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I Am My Homeland


I Am My Homeland

This week, the war in Syria reached the grim milestone of four million refugees even as one of them - Syrian-American "musician of the revolution" Malek Jandali - was celebrated as an eloquent bridge between here and there. In a new multimedia project on immigration, Jandali describes the refugee's struggle to honor a heritage and homeland he's been driven from and realizing, in his case, "All I have is music" - though that, too, comes at a cost.


According to a press release from the paper Egypts Daily News ,the Egyptian Police recently announced the arrest of a number of ISIL/Daesh members in Sinai whom they claimed responsible for a number of attacks there.

Among them were 5 members of Turkish National Intelligence. Turkey is a member nation of NATO and one of the countries that wish to see Asaad removed from power in Syria. It is through Turkey that Western made arms and munitions are being smuggled over the border to support ISIL/Daesh.

Meanwhile the USA is once again going to the security council to address the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government inside Syria. They in fact have the same goals as does Turkey and israel inside of Syria and that the removal of the Syrian Government. It would be idiotic to conclude they all act independently here and that a USA is not aware of what a Turkey or an Israel is doing with thier ISIL/daesh allies.