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'Hypocritical BS': Critics Slam Establishment's Applause for 'War Criminal' George W. Bush


'Hypocritical BS': Critics Slam Establishment's Applause for 'War Criminal' George W. Bush

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far)."


Can president Bush travel outside the us?


Oh, I wish he would!
Perhaps that would give him a “chance” to “visit” the Hague.


Three things that you might have to look to see in America:

  1. We have half a million guys walking around in our country. They have brain injuries. They have missing limbs. They have PTSD. They have Gulf War Syndrome. Some have moral injuries. Some are living on the street. They’ll still be damaged 20 years from now.

  2. Our country has a $20 trillion dollar debt. We’re broke. We’re busted. If we had normal Congresspeople they’d be cutting back just as we did before America lost the Vietnam War, but this time we have mostly death cult members for Congresspeople.

  3. We face the ecological loss of our world’s forests, our grain belts and our oceans.


As bad as Trump is, it is just the epitome of hypocrisy that two former war criminals, that belong in prison, for lying about WMD’s,and for the murders of so many innocent, people… criticize Trump!



Well, this lay to rest any thoughts in the back of my head that the late media criticism of Trump represented some kind of minor change of heart toward their public interest responsibilities. The corporate media criticism of Trump is micron-shallow and razor narrow. Just like war-criminal Bush, when (not if) Trump starts a war, the corporate media will fall in line cheering the war all the way…


Well said!
" When Trump starts a war ( and no doubt in my mind that he will) the corporate media will fall in line cheering the war all the way."



It’s easy for folk like W to get away with their um, misdeeds, in the U.S. of A(mnesia).
Bonus points: W and his soooo displeased fellow Republicans can position themselves as morally superior to Don.


At least W did something about those with missing limbs; he painted real nice pictures of some of those maimed veterans.


(Hypocritical BS’: Critics Slam Establishment’s Applause for ‘War Criminal’ George W. Bush)

Yup but I’m just glad the man said what he did. The speech could have been written by Laura, and the Iraq sins are well-documented and aired. We probably need to give it a rest, we are at the very edge of a nuclear war. That will make shock and awe seem like a minor episode.


I agree with #2, but ONLY to the point that the cut backs should be centered on
overturning our MIC/NSA/CIA and ending these wars.

Elitism and Capitalism are insanities – and suicidal.

If – as it seems – we cannot hold our members of government accountable for
their crimes, then the public must consider non-violent revolution in non-
cooperation with capitalism and Elitism.

The two primary issues are labor and energy –
Control of energy has to be put in control of our local communities and citizens,
not in the hands of monopoly corporations.

The bond that unites all human kind is that we are all labor and we do not
require the approval of government, nor corporations in order to unite in our
own interests for our own protection.

Nature will have the final word – Global Warming is the Wild Card in all of this.


WAS worse?   Last I heard, the Iraq war – although morphed into a battle against ISIL – is still going on, as is
its sibling war in Afghanistan. And the “Authorization for Use of Military Force” that spawned those two wars is now being used as an excuse to expand our MultiNaZional Korporate Imperialism into Africa.*  The Lying Son-of-a-Bush, Cheney & O’Bummer – along with a great many others – should be renditioned to the U.N. for trial as War Criminals.

* Tweetle-Dumb’s ineptitude may have set us back a bit in Africa, as analysis of what really happened in Niger is beginning to reveal . . .

  1. Many are looking the wrong way for people to associate with and alternately blame.
  2. Death cult members of that class are comfortable enough.
  3. Probable surviving natural environs and habitat even now elite recluse farmed estates.

Just something to add to your poignant message. Also: Self-driving car jokes!
Woody Allen’s 1973 “Sleepers” had driverless cars set to Klezmer music and vaudeville.
Whatever Elon Musk is smoking, don’t smoke it.


many critics dissented from the chorus of applause, calling the speech “hypocritical bullshit” and highlighting Bush’s long list of offenses that includes wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, an overseas torture regime, and “heinous” treatment of Muslims at home and abroad.

“Never forget the most consequential conspiracy theory in U.S. history—that Iraq was behind 9/11—was pushed by Bush administration and mainstream U.S. media.”
—Adam Johnson, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

The US should now be infamous for its “false flag” operations from it’s very first days –
and this is the nation which began the propaganda of “Indian-giver.”

Certainly 9/11 was one of them in order to avoid the owners having to bring down the
buildings as they went up – with scaffolding, piece by piece – with great expense
because of asbestos problems and demolition not being permitted.

And we’ve had many false flag operations before and after 9/11.

If anyone has watched the movie “Snowden,” you understand that actually our
surveillance/Intelligence is mainly being conducted on Americans.

Elites know that the 99% are coming to understand the scam Our Founders ran on
the people whereby – while proclaiming “all are equal” – they actually created an
Elite Patriarchy, endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence
and control over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

Our Founders saved and supported the system of Slavery for Elites/wealthy, which
guaranteed the Civil War which split the nation into two camps of hared which continue
to echo on today – and continue to benefit Elites in dividing the nation.

Our Founders continued the Genocide against the native people here – 112 million of them.

It is us they fear – and it is us they need to weaken in every way possible.


We don’t hear about The Hague in your suggested context, at least I don’t.
Story in the current Harper’s about WTC titled “Crime And Punishment.”
Subhead: “Will the 9/11 case finally go to trial?”

They’ll get around to the trial, one of these decades. W resisted formation of the 9/11 Commission for 441 days.


Corporate media criticism is only a minor change of heart toward public interest responsibility. It’s shallow and razor narrow. Like war-criminal Bush, when Trump takes us to war, corporate media will fall in line cheering war all the way…"

Yunz, I feared writing not merely war, but wars. DJtrump is taking us to multiple wars.
I TOLD YOU months ago. DJtrump, the GOP, the generals, the dictators worldwide,
An overpopulation of dissent final solution NOT fully fuckin worked out.


Pot, meet kettle. Dubya is a criminal just the same. If the constitution and/or the law actually worked in this country, he would be in jail, or worse.


This is part of a billionaire funded PR campaign to begin the effort to convince people that the bigoted, sexist, warmongering, plutocratic Trump isn’t the real face of Republicanism.

Keep in mind that George Bush was never in charge of his administration. He was there to obey orders and recite the words that were written for him. This recent speech was very well written, but he didn’t write it and it wasn’t his decision to step in front of the cameras. He was told to be there and told what to say.


Even though I spent years being furious at George Bush I can’t criticize him on this, as hypocritical as it is. It not so much what Trump has done so far but what he represents and what he has been trying to do. Trump is a fascist. He is a white supremacist. He is a white nationalist. In the big picture Bush is defending democracy which Trump is trying to destroy. Trump has tried to impose a Muslim ban which so far the courts have limited. He has tried to build a wall along the entire Mexican border which so far has not been funded. He has tried to stop criticism by the press and so far has not been successful. He has leveled personal attacks on judges which is unheard of by a president. He has praised neo-Nazi and KKK marchers as fine people. He had Steve Bannon as his campaign manager and then as his chief political strategist. He led cheers to jail his opponent during the presidential campaign. And the number of his lies which have been documented by newspapers go far beyond the number of lies from Bush or any other president. If the Bush family wants to take on Trump I am all for it. I am for any Republican who wants to take on Trump. Generally we are on the other side when when it comes to the Bush family but in this fight against fascism and white nationalism we are on the same side. We need to clearly define what this fight is about and do what we can to prevail.


Not morally superior to appointed spokes-mouth mental midgets, Don and Georgieboy, as much as morally superior to humanity writ large, all ethnicities, true to Hitler’s design for genocide set in Mein Kampf. Rightwing. Murder for sale. Big Gun sale worldwide. “Go kill yourselves” is again rightwing tactic. Iran/Contra scandal armed both warring nations. Same tactic. How embarrassing for Ronnie Reagan’s ghost.
No party for Ronnie tonight.