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I Am Not Resisting!


I Am Not Resisting!

Another ugly, fractious day: Out-of-control sheriffs' deputies in Oregon were caught on video brutally arresting Kevin Straw, a slight, homeless, clearly mentally ill man for yelling outside a police search and rescue command post; once they threw Straw to the ground, one beefy thug punched him in the head up to 20 times as Straw screamed, "I am not resisting!" and "Help!" This, along with the rest, is why the empire is falling.


Who are these “out-of-control sheriffs’ deputies” in Oregon who so love punching
a homeless, mentally ill man around …?

And how sick are they?


Neanderthal thugs…


Another ready-made addition to the Nazi stormtroopers force being formed in Amerika. Real men…what heroes keeping us safe. Those fat slobs have no other way to prove their manhood.

What to say? Straw is lucky he’s white? Otherwise he would have been killed by those heroes protecting us.

What pukes.


Pig hits man 10 times in the head while he is held down by 1300 pounds of lard. Time to put These guys in jail. Time to hire cops with brains.


I think it’s just about time for a rebellion. Between our government becoming openly fascist and our local police becoming blatantly jack-booted storm troopers in service to fascism, that can murder with impunity, I really don’t know what we are waiting for. The concentration camps? Ovens? Secret prisons? A President who claims dictatorial powers? Might be just a tad too late at that point. Alternately, we can start fucking these pigs up wherever we see them, which is most likely what is going to happen sooner or later.


Beefy, bulked-up sadistic thugs seem to predominate in these videos. Why are they so hostile?
Why use such unnecessary violence?

“Energy” drinks?
The cult-like worship of violence and militarism in this country?
The disdain for empathy and/or compassion which now seems to prevail in this society?
Testosterone supplements?

A combination of all of the above?

Something is very wrong here.


Months ago, PBS aired “Do Not Resist”…it was either Independent Lens or POV, can’t remember. It’s horrifying and should be seen. It addresses the issue of police violence in the US. There is this guy, Grossman, I believe, that is contracted to train police…to me, he’s a maniac and is unfit…but these are times when “unfit” is a shoe-in for any government related work . I worry all the time and think “what if” 2018 & 2020 elections don’t deliver, what’s next, the streets, boycotts, strikes? I don’t know but passivity isn’t the answer. (BTW the man who created Do No Resist is the son of a former policeman and he comments at the end about how once upon-a- time, the police showed up to settle things peacefully, now, they resort to violence with little or no provocation and they keep getting away with it.)


May the guy (COWARD!) doing the beating die a slow and painful death from cancer!


It’s part of the “PIG TRAINING GUIDE BOOK” which is a national best-seller and required at pig school!!!


The mental health of this country is so far down the pike that this shit has more-or-less become S.O.P. If “WE” don’t start fighting back it will only get worse!

John F. Kennedy > Quotes > Quotable Quote
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. [Remarks on the first
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Things better get “inevitable” damned soon or the Auschwitz-like clones will start showing up any day here in the F.S.A. (FASCIST STATE OF AMERICA)


This is terrible of course.

But I can’t but help the satisfied-feeling at this happening in the Coolest, Hippest, and Most Progressive City (who also think they have the best public transit and the coolest bridges) in The USA. And oh yeah… did I mention that they think they have the best craft beer in the USA too?

Next up for a knockdown… Austin, Texas!


The event occurred in SALEM, Oregon 45 minutes south of Portland, although it would come as no surprise if it did happen in Portland. Marion County has always been home to most of Oregon’s State Prisons, including being the infamous setting for Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Borrowing a 1960s mantra: “your local police are armed and dangerous”.

Trump and the GOP controlled Congress have given police the nod to take the gloves off, thereby expanding the police state that is part of Trump’s strategy for elevating US tyranny.


Fascist –

Was just reading a story in our NJ Star Ledger …

Ex-Wildwood mayor, who was a cop, says police department has a ‘violent’ culture

This has to do with the beating of a young girl on Wildwood Beach in NJ –

And here’s the EX-MAYOR telling us of the culture of that police department where …
false charges were brought against this ex-Mayor and subsequently dismissed …

evidently in an effort to “silence him after he subpoenaed tapes that allegedly show physical
abuse of an inmate by Regalburo, who was a POLICE CAPTAIN at the time.”

Interesting story of police corruption – and false charges.


Salem, the coolest, hippest yada, yada city in the USA? Hardly. It’s the state capital and that’s about all you can say for it. These were Marion County sheriffs, which is not Portland, if that’s what set you off. And what good is posting divisive shit like this? It certainly doesn’t create anything positive, or address solutions to police brutality. BTW, Portland police have been in the news in recent months, abusing protesters, or some such thing–maybe you should watch for that if you are determined to gloat over anything negative about Portland. Again, though, what is the point?
Oh, and if you’re looking to put down Austin, the police there, either last Christmas or the year before, arrested a man on the street dressed in a Santa suit, who was passing out treats to kids and other passersby.


Greenwich…you know who needs to get the shit beat out of them? That big fucker in the background with the towel over his shoulder and the owner of the fat ass smiling for the camera! Instead of jumping in to assist the victim, they are acting like they’re watching “reality” T.V.


cats –

Wasn’t Oregon a hugely liberal state?

Over many and long decades this police brutality – and the recruiting of goons to
carry out the police brutality – has spread across the nation.


I live in Oregon and I’ve never truly understood the dynamic: LOTS of progressives and LOTS of rednecks. I s’pose there could be a class of "progressive rednecks, but…


Outside of the more densely populated places, like Portland, and the university towns of Eugene and Corvallis, which are all known as progressive, the rest of Oregon is pretty conservative, especially the eastern part of the state. I grew up in a small town east of Corvallis, and a few years ago, when I was there after my dad had passed, it was the week of the annual festival–I saw a tank pass by my dad’s house on its way to the place where the parade forms! It still boggles my mind that a town of about 10,000 people has a tank for the police force to use. As you say, though, police brutality has spread across the nation, and so has the military hardware. Another anecdote–I was driving around a rural area in the summer of 2016, and ran across countless Trump signs in yards–never saw a Hillary sign, but did see one Jill Stein poster in my old hometown, which is quite conservative in general. As FF says, the state is a mix of progressives and conservatives. The more populated areas are progressive, which is why Oregon has that reputation, I think.


Salem, not Portland? NEEEVERMIIIIND!