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I Admire Hillary, but I'm Voting for Bernie


I Admire Hillary, but I'm Voting for Bernie

Judy Wicks

Bernie has not given up on his dreams. He believes that young people should be given a college education to reach their full potential without the burden of excessive debt. He believes that peace is the way, and not won by violent means. He believes that all people should be treated with dignity, compassion and fairness, whether they are immigrants, the incarcerated, or Palestinians.


and corrupt.



Other than the "admire Hillary" and "will work for her if she wins the primary" parts, this is the essay I've been trying to write for months. Thank you, Ms. Wicks.


Two major issues I have with this peace.

1) That "Hillary is strong and capable". Huh? This is a label we would not give a Republican office-holder that (a) has time and again taken political contributions from the ruling class, and it having clear influence on her policy decisions, that (b) concedes up front with aforementioned Republicans in the guise of 'incrementalism', which in a time of troubling issues is nowhere near an acceptable level of action, and that (c) has shown time and again that she will do whatever it takes to fulfill her selfish ambitions, and those ambitions in turn may well be the end of the Democratic party - although in retrospect maybe it's what the Party needs to be relevant again, and that (d) nobody, not even some of the most diehard Dems find her overwhelming favorable in contrast to Sanders.

2) The admiration of Hillary. Sorry, but no. Again, we would not admire a Republican with the same credentials and horrible voting record as Hillary, so I don't see just cause for admiring her. I have no qualms with having a woman president in the White House, but she has to be principled, not compromised like Hillary is, and certainly not voted it under the sole premise that she would be the first woman POTUS - same as how most African-Americans voted in Obama under the pretense of his being the first AA POTUS. And you're right: Hillary is not the leader that is called for now. Because she never will be. She is the oligarchy of neoliberalism personified, as opposed to Bernie Sanders being the revitalization of democracy.


Hillary has not "FORGOTTEN what is possible", she has redirected possibilities to benefit those who have paid her handsomely to do so.


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I, and many others who'd been around the Clintons during the Iowa Caucuses in 1991-2, don't think much of them. Bill was very " slick " even before then in Arkansas and nationally, too. After watching them for the last quarter of a century in public life, running their DLC/3rd Way grifts and scams, it's past time to kick them into the sunset. And, don't worry because they and their friends have gotten very rich off playing the poor and middle class for suckers. A list of their hoodwinkings would take days. And, really, neither of them are worthy of the effort.


My lord, I know Judy Wicks -- I've eaten the food of her restaurant, I've admired the work she has done and does for local food production / consumption and for the survival of the culture of the 3400 block of Sansom Street in Philadelphia.

She is neither a vile person nor an idiot.

I do not share Judy Wicks' view that Hillary Clinton is strong and capable. I would not vote for Hillary Clinton against any conceivable opponent in the 2016 election. I regard her as one who should be in the dock in the Hague on trial for war crimes. I am sorry to know that Judy Wicks agrees with none of that.

All that being said -- Judy Wicks is neither vile, an idiot, nor likely to be deterred from her chosen path by being called names (she's been called worse). A reasoned response to her point of view might fare better.

And welcoming so strong an advocacy for Sanders, from so well-known and respected a woman, would be more helpful to the cause than an ad mulieram attack on the advocate for failing to meet one's own requirements.


Thanks. She said that she was supporting Sanders - yet even that is not enough for some in this comment section. How do they get along with anyone in their lives?

As an "entrepreneur" I presume she admires anyone who makes a cool 28 million dollars in one year like Hillary did. Maybe someday, we will outlaw such obscene income levels (through a top marginal income tax of 100 percent on all income over 1 million). But for now, it's legal.

BTW, are Sanders yard signs and bumper stickers available in the Sanders Campaign offices in Philly? I gave up ever seeing any available way out here in largely forgotten Pittsburgh. I would get a different lie about it from a different out-of-state campaign worker every time I would ask about it at the campaign office. And none of the campaign offices have phone numbers!

I ended up making pirate copies of the bumper stickers from the Sanders campaign website.


As of now Hillary is doing more to see that everything that Bernie stands for does not succeed than anyone else.


Some of what you say is partially true (difficulty obtaining yard signs), but don't go overboard. Here are the office numbers, from a generic google search:

South Side 412 525 3429
East Liberty 267 974 4695
North Side 412 953 0680

My wife was canvassing for Bernie on Friday (Turtle Creek) and she says you can find signs at the East Liberty office. I got one early on in the South Side, but yes, it was a bit hard to get.


I guess one can admire Hillary for having a pretty successful professional career operating in paternal system.

But Wicks is correct, Clinton "has survived, even thrived, in a world where dreams are sacrificed for what is achievable within a corrupt system." I would add that she has contributed to the corrupt system. She is not the person we need to lead now.

Great piece.


It would be great to have a woman president. Unfortunately, the only woman it seems who is in a position for the job is Hillary. And that is too bad, because what she represents is exactly the opposite of what we need at this time.

One might say, what about Elizabeth Warren, well maybe she is another. But maybe next time.


I don't.

I realize Wicks is working to get people who do admire Clinton to vote for Sanders. But I can't pretend there is anything admirable about her or that I ever would vote for her.