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“I Am a Nationalist” – Donald Trump Apes Mussolini in Drive to Destroy America

“I Am a Nationalist” – Donald Trump Apes Mussolini in Drive to Destroy America

Juan Cole

Trump proudly says he is a “nationalist.”

He is, of course, saying this to shore up support among white nationalists. The Nazi sites on the web were all having wet dreams in the aftermath.

From the 1990s, polling has found that about 10% of Americans support far right militias. These are the white nationalists. Trump came to power by mobilizing that 10% and combining it with Republicans and independents


Just another “con” by America’s ace racist and rascal. “America First” after, that is, personal deals with Russian oligarchs and Saudi kings. And “nationally”, we produce and sell transnationally to the detriment often of local workers and the environment.


Exactly Mr. Cole. Sadly this explanation of trump will be seen by far too few eyes. Everyone worth their salt should be teaching others this lesson by forwarding it to the ends of the planet and talking directly about it…but…crickets…

Is your black-shirt clean and freshly pressed?


When one borrows money, is indebted, saved from another bankruptcy, the person is owned until it’s paid off. It doesn’t have anything to do with the D.s and the election, directly.


Race, language, national identity, exalting an imagined people and its glorious history, contrasting it with hated others– this was the heady brew Mussolini substituted for attempts of workers to unionize or limit their work hours or abolish child labor. It was of course, a cruel illusion that the nation was undifferentiated and unified by “race.” By the early 1930s Mussolini was casting Italy’s workers into profound poverty, favoring his backers, the business classes.

This crap of course predates Mussolini. Thomas Jefferson wrote about how the First nations peoples and Blacks were inferior peoples. He exalted the Anglo Saxon race and saw them expanding from sea to sea pushing the lessor races aside. The First Nations peoples were to be limited to small areas of lands “reserved for them” which devolved into concentration camps. Forced labor was used in the way of slavery to build wealth for their White owners.

Why look abroad for those Mussolini’s when there were so many that were home grown? Is it because Mr Jefferson remains deified?


And some of “the things he actually did” involve deals with Russian gangsters who have penetrated a number of US economic sectors, notably real estate development, but also mining (such as Uralasbest - which Trump relaxed asbestos regulations to help out**) to a troubling degree.

** https://www.ecowatch.com/russian-company-trump-asbestos-2585711084.html


Nothing new here - throughout 2016, Mussolini was exactly what Trump reminded me of - facial expressions and everything…


The GOP has been following the more subtle chapters in Josef Goebbels’ play book at least since Saint Ron Trickledown ascended the throne. In Trump they found a face that has successfully implemented the less subtle chapters ever since he advanced the birther movement nearly a decade ago.


mini playlist as we descend deeper into fascism:

Mussolini’s Head by Greg Greenway ( from his 1998 album Archeology)

How Did We End up Here? by Martyn Joseph (from his 2010 album Deep Blue)

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Nothing new other than now he is blatantly verbalizing instead of using covert key words. Step by step he’s quickly pushing the limits of behavior the US population accepts as “normal”. That is the danger, and we know that the MSM isn’t going to call him out on this. Although even if they did, sadly I don’t think it would even register as a blip on the minds of the “average” American. The brainwashing and thought control is simply too strong at this point, coupled with their lack of historical knowledge and critical thinking skills.


Such is our world that nationalism and classist autocracy do not always travel together. Trump has enough in common with Mussolini to merit Cole’s comparison. But since each election brings us a choice of two autocrats, we ought to use some care in categorizing them.

It is really not certain to what extent or in what sense Trump is a nationalist. A nationalist is a patriot and vice versa, though Cole objects. A nationalist is the patriot of a nation. The words feel different because they refer to two views of the same entity.

The term White nationalist is something else. These are people who feel that social bonds should be extended and withheld by race, or by whatever particular class of characteristics they understand as designating a race. These are not just bigots. They are also not patriots, strictly, at least not in any usual sense, because there is no white nation. A White nationalist has a loyalty to a race (as understood) and a creed of sorts.

I don’t mean to play guessing games as to whom Trump imagines that he addresses. But the statement here has appeal to at least two of three main streams of his Republican base, with “white nationalists” being a minorty group distributed within each of the three.

To start with the smallest group, and to deal with everybody in very broad terms, this appeals to his self-styled libertarians and his Tea Party provincials who fear at least certain sorts of centralized government in Washington DC.

Seems paradoxical, doesn’t it? But these people are not generally interested in reducing despotic behavior so much as in limiting the range of jurisdiction of particular bodies. They are less interested in discussing how someone ought to rule than in who gets to do it. This is not altogether self-interest, though of course that gets involved. It is also a relative lack of faith that principles should be followed, and a greater relative faith in the character of individuals and the strength of personal ties. This is also part of the argument that they have against propositions that ought to be no-brainers, like socialized healthcare.

They are alarmed to find the ruling class of the United States becoming more international–which, of course, is a very real phenomenon. It might in some ways be a good thing. But there is definitely a globalist capitalist tendency that we all have plenty of reason to worry about. The business entities that control food, hydrocarbon energy, nuclear energy, pharmaceuticals licit and illicit, finance, and communications are all mostly international now, with loyalties far greater to caste than to nation.

WIth a somewhat different rationalization and different talking points, this is also a pressing concern for people on the Christian right, who tend to see internationalism as relatively secular (as is Europe) or as non-Christian (as is much of Asia and Africa).

The neoconservative elements that form the other Republican stream and also the dominant stream in the Democratic Party are not so universally repelled or drawn by Trump’s claim of “nationalism.” They are used to using calls to patriotism, but may find his wording naive or gauche, likely both. He offends elements they might rather leave dormant, and may seriously wish to engage groups that are not exactly to their own particular interests. They wish to lever the American military to ensure power and profit, but that power need not align with that of the American state per se, but some coterie of families, businesses, and organizations that has become difficult to delineate precisely.

In part, Trump here probably does mean pretty nearly what Cole says he does. He at least wants to assure his base that his interests are the interests of the nation. I am not convinced. But were it true, it would not be at all the most serious worry given to us by Donald Trump.


Cheryl Wheeler’s “If it were up to me” comes to mind.
Mostly she sings heath and comfort songs.
This is her radical offering.


By now everyone should know what Trump is. The problem is millions of Americans are fighting for a white nationalist dictatorship. Many of these people may believe they are fighting to preserve America from becoming a socialist authoritarian state. There are a lot of ideas and conspiracy theories out there. I would be particularly worried that Trump will follow in the footsteps of Putin who pulled off a coup in 2011 and 2012 when he became president of Russia for a second time but this time by overthrowing the democracy and establishing a right wing dictatorship and a permanent oligarchy and turning the country into a kleptocracy. I would be concerned that Paul Manafort knows many of the details of how this was pulled off and has conveyed this information to Trump. Whatever occurs in the US would not be exactly the same but the Trump people have had so many communications with the Russians it is scary how much information about what the Russians did has been passed along. No matter what happens to Trump millions of Americans want a dictator to set thing straight as they see it. They have given up on Congress and have had it with a black president, same sex marriage, transgender people, and so forth.


And knowing Trump’s “taste” and self image, I can picture that well in my head. Thanks a lot for the nightmare, Dan.


then poor wittle cadet-bone-spurs should have donned that uniform and fought in Vietnam instead taking 5 deferments!

You didn’t even have to say it Donald.

The world already knew it.

I hope you don’t think less of me as I took student deferments in order to get my degree.

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“He intends to destroy the United States as it has existed in modern history, as a country of the rule of law, a country of laws and not of men, a country with a free press.”

I agree mostly with Cole, but I don’t think in the US’s modern history it has stood for “the rule of law, a country of laws and not of men.” The US has always detested constraints to its worldwide power. If it cannot garner the UN’s support, it just acts unilaterally (or with a small contingent of no-name island nations and maybe its lapdog Britain). Bolton, Trump, and others right now just give lip service to a longstanding grand strategy of US hegemony, regardless of the rule of law.


Trump wouldn’t know a Nationalist from a spider monkey. He is all about him and absolute power for him. If that translates into Nationalism of Fascism then it’s fine with Trump as long as it gets him what he wants anyone who lends a hand can come along for the ride as long as they understand who is boss.


My guess is that by the time Muller displays his evidence you will be eating your witch’s hat.

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