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I Am a Teacher, Not an Instrument of Violence

I Am a Teacher, Not an Instrument of Violence

Camillo Mac Bica

I am a teacher. My goal is to educate, to open the minds of students to important ideas of past and current thinkers. Among so many other things, I strive to encourage critical thinking, to stimulate awareness, and motivate concern regarding the importance of the social and political justice and fairness.

I am a teacher. I have confidence that what I’ve been entrusted to accomplish in the classroom is important and that my efforts can make a difference, perhaps even contribute in a small way, to making the world a better place in which to live.


Thank you. A brief, but powerful message.


The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is stopping the bad guy from getting a gun. Period.


Right you are! “Armed teacher” is near to oxymoronic.


Mr. Bica, let me just say this: Wow. What a truly powerful, beautiful-and humane statement.


Well said.


Here here!

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The only problem is that so many of the bad guys already have them. And not surprisingly, they don’t tend to participate in things like gun buybacks.

Only a very selfish society devours its children…what are we?

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Yeah, i am a lifelong teacher; and i teach Peace and non-violence. It is the only Way, forward.
Oh, i left the public system, and only teach now in the private sector.
Reform must happen; but i was swimming upstream.


Beautifully said TioZapata.

Dear teacher , are you actually saying given the choice between saving 17 lives or your moral compass,you would choose your Amish like feelings of peace and non violence? This is not a reality based talk, it is an excerpt chapter from the Divergent series fantasy literature.

I find an idea of arming teachers asinine, but I am ready to expect it from the current president. Hearing such talk from a teacher is childish like idealistic talk most people grow out by adult age. I am not expecting schools to teach violence , but this talk is akin religious “turn your other cheek”. Please keep your “religion” out of the school.

the very fact that the US government is advocating armed teachers in our schools is a fine example of the fact that the US is a banana republic

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Aire –

True immaturity is a belief in violence, especially if one has any knowledge whatsoever of history.

The right wing can only rise on violence – that’s always been true – it’s still true today.

Evidently, you’re delusion enough to be confident that only 17 lives would still be lost and not many more if we have more guns in our schools.

Here’s an idea – let’s make sure that the NRA can no longer ban guns at their meetings and Conventions.

Even a better idea, let’s arm our Representatives and Senators at all levels of government with guns and see what happens.

How about an AR15 for Trump, personally, so he can deal with his daily woes with media?

Mary –

IMO, even such a suggestion by the a US president should require impeachment
based on insanity – and/or lawsuits based on his endangering the lives of teachers
and children and the failure to protect the public peace.


Perhaps you misunderstood me. I am for gun control and against arming teachers, read more carefully what I wrote. But this teacher’s opinion is a bit naive and out of touch for me.

“I will sacrifice my life, if need be, as other teachers have done, on behalf of my students, but I will not kill.

He does not want to have a gun, fine but he is implying killing in self defense is not an option as it would somehow show defeat. Really? Do not have locks then as it shows a moral defeat against thieves.

While killing in self-defense is, ceteris paribus, morally justifiable, the problem with your reply in the context of a gun debate is mostly rhetorical: it subtly plays into the hands of your opponents, giving them a putative reason to reject nonviolence generally. Killing in a purely self-defensive way is a very marginal case, unrelated to the majority of violent, deadly acts visited upon us daily by those who have no interest in peace or justice. It reminds me of references to “necessary” levels of competition or market orientation whenever someone raises the specter of a socialistic alternative to rapacious, life-denying, ecologically devastaing capitalism.

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Gracias amigo; we can find places where we can be of good help, and then continue with good effort.

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y lo mismo para ti amigo.

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As a former teacher and social worker in New York City, the one thing I see missing from the current discussion is a report on the shooter’s school experience. He reminds me of an angry student I had many years ago who told me “If I can’t be famous, I want to be dead.” But that boy was in a program for potential dropouts with small classes and weekly counseling sessions - not a large academic high school where most students appear to be quite successful.

The Florida shooter was reportedly on the JROTC marksmanship team and that is all I have read about his classes. Who ran that team? To what extent did that teacher or coach notice aberrant behavior or was that JROTC teacher just a shill for the NRA/military mentality?( Evidently JROTC “teachers” in Florida do not require college education or certification) How about his other teachers? Did any of the many referrals to the police come from teachers or school personnel? To what extent was the school informed about those many referrals? How did he function in English, Math, Science? Did his behavior result in any referrals from teachers regarding thoughts he may have expressed prior to his expulsion? After the expulsion, did anyone in the school follow up? Were students at the school encouraged to refer peers who voiced suicidal or other aggressive thoughts? When he was orphaned a few months ago, was there any awareness of this dangerous situation in any kind of social services agency?

It is now appropriate to see him as a monster who should never be released from prison but that does not mean that his actions two weeks ago were an inevitable outcome of his life. There may well have been a point where he could have been diverted - incredibly he supposedly said after he was captured he was sorry!

The kind of behavior he exhibited prior to the shooting, including the threats, is familiar to me and did not always lead my students to jail or an early death. Often enough they could be diverted from the most destructive paths. The difference , of course, between the troubled kids I knew and the Florida shooter is access to an assault rifle, and the example of others who used assault rifles to become “famous.” This reality means that schools must be even more attentive to students in obvious distress before they become a danger to others.

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