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Hypocrisy on Display as US Lavishes Military Aid on Egypt


Hypocrisy on Display as US Lavishes Military Aid on Egypt

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Speaking in Cairo on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry reassured Egyptian officials that the country's human rights abuses will not get in the way of further boosts to U.S. aid, arms, and military "cooperation."


Kerry. " Egypt remains vital... to engagement and stability in the region as a whole."

Translation: The current Egyptian government is a horrible regime of thugs but they happen to be our thugs and are helping to keep the stability in the region for our nefarious ends!


War War and more War, whats it good for? 2x


Unless Egypt's dictator cracks down, the country is liable to turn against "our friends".


But it will attack Yemen, along with our Saudi and Gulf State "allies" along with any other "enemy" we may have at the moment.
* And the profits roll on for the 0.001%, over the bodies of innocents.


Boy-howdy, do our "leaders" know how to chose "allies" or what? - Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey's Erdogan - all charged/guilty of crimes against humanity/war crimes. Since "we" gift these psychopath racist killers, leaders & military, many billions annually (that should be used here or to a deserving nation!) we become complicit to their crimes - not that we aren't committing enough war crimes ourselves, killing civilians with the worst of them. Gotta keep that pot of war boiling to assure profits (and "jobs") for the arms manufacturers/profiteers and MICC war machine. "Moral Compass? we don't need no stinkin Moral Compass!"






This is news? We have been giving Egypt billions since 1979.


Absolutely nothing. Say it again.


The USA also created and supported horrible far right regimes in Vietnam and throughout Central and South America. God knows where else.


The opening words brought to mind what Hillary said on one of her trips to China, (paraphrase) - "We can't let human rights issues hinder our trade negotiations".