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Hypocrisy: Pence Used Private Email for State Business, and Was Hacked


Hypocrisy: Pence Used Private Email for State Business, and Was Hacked

Nika Knight, staff writer

Records obtained by the Indianapolis Star show that Vice President Mike Pence was hypocritically using a private email address to conduct state business at the same time that he joined the chorus of Republicans condemning Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for


If the author doesn't know the difference between a private email ACCOUNT ( which many public people have and use even though they should know better) and a secret private SERVER, then I don't know what to tell you. :confused:


Another leftist for Trump and Pence....


Oh, now we get treated to the puffed-up outrage, the use of words such as "ABSURD!" "PREPOSTEROUS!" etc when comparisons to the Clinton debacle are brought up. Face it, Pence; you're just another lying self serving scum bag and your claim to legitimacy is eroding fast. You seem to have missed the Sunday School lesson about being truthful and having integrity.


Pence definitely DIDN'T miss the Sunday school lesson about the money changer bible passages..wherein he envisioned great opportunity. When Pence was announced to be Trump's running mate it took minimal research to confirm that when it comes to hypocrisy, corruption and arrogance, Pence is second to none.

When the DC swamp dwellers are brought to justice lets hope Pence is housed in a Guantanamo cell close to the Clintons and Trumps so they can holler at each other like zoo dwellers.


I look forward to reading posts here castigating Pence from Clinton acolytes who assured us Hilary's email kerfuffle amounted to nothing.


It basically did amount to nothing unless you mean Clinton losing an election election because of it.


So that private server she wasn't supposed to use did amount to something, right KC?


Wasn't supposed to is the operative phrase, right? Because it was perfectly legal and within the tradition of past secretaries and executive officers. Discovery would've been interesting had there been a case. Every past officer who emailed over the Bush White House's RNC server would have been called to the stand, including one James Comey, I'll bet. What's funny is the current White House is doing the same, while our sitting president refuses to give up his old Android phone. Clearly, the Clinton server is a huge deal in light of these facts and was worth the nonstop coverage it got.


And I guess the memo she sent to all State Department staff ordering them to only conduct State Department business on the official State Department email system was just for, you know...laughs.


Did you read the FBI report? I did. It's funny because it says on page 11 right in it employees regularly used personal accounts. It wasn't unusual at all. Further, her order was a "recommendation" not an order. In fact, the big issue was records retention, and per "State-issued guidance" those "employees using personal accounts" were required "to forward their work-related emails to their official State account for record-keeping purposes." This was something, per the report, that Clinton did. She only communicated with 13 people over her server and the rest occurred over secure communications.

This "scandal" was a smear and nothing-burger, especially given our current president's actual business practices in the past and what is happening now. Iran-Contra it was not.


What sucks about this most is that having used TOR for years and delving into Intel Exchange forum, knowing Pence was on the Clearnet just makes me cringe. If you read and listen to hackers, it's soooo easy to intercept without anyone's knowledge all of anyone's emails. And AOL!? Really!? He might as well have just sent it to the Kremlin to save time. If TOR exit nodes can be hacked/hijacked, then sure as sh*t, Clearnet can be read as if it's a newspaper on the street. This dude needs to go!


AOL . . . My account was compromised in '04ish. Can't believe a sitting governor was using it.


One more thing, if you use the net for porn, STOP NOW. Intel exchange hackers have unearthed mountains of evidence of FBI /CIA planting evidence of child porn on unsuspecting peoples computers that have nothing to do with that stuff. The FBI /CIA are making people's computers into "zombies". The hackers know this because they hack child pornographers to turn them in, something the government won't tell you. To what end seems uncertain due to a disagreement in the deep web community, but as for zombifying computers, there is no doubt. Having a wiping program may help, but only if the zombie is used for storage. Making sure you use a descripter like "NoScript" is a pure neccessity. Don't agree to let ANY government agency, including NASA or schools use your computer processor for algorithmic data crunching, but staying out of porn altogether is the best. That's advice from the good guys.


Uh, magazines make a comeback? We are all in trouble now it sounds like. Well, except for myself of course.


LOL, yea :slight_smile:


The one thing that did come to mind about this was from an X Files movie. Some dude the government didn't like used child porn as an excuse to raid his house to look for sensitive info about the government. If Trump is the dude that i think he is, then he is in it to win it, at all costs. Noone is going to back someone accused of a sex offense, especially on a child. What better way to get rid of someone.


Nah. I just look at the facts as far as can be established, then call them like I see them. Your approval is not required for that process. :slight_smile:


Thing that I see is that a lot about of our intelligence folks do not trust the president at all. It's becoming clearer and clearer, despite protestations of some on our side, that they know things that are obviously concerning, and it goes back prior to this election. Josh Marshall is covering it well. A guy who is basically broke, can't get loans from American banks, has to seek financiers from other countries. Not wrong in itself, but who he was working with are people intelligence agencies see as highly compromised, if not part of the underworld. So, I'm not sure Trump has the support necessary to make that happen successfully. Who knows though, right?


A 'personal account' is one thing. Her two personal servers were another.

But flail away.