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'I am on the Kill List'


'I am on the Kill List'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Stop trying to kill me."

That's the message a man from Waziristan, Pakistan's border area with Afghanistan, has brought to the UK this week, saying that the U.S. has targeted him for death by placing him on the so-called kill list.


We are the #1terrorist country in the world. But what should scare the hell out of you is what is being done in foreign lands by Obama’s drones to murder innocent men,women and children like Malik Jalal and his family is justified by calling them " terrorists".

How long before what is being done to innocent people like Malik and his family is justified domestically by calling people in America, especially Muslims, as terrorists! As long as Bush, Cheney, Obama, Hillary and Rice among many others are not tried and indicted for torture and their complicity in war crimes, that is a definite possibility.


Good answer. Property is definitely more valuable!


The truth of the situation is, to me, best encapsulated by a quote from Dostoevsky’s The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor: “In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us: Make us your slaves, but feed us.”

Such relevancy to our current system of enslavement: Security is our bread, and the tyrants who run the oligarchies need only scare us, and we will gladly accept the trampling of our “rights.”

In the future, when drones are used on American citizens on U.S. soil or Muslims in our country are rounded up after terror attacks or the federal government takes complete control of the Internet, it will be in the name of National Security. These aren’t doomsday predictions as far as I can tell as it isn’t much of a leap at all to think these things are likely considering what ‘our’ government has perpetrated in the past in the name of Security.


…as the Nazis called their opponents “terrorists.”