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I Am More Than A Vessel: The Dystopia of Alabama

I Am More Than A Vessel: The Dystopia of Alabama

If you're not yet filled with murderous rage at the hubris of the 25 old white men in Alabama who with a covert swipe of their ignorant, entitled hands voted to effectively ban abortion because "every life is precious," how's this: Once born, those babies will live in a state that ranks 1st in infant mortality, 5th in childhood poverty and hunger, 2nd in gun deaths and 50th in public education. These are our bodies and our lives. Rage, vote and act. Yes, there are things you can do.

Your Cadillac
Has got a wheel in the ditch
And a wheel on the track


As much as feminazis spin this as a racial, gender thing, the legislation was made law by governor Ivy…a WASP female…Not “white” people, not men! The problem clearly isn’t “white” men but rather elites, including women, who are out of touch with the electorate.


This should be called the “sophistry of feminism”…a WASP female (Governor Ivey) had total control over this bill and could have stopped it cold with a wave of her hand. Many of the GOPs biggest donors, like Dianne Hendriks, are also women. And about 45% of republican voters are women. The republican party would not exist without massive female complicity and support.

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Dear Lady Governor of Alabama: I think you should add a rider to that. I see in that picture 25 white men who just told the women of Alabama that THEY, and you the old white haired lady have decided that the STATE of Alabama owns the ovaries of every women in your state!!!
. Now it seems to me that owing any part of a person is like slavery and since you’ve done this before Alabama, maybe you shouldn’t go here again!
However, I have a plan Women of Alabama. LEAVE!!! Make Alabama a female -less state. IN fact, when the women leave, maybe the all male state can become the first ALL GAY state. That would be a first and why shouldn’t gay men have their own state, because t after all those corporate people own states! Like look at Delaware! Card sharks for sure!
Anyway, I think an enterprising person in California— because that state motto is EUREKA—( I have found it.) is the right state for this. So now here is a chance to start a new business in Calif.
TOURISM. If you CAN’T get an abortion in Alabama’s Women’s Slave Land? Come Visit San Francisco or Los Angeles. Great cities to visit. Depart from L.A. and go to San Francisco, or the other way around. Here’s the service they will offer to women of the world— need an abortion? Great------- Cruise the coast of Calif and have an abortion — in international waters, in case the rest of America goes bonkers. So, your health is saved and maybe your life plus you get a fun trip with other women who will support YOUR decision. Take an I AM WOMAN cruise, because who doesn’t love that old song! Healthy women and loved and wanted babies—that makes he world go round. So come on people with money create the----- I AM WOMAN cruises—because do you really want to be terrified for your kids if CLIMATE DISASTER isn’t solved? Family Planning----the key to happy families and happy futures! : )


The writer of this piece seems typical of the feminist eco-warrior type. They hate humans, especially unborn ones. They hate their own culture too, but all others are just fine.

Abby Zimet begins by writing, “If you’re not yet filled with murderous rage at the hubris of the 25 white men in Alabama …”.

You could argue that she is inciting murder here.

I think that tells us all we need to know. Kill babies, kill people you disagree with. She probably thinks the world is overpopulated. That’s why many of these sad, pathetic individuals love abortion and believe that it is a ‘right’.

She wishes. Does she have any idea how many millions of women (and men, not that she’ll care about us) have had their lives ruined through the guilt of having killed their children? Because however you look at it, that’s what they’re doing: intentionally depriving their own children of their lives.

Yet, her type are so incredibly brazen, like theirs is a great moral crusade to make the world a better place. They care more about the fate of a species of insect than they do about humanity.

You can’t trust someone who thinks in such warped, degenerate ways as being able to engage in intelligent, rational and human discourse.

If she and those like here weren’t so blind and full of hubris (which she accuses others of but fails to see it in herself in bucket-loads) they would understand that Planned Parenthood is about eugenics, that eugenics is used by elites to engineer society and that ‘climate change’ is only being used to destroy the West further.

If you want to know what the world’s elites really think about rising sea levels, ask the ruler of Dubai why he has built hugely expensive artificial islands in the Persian Gulf if they could be washed away in a few years. They won’t be.

Wake up and grow up and be a mensch. Stop believing all the propaganda, because it’s a con. I reckon people believe these things because it feeds into their hatred for other human beings - they use it as an excuse, like the overpopulation myth, to live a sinful, selfish life and have some basis to reassure them they they are really wonderful people “saving the planet”.

You’re doing no such thing - you’re killing people, literally and by crushing industry and freedom.

Do you have a gun? Do you intend to encourage people to murder me also?

You’re really afraid of the truth, aren’t you?

Oh, you mean like what the right wing spews out daily? The ruler of Dubai could give a rats azz if those islands go under, he will be dead by then.


Feminine Eco Warrior…wow
(that’s a lowercase wow given the minute size of your intelligence)

Boy… the way I reckon… your wagon just lost a wheel and left a big ol’ load of horseshit in the middle of the road

Feminine Eco Warrior, Hell its obvious you have yet to meet one cause she woulda kicked your ass all the way home to that little rock you live under

Imagine letting someone of your illiteracy determine Law. Now that is an uppercase WOW

Oops, my bad, cause that just happened didn’t it?

PS. One remaining point of historical accuracy (in contrast to your post)

Alabama also has the distinction of ranking highest in the number of lynchings


The crown prince of Dubai is 36 years old, so he might have 50 years left. I’m glad you’re agreeing that there’s nothing to worry about re. rising sea levels caused by manmade climate change.

I see I touched a raw nerve there. Sadly though, your reaction is to swerve reality and talk about lynchings. All right, let’s talk about lynchings. Did you know that abortionists kill more blacks every three days than the KKK has done in its entire history?

Oh how cute It appears it can correlate irrationally too

Women will seek abortions for reasons these men in Alabama can not understand. So why are we not hearing the stories of women who have resorted to illegal aborting in Alabama? What is the purpose of these underground, truly illegal, aborting providers? Do they not want records of fetal DNA? Are they marketing in body parts? What is going on? This seems like cult behavior. The Wrong Way Home, Uncovering the Patterns of Cult Behavior in American Society, Arthur J. Deikman, M.D. 1990.

Why don’t you help people instead of constantly judging them. It will make you much happier. You seem to have huge anger issues. I bet when you drive by poor neighborhoods, you sneer at their shabby houses and all those lazy unemployed brown people. At least those Alabama legislators were good white Christians with nice suits, right?

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The GOP’s concern for children starts at conception and ends at birth.


Yes, let’s welcome the latest troll by all means.


haha yeah, you can’t reason with them. Their mental maturity stopped around age 5. They still believe in fairy tales and whatever their latest “mommy” tells them to believe.

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If you don’t think this is a racial/gender thing, you don’t know much about Alabama.

In the Deep South,everything is contaminated by race, gender or religion. Often, all three at once.


I posted this before but worth repeating and remembering that the US does not belong to any one religious or otherwise group:

Clearly these fundamentalists need to be reminded that we have the separation of church and state in our laws. Furthermore, when you have a nation made of people of different religions and no religions this is the only way to keep one group from dominating another.


John, the entire nation is contaminated by racism and misogyny.


So StewartCowan: Interested in donating to the I AM WOMAN cruises? : )

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