulties, but in no way shape or form is there any evidence that anything was tampered with - Wednesday night, a Chicago police official said there was no audio because the batteries in the dash-cams had been put in improperly and facing the wrong direction, which disables the audio part of the recorder.” (How convenient!)
(Same BS with the missing/deleted Burger-King videos) it had been determined that up to 15 files had been deleted. “The restaurant manager said that four or five police officers asked him for the password to his surveillance system the night of the shooting. A camera allegedly caught one of the officers touching the DVR.” “the Independent Police Review Authority showed up later, it had been determined that up to 15 files had been deleted.” “However, police officials had said the FBI had determined there was no tampering.” - RIGHT, no “tampering” - how about deleting evidence by CPD cops?!

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/investigations/Missing-Audio-353927451.html#ixzz3soSPNObk

The attempt to never release the video, missing/erased audio, erased Burger-King video tapes, no other indictments for ANY other crime except the murder clearly point to Chicago PD, Mayor Emanuel’s office and the Chicago AG Alvarez are STILL apparently attempting to destroy evidence and hide the truth of this monstrous execution and its cover-up conspiracy!

“The FBI announced that it is launching a criminal investigation into the actions of the police officer” Where the hell IS the Federal “investigation” and why is it apparently suspiciously narrow in scope, focusing on “the police officer”, not the actions of other cops on the scene, falsification of evidence & statements, intimidation of witnesses, the mayor, AG, likely cover-up, official delays and evasions, and deleted/destroyed/missing evidence??


The roadblocks are both overt and covert. One is related to who counts the votes; and then there is the matter of electronic vote count machinery that can be (and has been) manipulated to fit pre-defined outcomes. Add in the gerrymandering, the disproportionate representation allotted to small states over large ones, and voting itself is heavily compromised when it comes to producing a viable outcome; and by that I mean, an outcome that’s truly representative of a majority of citizens.


Rahm Emanuel needs to resign as mayor. That said, most Dems are not the same as repubs. Most repubs have completely lost their minds. Most Dems are well aware of the corporate elite that owns them and does their bidding.

You are absolutely right about Obama. As soon as he named his economic team, at the beginning of his first term, I knew his admin would fail to do much of anything for the people.


No, the Palestinian poeple want nothing to do with him…


Unsure what POS meant, but I think I know the reference.

Speaking of Rahm’s close association with Obamacare, I found out our 2016 health insurance premiums are set to rise by 22% over already exhorbitant costs for our catastrophic coverage.

Ironically, our health insurance is not affordable.

How can insurers do this with this mandated-purchase item?

The greed and corruption of Obamacare comes at a cost, as Americans reel from the gouging, and the Democratic Party is poised to take huge losses in the 2016 election.

Just sayin’…

Best wishes.


gee, perhaps it’s because they only care about acquiring power, same as their stablemates in the GOP.
You vote D or R, you deserve this. It’s the country you helped make.


“Yet only one of these two politicos gains the ire of the supposedly progressive and enlightened Democratic party.”

We lost our democracy because the demos thinks people are too stupid to govern themselves from the grassroots.

" the demos thinks people are too stupid to govern themselves from the grassroots."

Perhaps you have always lived in places where people are generally intelligent, well-read and logical, but I grew up in northern Michigan and lived in Florida. When you consider that around half of the country is still stupid enough to believe in Creationism you can understand why the founders decided on a Republic rather than a Democracy.

Granted Rupert Murdoch makes a lot of Americans stupid, but its not the democratic majority. No one wants war, pollution, global warming, resource depletion and hoarding, species extinction, extreme wealth and power inequality, though frightened FOX fans may vote against their best interests. Grassroots democracies have proven to have the best governments. Whether you have a democracy or dictatorship, depends on voter turnout.

And the sainted Paul Krugman said it, the ACA, is an outstanding success, and so it goes.